KeyWord Selection | How to & Why?



SE Optimize your sites by doing proper Keyword Selection. Research and select Primary Focus keyword of your Blog post content. Maintain selected Keyword relative Density according to your Blog post Title with Meta Tags Meta Description for getting closure of Google bot also for other search engines indexing to reach your targeted audience. Be top Google SERP’s. Choosing the right keywords for your Web page is easy when using real-time Keywords Selection Research Tool

Boost blog traffic with keyword Selection and How to SEO:



One of the biggest sources of traffic to your blog will be search engines, particularly Google. You can boost the traffic that comes to your blogs from search engines by implementing search engine optimization (SEO) tricks into your blog layout and writing. You can get started by doing some keyword research and determining which keywords selection are likely to drive the most traffic to your blog. Then focus on incorporating those keywords selection into your blog posts using the tricks below.


Use keywords in your blog post title.

People Images/Getty Images

One of the best ways to incorporate keywords into your blog posts is to use them in your blog post titles. However, don’t sacrifice a title’s ability to motivate people to click through and read your entire blog post. Learn ​tips to write great blog post titles.


Focus on using just one or two keyword phrases in each blog post.

To maximize the traffic that comes to your blog via search engines, focus on optimizing each of your blog posts for just one or two keyword phrases. Too many keyword phrases dilute the content of your post for readers and can look like spam to both readers and search engines. You can learn more about using specific keywords to maximize search traffic by reading about long tail search engine optimization.


Use keywords throughout your blog posts.

Try to use your keywords (without keyword stuffing) multiple times in your blog post. For best results, use your keywords within the first 200 characters of your blog post, several times throughout your post, and near the end of the post. Take some time to learn more about keyword stuffing and other search engine optimization don’ts.


Use keywords in and around links in your blog post.

Search engine optimization experts believe that search engines like Google place more weight on linked text than unlinked text when ranking search engine results. Therefore, it’s a good idea to include your keywords in or next to the links within your blog posts when it’s relevant to do so. Be sure to read about how many links are too many for SEO before you start adding links to your posts.


Use keywords in image Alt-tags.

When you upload an image to your blog to use in your blog post, you usually have the option of adding alternate text for that image which appears if a visitor cannot load or see your images in their Web browsers. However, this alternate text can also help your search engine optimization efforts. That’s because the alternate text appears within the HTML of your blog post content as something called an Alt-tag. Google and other search engines crawl that tag and use it in providing results for keyword searches. Take the time to add keywords that are relevant to the image and post in the Alt-tag for each image you upload and publish on your blog.


Find More “Keyword research tools Guides” here:

“Keyword Analysis Tools” for selection of your Focus Keyword:


KeyWord Selection How to:


Free Keyword Tool

Picture Keyword Eye Basic

Keyword Eye Basic Keyword Eye Basic Übersuggest

Übersuggest keyword suggestion tools helps to find Long tail keywords supply information’s from Google & other Search engines.

Content tools- an important keyword tools along below tools will help you in prepare a great unique content to rank top in Google SERP’s.

Anchor Text over Optimization Tool

Anchor Text over Optimization Tool

Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML

Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML – Convert Any document written in Word, Txt file or other processing Software in HTML code.


Secrets to Selecting Highly-Effective SEO Keywords

Picking SEO Keywords: Focus on Good Phrases

Picking SEO Keywords: Avoiding “Vanity” Keywords

Picking SEO Keywords: Using Google’s Wonder Wheel

Picking SEO Keywords: The Value of Repetition

Picking SEO Keywords: Guiding Your Content Strategy

Picking SEO Keywords: Additional Resources


  1.  Check out monthly search stats from the invaluableGoogle Keyword Tool.
  2. Google’s Wonder Wheel is awesome; an engineer walks through how it can be used inthis Google Wonder Wheel video.
  3.  Wordtrackeris a paid but widely used keyword and competitive


How do you find the appropriate keywords for your target audience?

With the SEMrush Keyword Research feature, you can easily answer all of these questions.


Keyword Analyzer

Turn yourself into an SEO Expert & dominate The Search Engines…

Find who your top competitors are, what factors influence their rankings and how hard it would be to outrank them, in just a few minutes…With Keyword Analyzer, you can easily find what keywords you can rank for and avoid overly competitive niches.

Keyword research is of paramount importance. In fact, it could well be the most important aspect when it comes to ranking. That’s why we created our very own advanced keyword research tool to ensure you get the top keywords for your campaigns.

This tool analyzes the top results of Google and Bing for you and tells you what keywords the sites you want to track rank for. With ‘What Ranks Where’, you can find what terms your competitors target and rank for in just a few clicks. Imagine doing this manually…

Awesome Features with Keyword Analyzer you need to check with your targeted niche keywords for ranking top in Google SERP’s ROI. This tool gathers data from Google, Moz, Alexa and several other sources.

Keyword Research

Find who your top competitors are, what factors influence their rankings and how hard it would be to outrank them, in just a few minutes.

Keyword (Competition) Analyzer

Find who your competitors are, what factors influence their rankings and how hard it would be to outrank them, in just a few minutes. You can easily find what keywords you can rank for.


What Ranks Where

Find What Keywords Your Own Sites & The Sites of Your Competitors Rank For in Seconds! You can find what terms your competitors target and rank for in just a few clicks

Domain Finder

Find, analyze and acquire the strongest aged domains available for sale in ANY niche in just a few minutes…You will have the ability to choose between millions of expiring domains.


Site Explorer

Analyze Any Domain In-Depth With The Click of a Mouse (http://www. vs. http://) Pull data from 3 different sources: SERPed, Moz and Majestic.

Site Reports

Imagine you want to sell your site… You could generate a report and give it to prospective buyers. You could walk into a meeting with a killer document that will blow everyone away!

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are much easier to rank for than 1 word keywords. The level of competition is generally much lower, and they are often more targeted, meaning people are more likely to click your link in the search engine results, read your content and buy from you.

‘Long Tail Keywords’ tool, you can access hundreds, if not thousands of ‘hidden’, untapped keywords, in just a few clicks. All you need to do is to type in a keyword, select a database: Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, eBay that’s it! Our tool will even show you their average monthly searches, trends graphs, CPC and traffic values, PPC competition and more. We are one of the very few providers of search volumes for long tail keywords


Find Powerful Keywords for Your Blog


Keyword Planning

SEMRush and Google Analytics are the gold standards as far as keyword research tools go. You can use them to gain insights about keywords – specifically, search volume and competition.

Search Volume—defined in terms of estimated monthly traffic. This gives you an idea of how many people are searching using the specified keyword.

Competition—defined on a scale of low to high (Google) or from 0 to 1 (SEMRush, with 1 representing high competition). This gives you a general idea of how difficult it will be to rank for the specified keyword.

NOTE: “Competition” should be treated as a guideline more than a rule. It’s easiest to get a feel for the competition you’re facing by looking at the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). By looking at the websites you’ll be competing with for the keyword, you’ll get a better idea of what is meant by “competition.”

Long-Tail Keywords vs. Head Terms

The two main categories you can break keywords into are long-tail and head terms. Long-tail keywords are longer, more specific keywords. Head terms are more generic, shorter keywords.


Head Term: “laptop charger”

Long-tail keyword: “replacement laptop charger for MacinSoft 2000X”


While long-tail keywords don’t get as much search volume, they do allow you to target your content better to drive more relevant traffic. This leads to better conversion rates because searchers who have a specific search query are more likely to be close to buying.

Additionally, for businesses that are just starting to blog, long-tail keywords are a great way to get quick wins in SERPs. The cumulative effect of ranking for several long-tail keywords builds authority so you can start targeting more competitive head terms in your evergreen content.

Incorporating Keywords into Blog Posts

Search engine algorithms have gotten smart, so stuffing keywords into your post in a nonsensical way will do nothing but harm. The best way to incorporate keywords naturally is to ensure that your keyword is highly relevant to your topic, and to plan out your topic and keywords together before writing the post. You’ll know you’re doing it right when it’s impossible to write about your chosen topic without using the keyword you’re targeting.

Also, take care to include the keyword in all the relevant places—titles, h2 tags, meta descriptions, and alt text. Make sure your keyword is also included in your first paragraph and used two other times throughout your article. Yoast is a great plugin for WordPress that provides a real-time checklist for proper keyword placement.

No matter your business, knowing how to find keywords will give you a huge leg up on the competition. The right keywords are essential to a robust blogging strategy. Have more questions about finding powerful keywords? Set up a time to talk with the content team at Volume Nine!



Keywords Least Competitive

Create a list of words with the help of SEMrush tool. Then insert your list into the Google Keyword Planner to find the most searched keywords.

To select the least competitive keywords is to use those key phrases, which contain at least 3-4 words. All 1- and 2-word queries have HUGE competition. If you’re on a tight budget, focus on long tail keywords (which contain 4 or more words).

Select and buy the best DA40-DA100 backlinks
Search keyword phrases; Test your keywords in AdWords
Find More “Keyword research tools Guides” here:

“Keyword Analysis Tools” for selection of your Focus Keywords:



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Role of Search Engine Optimization in Google SERP’s:


Let your audience and Search Engines bot find your great unique original content into top of Google SERP’s. If “Content is The King” then “Link is the Queen”. Make your contents great, use exact anchor link. Quality Backlinks will boost your sites ranking in search engines Top quickly.  More steps to be taken to show your site in Google SERP’s top. Use Heading, sub-heading like H1, H2, H3…of your content for giving importance of your post by search engine. Often heading, sub-heading would be thru Html Heading Tag for finding by search engine. Don’t optimize your site by any one keyword, but use different keyword’s selection for each page to rank high each specific keyword. Google likes posts or contents which has Keyword relativity & Density with “Title +Meta Tag + Meta description + Content”. Maintain Keyword density 1 to 3 % of your contents paragraph. Make your site url’s search engine friendly to help Google bot find your content. Optimize properly your posts Images. Use long tail Keywords which encourage local SEO search visitors. Add Google places in your web page. Optimize Local SEO, use Text link by Java Scrip for following Google Bot your links easily. Use rel=”no-follow” tag for lower link like ‘about’, ‘contact’ read more pages. Update regular your site contents.  Check regular your sites Internal Link structure. Link your less reading post with popular posts. Make different Media Contents for your site like, PDF, Audio-Video, and Infographic. Make some Video & post in YouTube, Google likes Video.



Optimize your post/content as per Google snippet optimizer tool:


Use snippet optimizer tool, set your Posts Title, Meta description, include your selected primary/focus keyword. Your most common Focus keywords should be appearing in one or more of the meta-tags. Your primary keywords should appear in your meta-tags to help identify the topic of your webpage to search engines.


One sentence titles that contain your brand name and your focus keyword. It’s not hard, just do it? And for your homepage your title should probably start with your brand name, 50% of the emails we get is about homepages where people have ridiculously optimized titles instead of just the name of their company.


How to submit a site to search engines seo


  1. Connect Your Website To Google & Other Search Engines
  2. How Do I Check If My Site Is In Google?
  3. Why Can’t I Find My Site In Google?
  4. Do I Need To Pay to Get Into Google, Bing or Yahoo?
  5. How Do You Submit A Site To Search Engines?


Why doesn’t my NEW blog post appear on Google search engine


First of all create your Google Webmaster & Analytics Account and submit your sitemap to Google for fast indexing your web pages to Google search. Submit your site to online web directories. Try to update your blogs regularly. If you are facing any problem then can take help to someone.

You can visit Digital Marketing Blog or can email at with your query and contact details.


Beware about:

“Keyword(s) not included in Meta-Title”

“Keyword(s) not included in Meta-Description”

There is likely no optimal keyword density (search engine algorithms have evolved beyond keyword density metrics as a significant ranking factor). It can be useful, however, to note which keywords appear most often in your page, and if they reflect the intended topic of your page. More importantly, the keywords in your page should appear within natural sounding and grammatically correct copy.




Google can show up to 70 characters (including spaces) of a page title in the search results.

If a page title is longer than 70 characters, Google will show as many whole words as it can, the rest are replaced with an ellipsis: (…)


Meta Description

  • Google can show up to 156 characters (including spaces) of a website page’s meta description tag.
  • If a website page meta description is beyond 156 characters, Google will show as many whole words as possible, the rest are replaced with an ellipsis: (…)
  • If the website page includes a published date, Google may can that date as part of the snippet. In these cases, the date counts as part of the 156 characters
  • To make sure your web page snippet can fit a published-on date and the entire meta description (without getting cut off by the ellipsis), keep your meta description tag shorter than 139 characters (or 140 characters, if the published-on date is from a single-digit day of the month)


Choosing the right keywords for your Web page is easy when using real-time Keywords Research Tool. This awesome tool will help you discover what keywords your customers are actually using when looking for you in search engines.


The Meta Description is NOT being used or used incorrectly! This can have a negative impact on your ability to harvest search engine traffic. Would you like help optimizing your Meta Description? If you would rather do it alone, try using our FREE Meta Tag Builder to help make the necessary changes.



 SEO Tools & Benefits Include:
SEO Tools Jumpstart

Finally no technical skills needed! Our SEO Jumpstart™ program makes it possible for anyone to quickly and easily apply high-quality SEO to any web page no matter what their skill level is. This 4 step program does not require any special skills what-so-ever. No HTML editing required!

Keywords Research Tool

Why pay $60 a month or more for a keywords research tool when you can get something better for less? Our real-time Keywords Research Tool will help you discover “organic keywords” that your customers are actually searching for at this very moment! All you have to do is click and your keywords are uncovered! The SEO Jupstart program will then help you install your keywords for top search engine visibility.

Web Page Analyzer

Discover how search engines rank web pages. With our Web Page Analyzer you can easily compare your site with your competition. Learn which parts of a web page have the biggest impact on search engine rankings! No other SEO tool anywhere is as accurate andprecise as our Web Page Analyzer. This is absolutely the best SEO tool available on the Internet at any price!

Keyword Density Analyzer

There is a delicate balance between a good keyword density mix showing focused content and that deemed as keyword spamming. Our Keyword Density Analyzer Tool accomplishes this delicate balance with the utmost precision and accuracy. Other keyword density tools are not accurate and do not properly parse your web page like a search engine does.

Keyword Density Manipulizer™

Manipulate the keywords found on your web page using ourKeyword Density Manipulizer. All you do is drag-and-drop your keywords to get the right keyword density mix along with accurate target density calculations for ALL your web pages. This tool does all the work for you. It can’t get much easier than this!

Advanced Meta Tag Generator

Our Advanced Meta Tag Generator includes features not found in our free Meta Tag Builder. Plus this tool can “automatically insert” your newly optimized Title & Meta tags into your web page’s HTML source for you! Can others do that?

(X)HTML Validator™ and Correction Tool

NEW HTML5 VALIDATION WITH AUTOMATIC CORRECTION! Make your web pages error free! The first SEO inspired HTML/XHTML validation and correction tool on the Internet. This tool will make every attempt possible to “automatically correct” most every error it finds in your web page’s HTML/XHTML source per W3C standardsfor you. Errors in your HTML can seriously affect your search engine rankings. In fact, some errors could make your website completely invisible to some search engines. Make sure your web pages can be properly indexed by search engines.

Sitemap Generator & Sitemap Submission Tools

Our Sitemap Tools make it easy for to submit to Ask, Bing, Google and other major search engines and help them discover your entire website with a single submission! Other sitemap tools can’t find your hidden website and that’s why search engines won’t find those pages either. If you have web pages search engines are not finding, this may be the solution you have been looking for.

Submit Your Entire Website With Easy Submit

Easily submit ALL your web pages & websites to search engines as often as you like with Easy Submit. With Easy Submit you will witness the entire submission process so you know your submission was accepted and was done correctly! Do not rely on automated submissions to jumpstart your on-line business. Do it right with Easy Submit.

Step-by-Step SEO Instructions

On-line step-by-step SEO tutorials detailing exactly what it takes to fully optimize a website for top rankings in all search engines. These white hat techniques can be applied to any website. NO HTML editing required! We also include advanced SEO training and discussions for those who want to take SEO to the highest level.

UNLIMITED on-line SEO help & support from on-staff and other SEO experts from around the world. Sometimes you need the help only an expert can provide and we’re here at your disposal.
DNS Reporting ToolRBL Lookup ToolAdvanced Whois Tooland much more…


Micro-Niche Blog-Website That Make Money



Micro niche authority site making for Google Adsense

Micro-niche blog-website blueprint – Earn money within a short period of time Make Micro niche blog website & monetize for Google Adsense Micro niches websites need less hard work, less investment ($20 is enough), Easy to rank, Easy to make money and the best thing: Micro niche website is the best way to earn money for newbies. The Complete Blueprint to Building a Micro Niche Website That Makes Money. Find a niche that you are comfortable with creating a micro-niche blog-website blueprint. Since the target is to make money from the blog using Google AdSense, it is very important to choose a topic that is popular in countries like the U.S. and the U.K., and that has high commercial value (high CPC).A good search rate in Google. To find out things like CPC, Google search rate, popularity, and competition,  Use LongTail Pro. Make sure to think about the potential commercial and popularity aspects of your niche and you can use it for any topic or niche that you like. In my case, I didn’t use a content agency, so I picked up a niche that I enjoy reading and writing about. However, if you are not great at writing, you can hire writers from sites like Contentmart or Textbroker.


Instead choosing about only high AdSense CPC keywords,  Select Organic Keywords at least 20+ topic ideas for micro-niche website!

  • Choose topics that would be in demand for a long time.
  • Design this micro-niche site like Wikipedia.
  • Choose keywords that are driving traffic and have a high CPC.

Writing 4-5 blog posts and then one post each day for the next several days. Within a few days, I had 15 high-quality evergreen posts and my content was ready to go. (Evergreen posts have a 2-3 year expiration date, meaning that these topics should be relevant for at least the next 2-3 years.)

Monetization techniques like- AdSense, ClickBank, Affiliate program, CPA or use it to sell eBooks.

You must understand are:

  1. The Right Keyword for Domain Name
  2. Primary Keyword of Your Website
  3. Niche Website Content Strategy
  4. Monetizing the Niche Website
  5. Google Ranking of your Niche website

You have the right keyword in your domain name. Finding the right SEO keyword can be tricky sometimes.  However, there are lot of things from which you can easily pickup ideas to find a right keyword. For example, you can use Google trendsGoogle Instant, Online Ads, Magazines. They all give a lot of ideas.



Start searching for keyword to find your right domain name, here are few things that you must keep in mind:

  1. Limit the Global search to around 4K i.e. 4000 searches per month.
  2. Competition should be medium or high.
  3. Write an article of 1200+ words as your primary article which should be your home page also. (How to use static frontpage in WordPress).
  4. Take care of On-Page SEO. You can use plugin like SEOPressor, to optimize your content.
  5. Make sure you add LSI Keywords in your article.
  6. Quality matters so research well before writing. Here are few factors which will help you to write high-quality content.
  7. Search for long tail keywords related to your primary keyword.
  8. Write at least 15-20 secondary articles over the next 3-4 weeks.
  9. The minimum word limit of these articles should be 350-400 words. More it is, better it is.
  10. Interlink the articles very well. Take advantage of plugins like InsightsSEO Smart link.
  11. Articles should be 100% original and of best quality.

Install Editorial calendar WordPress plugin, and schedule your content for next 1-2 months.


Micro Niche Site does have certain drawbacks.  First, because it is a small website, you might be impacted by search engines based on your number of indexed pages (pages in Google for example) or when a search engine changes the way it uses search. This is not true in all cases but it is something to think about.  Second, Micro Niche Sites might have trouble gaining a lot of traffic which means you need to focus on the best way to monetize the website.


Finally, Micro Niche Sites must be optimized well enough to rank for the few keywords they might have.  In other words, with 5 pages, you might have 20 to 30 different primary and secondary keywords.  Examples include people searching for “microwave oven”, “best microwave ovens”, “small microwave ovens”, and so on.  The first phrase might be a primary keyword while the second two might be secondary keywords.  You need to make sure you can rank in the first page for all of them.  Definitely possible, but it limits your abilities to get traffic.


Here are some examples of micro niches websites:


Find attractive niche from Google trend at USA.UK,Canada,Australia. Search & Select Organic Keywords at least 20+ topic ideas for micro-niche website!

  • Choose topics that would be in demand for a long time.
  • Design this micro-niche site like Wikipedia.
  • Choose keywords that are driving traffic and have a high CPC.

long tail keyword, long tail pro, niche, organic keywords, cpc, cpc keywords, micro-niche website, US, UK, Canada, authority site, micro niche authority site,

Writing 4-5 blog posts and then one post each day for the next several days. Within a few days, 15 high-quality evergreen posts and content was ready to go.


  1. Quality matters so research well before writing. Here are few factors which will help you to write high-quality content.
  2. Search for long tail keywords related to your primary keyword.
  3. Write at least 15-20 secondary articles over the next 3-4 weeks.
  4. The minimum word limit of these articles should be 350-400 words. More it is, better it is.
  5. Interlink the articles very well. Take advantage of plugins like InsightsSEO Smart link.
  6. Articles should be 100% original and of best quality.

Install Editorial calendar WordPress plugin, and schedule your content for next 1-2 months.


You build any site – from affiliate niche sites to business sites and everything in between follow below sites:

  1. Authority Niche Site
  2. Amazon Products Review Site
  3. Clickbank Products Review Site
  4. Small Business Site
  5. Corporate Site
  6. Personal Blog
  7. Website Makeover


Use these 3 ways to monetize my niche websites:

CPC as a factor while planning out the content strategy, AdSense will ensure a great profit for you. In fact if you are getting US, UK and traffic from Canada, then money earned will be much higher.  Along with this, you can pick few related affiliate products to promote, and this will help you to earn more with your micro niche website.

We are building profitable high-quality micro niche website. We have already done most of the task by writing quality content. Now, focus on improving the SEO of your micro-niche blog. Here are two guides, which will help you:

To further boost the ranking of your Website, here are few things that you could do:

Visit websites of same niche as yourself and comment something useful related to the blog post. Comment on at least 20-25 websites over 1-2 weeks. It will give generate some backlinks for your niche website helping it to rank better and get more traffic. Make money from the blog using Google AdSense.


6 Awesome Tools to Find Long-Tail Keywords In Any Niche

Direct keywords instead of long-tail keywords (LTK).

If you are not familiar with long-tail keywords, here is a quick example of the difference between short-tail and long-tail:

  • Long-tail Keywords (Ex. of short tail keyword) – Monthly searches 50
  • Long tail Keywords vs. short tail Keywords (Ex. of LTK) – Monthly searches 12
  • long tail keywords conversion rate (Ex of LTK) – Monthly searches 13


The best tools for finding long-tail keywords in any niche. Note that some of them are free, and a few of them are paid. Free long tail Keyword research tool.

Answer The Public

Google auto complete tool

Google Auto suggest


WordTracker Keyword Tool


Long Tail Pro

Other long tail keyword research tools:


This one is in the line of Ubersuggest  but offers one unique proposition. Using this tool, you can search for any Keyword & it would show you common questions asked around that “Keyword” “Topic” in search engine…

long tail Keywords

long tail Keywords tool

long tail Keywords seomoz

long tail Keywords seo

long tail Keywords definition

Create a Blog on WordPress

Then this step will be easy for you as well. Beyond this, your content will be the main attraction.

The following is a list of the exact tools I used to create and set up my blog:


  • Theme: Genesis – plug and play.


  1. Yoast SEO for site SEO (click here to see the video tutorial).
  2. Akismet for preventing comment spam.
  3. Auto Post Thumbnail for automatic generation of featured images. (optional)
  4. SocialWarfare for social bookmarking icons.
  5. Jetpack by WordPress for multiple purposes, including stats in dashboard.
  6. No Self Pings to stop self-pinging!
  7. PushPress for faster indexing.
  8. SEO Friendly Images for image level SEO.
  9. Shortpixels for image compression.
  10. WP Super Cache for caching. An alternative is W3 Total Cache.

Additional steps that I followed:

  1. Made the blog’s SEO perfect.
  2. Took extreme care of content quality and keyword score.
  3. Made a few videos on YouTube and linked them to my blog in the description, generating additional traffic. This also helped me generate backlinks.
  4. Submitted my sitemap to major search engines. (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)
  5. Submitted my blog to traffic estimator sites using IMT submitterNote: Don’t build more than 50 links using them in a day.
  6. Created a logo using a free online logo maker.
  7. Set Up Google AMP.
  8. Set Up Facebook Instant Articles.

Optional (but very good) steps to follow:

The whole idea of the blog was to not do a lot of work, and create a blog that was capable of earning money. For this reason, I didn’t invest much time on branding. The goal was to get great search engine traffic, provide solutions, and quickly make money from this micro-niche blog, the Complete Blueprint to Building a Micro Niche Website That Makes Money.


300 Niche Ideas


  1. Acid Reflux
  2. Acne
  3. Adkins Diet
  4. Adult Acne
  5. Adult Dyslexia
  6. Aikido
  7. Alcohol Addiction
  8. Allergies
  9. Alternative Health
  10. Alzheimer Disease
  11. Anti Aging Treatment
  12. Antique Collectible
  13. Aquarium Owners
  14. Aromatherapy
  15. Art Investing
  16. Arthritis Pain
  17. Asthma Medication
  18. Asthma Treatment
  19. Astrology
  20. Autism
  21. Avoid Bankruptcy
  22. Avoid Procrastination
  23. Baby Music
  24. Baby Sitter Service
  25. Baby Sleep
  26. Back Pain
  27. Bad Breath
  28. Bad Habits
  29. Beach Weddings
  30. Beekeeping
  31. Better Grades
  32. Bird Watching
  33. Blogging
  34. Blood Sugar
  35. Body Detox
  36. Boost Memory
  37. Boost Metabolism
  38. Bow Hunting
  39. Boxer Dogs
  40. Brew Beer At Home
  41. Bridal Shower
  42. Build a Computer
  43. Bulldogs
  44. Burglar Alarm
  45. Business Start Up
  46. Buy a Car
  47. Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring
  48. Buying a Used Car
  49. Cake Decorating
  50. Candle Making
  51. Car Alarm
  52. Car Auction
  53. Car Detailing
  54. Car Loan
  55. Car Owners
  56. Car Subwoofer
  57. Card Tricks
  58. Career Planning
  59. Cat Care
  60. Cheap Airfare
  61. Cheap Used Car
  62. Cheating Wife
  63. Child Adoption
  64. Child Custody
  65. Child Modeling
  66. Childhood Obesity
  67. Christmas Gift Ideas
  68. Coaching and Consulting
  69. Coffee Maker
  70. Coin Collecting
  71. Colic
  72. College Scholarships
  73. Composting
  74. Computer Programming
  75. Credit Card
  76. Credit Repair
  77. Crocheting
  78. Dating
  79. Daycare
  80. Deck and Patio Plans
  81. Designer Bag
  82. Dessert
  83. De‐Stress Life
  84. Digital Photography
  85. Discount Travel
  86. Do It Yourself
  87. Dog Diets
  88. Dream Interpretation
  89. Drop Shipping
  90. Ebay Selling
  91. Economic Recession
  92. Eczema Treatment
  93. Education Grant
  94. Energy Efficient Home
  95. Event Planning
  96. Exercise Program
  97. Family Vacation
  98. Fat Burning
  99. Ferrets
  100. Fibromyalgia
  101. Film Making
  102. First Aid Training
  103. Fix Your Credit
  104. Fly Fishing
  105. Forex Trading
  106. Fundraising
  107. Gain Muscle
  108. Garage Sale
  109. Genealogy/Family History
  110. German Shepherd
  111. Get Ex Back
  112. Get Organized
  113. Get Six Pack Abs
  114. Glycemic Index
  115. Goal‐Setting
  116. Going Green
  117. Golf Ball
  118. Golf Tips
  119. Grieving Tips
  120. Gynecomastia
  121. Hair Loss
  122. HDTV
  123. Headache Sufferers
  124. Headphones
  125. Healthy Food
  126. Healthy Recipes
  127. Herbs
  128. Herniated Disk
  129. Hire a Nanny
  130. Home Decoration
  131. Home Improvement
  132. Home Schooling
  133. Homemade Gifts/Gift Ideas
  134. Hoodia Gordoni
  135. Horse Breeders
  136. Horse Racing
  137. Horticulture
  138. House Floor Plans
  139. Hypertension
  140. Identity Theft Protection
  141. Insomnia (Sleep Remedies)
  142. Insurance
  143. Interior Design
  144. Internet Advertising
  145. iPhone
  146. Ipod
  147. Jewelry Appraisal
  148. Job Interviewing
  149. Kitchen Design
  150. Knitting
  151. Koi Ponds
  152. Landscaping
  153. Last Minute Travel
  154. Latin Dance
  155. Leadership Development
  156. Learn Spanish
  157. Learn To Play Guitar
  158. Learn To Play Piano
  159. Legal Help
  160. Living Healthy
  161. Love Poetry
  162. Lower Cholesterol
  163. Magic Tricks
  164. Marriage Help
  165. Massage Therapy
  166. Match‐Making
  167. Mattress
  168. Memory Foam
  169. Menopause
  170. Mental Health Support
  171. Mixed Martial Arts
  172. Model Ship
  173. Model Train Collecting
  174. Mole Removal
  175. Mood Swings
  176. Mortgage Refinance
  177. Motivation and Goals
  178. Mountain Biking
  179. MP3 Player
  180. Muscle Building
  181. Mystery Shopping
  182. Nascar Racing
  183. Natural Cold Fighters
  184. Natural Health Remedy
  185. Natural Insecticide
  186. New Mothers (baby’s first year)
  187. Nicotine Addiction
  188. Nursing Job
  189. Online Coupon
  190. Online Dating
  191. Online Degree
  192. Online Freebies
  193. Online Paid Surveys
  194. Organic Gardening
  195. Outdoor Survival
  196. Paintball Accessories
  197. Paintball Guns
  198. Painting
  199. Paralegal Schools
  200. Parents
  201. Payday Loan
  202. Penny Stocks
  203. Personal Investment
  204. Personalized Child Book
  205. Photoshop
  206. Photoshop Tutorials
  207. Pilots
  208. Play Poker
  209. Podcasting
  210. Potty Train Your Child
  211. PowerPoint Tutorials
  212. Pregnancy Nutrition
  213. Private Investigation
  214. Property Auction
  215. Public Records
  216. Public Speaking
  217. Quilting
  218. Quit Smoking
  219. Radio Controlled Cars
  220. RC Cars
  221. Real Estate Appraisal
  222. Real Estate Success
  223. Recipes
  224. Recover from Bankruptcy
  225. Reduce Calories
  226. Reduce Cellulite
  227. Restaurant Recipes
  228. Retirement Planning
  229. Reverse Mortgage
  230. Reverse Phone Directory
  231. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  232. Romantic Ideas
  233. Rose Gardening
  234. Salad Recipe
  235. Saltwater Aquarium
  236. Save Money At the Gas Pump
  237. Save My Marriage
  238. Saving for College
  239. Scrap Booking
  240. Scuba Diving
  241. Seduction
  242. Self Esteem Building
  243. Self Hypnosis
  244. Sell Annuity
  245. Sell Your Home
  246. Senior Golf
  247. Sign Language
  248. Singing Lessons
  249. Single Parents
  250. Sjogrens Syndrome
  251. Skills
  252. Skin Cancer
  253. Skin Care
  254. Small Business Grant
  255. Soccer
  256. Social Networking
  257. Spanish Food
  258. Speed Boat
  259. Speed Reading
  260. Stamp Collecting
  261. Staying Young
  262. Stop Bedwetting
  263. Stop Divorce
  264. Stop Snoring
  265. Stress Management
  266. Stress Relief
  267. Stretch Marks
  268. Stretching
  269. Survival Kits
  270. Sushi
  271. Swimming Technique
  272. Table Tennis
  273. Taming Teens
  274. Tattoos
  275. Tax Help
  276. Teeth Whitening
  277. Time Management
  278. Travel Tips
  279. Trust Deeds
  280. Used Camera
  281. Varicose Vein
  282. Vegan Diet
  283. Vegetable Gardening
  284. Video Marketing
  285. Vintage Car
  286. Virus Alert
  287. Walking
  288. Water Filter
  289. Web Design
  290. Web Video
  291. Wedding Planning
  292. Wedding Speech
  293. Weight Loss
  294. Wheat Grass
  295. Wine Tasting
  296. Women Self Defense
  297. Woodworking
  298. Yeast Infection
  299. Yoga
  300. Young Skin



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