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Rates of pay: Most work from home jobs are paid by commission or on results. Paid surveys pay you per survey; website content pays per word or page written. Online tutoring jobs will pay by the hour though. Make sure you check that your work from home job will pay you at least the national minimum wage, otherwise it is an illegal work from home job.

We have found some genuine work from home jobs that are free, which you can apply for right here.

Hiring Online Typist

For Online Jobs From Home


NMG Groups is Looking for Fresher or Experience to work as Part Time or Full Time Employee for our Inward projects. You will Work Online with Top Companieson our dedicated Server. Online Typist or Employee can Earn per page or fixed salary per month respectively as stated below in payment terms and mode. Kindly refer the same before applying.


Job Description (58+ seats vacant till 26th Sep 2017) –  Scroll Below to Apply

Any one of the below role will be assigned to the selected online typist employee.
—> PDF to MS word ( You will earn Per Page as stated below in Payment Terms and Mode)
—> Online Form Filling and Online Entries of Data.
—> Responsible for handling and integrating large volumes of data from various sources.
—> Data Sorting and User testing
—> Handling daily MIS of client
—> Data Conversion
—> Responsible for making Banner, Newsletters, Mailers.
—> Mathematical Entries
—> Servicing client via email
—> Monitors email customer contacts
—> HTML Programming
—> To participate in all front line activities to maintain/enhance knowledge of product.
—> Online typing jobs ( Entering Data in specified tools or website)
—> Many more online jobs (Updating or Coding etc).



We required minimum Typing speed 20 wpm. Knowledge of MS Office must. Extra knowledge of any language would be an added advantage. Online typist must have own computer or laptop with internet connection before applying any jobs on our website. Holding any typing or computer certificate would be really added advantage.

Age Required: 18 years and above. Working on behalf of others strictly not allowed.

Qualification: Minimum 10 years of Education is must. Internet Professional will be given more preference.


Payment Terms and Mode:


TOP Countries Name and Payment Terms : United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Swedan, Denmark, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Nigeria New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Ireland, Korea and Luxembourg
Earn $4 Per page ( Only For PDF to Ms Word Jobs). Available Only For Part Time Freelancer.
Rest All Jobs are on Fixed Salary. Monthly Salary will be Automatically processed before 5th day of each month (Part Time Employee can earn Monthly Salary up to USD 2500 as well as Full Time Employee can earn Monthly Salary up to USD 7000).

Payment terms may differ due to new Client as per new terms and condition.

Asian Countries Name and Payment Terms : India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Philippines
Earn $2 Per page ( Only For PDF to Ms Word Jobs ). Available Only For Part Time Freelancer.
Rest All Jobs are on Fixed Salary, Monthly Salary will be Automatically processed before 5th day of each month (Part Time Employee can earn Monthly Salary up to USD 900 as well as Full Time Employee can earn Monthly Salary up to USD 1500)

Payment terms may differ due to Client as per new terms and condition.

Rest of World Payment Terms:  (Excluding Top Countries and Asian Countries)
Earn $2 Per page (Only For PDF to Ms Word Jobs). Available Only For Part Time Freelancer.
Rest All Jobs are on Fixed Salary, Monthly Salary will be Automatically processed before 5th day of each month (Part Time Employee can earn Monthly Salary up to USD 900 as well as Full Time Employee can earn Monthly Salary up to USD 2000)

Payment terms may differ due to Client as per new terms and condition.

Extra Payment Benefits: Incentive or Performance Bonus will be awarded monthly to each and every top performer. All decision are taken by our Client and Program Manager of their respective projects.

Payment Mode : You will get paid monthly by Wire Transfer or Paypal or Cheque or Bank Transfer (US, UK and India). Minimum Payment threshold for Paypal would be USD 25 and for cheque and Bank transfer would be USD 100.

Registration Fees : We don’t charge single penny for any of our projects. Free of cost to all Countries.

Note: We don’t have any franchisee nor any Affiliates or partners. Request you not to pay single money who claims to be our Franchisee or affiliates or partner.


How to Apply and Selection Procedure:


 Please scroll down below to apply now for the above mentioned projects. Request you to fill each and every single details, same will help our client and recruiting manager to know you better.  Any invalid or blank information will not be consider for any role.

Once we receive your application, Our Recruiting team will refer to your details and check whether you fit according to our Policy and criteria. If everything seems to be correct, you will be informed for an interview via email. Our team will take an interview via Paltalk or telephone. Please clear all your doubts with our recruiting team while interview. Selection procedure can take upto 45 Working days.

Note: All final decision will be taken by our Recruiting team. After Every 6 Month User Can Re-apply. We keep adding new client every month.


Data entry jobs


Data entry jobs are frequently the bait in work-at-home scams, so check out all data entry opportunities carefully. Know how to recognize a data entry scam, and do not pay for kits or software. And frankly, remember that data entry doesn’t pay a lot. So, anything that promises lots of money is probably a scam.

More: Find Out What (and How) Data Entry Jobs Pay

These legitimate companies offer various types of data entry jobs that you can do from home. To find out more about what these jobs entail, read more about online data entry jobs. These are different from transcription jobs, another form of data entry or medical coding. Most transcription jobs usually require a higher skill level than the typical data entry job. The transcription jobs listed on this page are entry level while the transcription jobs in this link require more experience. Likewise, medical coding jobs require more education and experience than the data entry jobs listed here.

Some also offer office-based data entry work as well as data entry jobs from home. A few also have call center jobs. Most hire independent contractors for data entry. However, not all are necessarily hiring at this time.


AccuTran Global

While mostly this company has transcription jobs, not typical data entry work, it may hire people who score well on its application assessments. Pays per word. Hires in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.


Axion Data Services

This company accepts applications when it has jobs available, which isn’t very often. Data entry jobs at this company pay independent contractors on a per-piece basis.

More Options

For even more home-based job options, see this list of work-at-home jobs at more than 200 companies or to simply use this index of work-at-home job lists to narrow your search to the areas where you have expertise.


Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

While the crowdsourcing division of the online retail company does not have traditional data entry jobs, it is worth mentioning because this online exchange for small tasks can be very similar to data entry work.

Also See: 5 Customer Service Jobs You Can Do From Home


Capital Typing

Outsourcing company based in South Carolina provides virtual office services. In addition to its transcription and data entry jobs from home, it offers online customer support, translation, and secretarial services.

Call Center Jobs
Translation Jobs
Home Transcription Jobs
Medical Coding Jobs
Micro Job Sites

Not sure if data entry is the work-at-home job for you? Check out these virtual call center jobs.


Birch Creek Communications

Though this company mostly hires legal and general transcriptionists, it does sometimes have more basic data entry jobs available.



Worldwide crowdsourcing company hires independent contractors for data entry as well as writing, translating and researching. Work is done in very short tasks, making this a micro job. Pays on a per-piece basis. Registration and assessment are necessary before “click workers” can begin accepting tasks for payments.


DataPlus +

Data entry and document scanning company, based in Georgia, hires independent contractors for online data entry work from home.


DionData Solutions

Hires typists with a minimum of 60 wpm and basic computer skills for data entry jobs from home. No application fees.


More on Data Entry:


See 5 More Data Entry Companies

All About Online Data Entry Jobs
BPO Jobs From Home
Global Work-at-Home Jobs

The company offers telecommuting as a perk for data entry workers who post to websites and internal database and do proofreading. Must type 30 words per minute and have experience with Front Page, Excel, Word, Access and Outlook preferred. Pays $10.50/hr. When positions are available, they are posted on its website.


Quicktate or iDictate

The company provides a transcription of voicemails and other audio content by hiring work-at-home transcribers. Paid a per word rate of 1 cent per 4 words (Quicktate) or 1 cent per 2 words (iDictate). Expect to earn about $5-7/hr at 50 wpm. The successful Quicktate transcriptionist may receive work from iDictate, which transcribes a wider range of documents. Bilingual, particularly Spanish language, transcribers needed. See more bilingual jobs from home.



Freelance transcriptionists choose audio files to transcribe at $10 per audio hour. Files are 6 minutes or less. Opportunity for advancement to a reviewer.



Online crowdsourcing opportunity has freelancers processing voter registrations and petition signatures. Payment is on a per-piece basis adjusted for accuracy and made through PayPal.


VirtualBee (formerly called Key For Cash)

Applicants sign up to take an evaluation for this data entry jobs company. Those who score high enough are put on a waiting listing and contacted when work is available. Rates vary, usually around 40-55 cents per 1,000 keystrokes. A minimum of $50 must be earned before payment is issued. Keyers input data that is encoded so it appears nonsensical. Accepts applicants from the U.S. and outside the U.S.

The company hires independent contractors for both call center and data entry jobs in the U.S. and worldwide. However, U.S. applicants are targeted for the call center jobs. See more worldwide home-based jobs.


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