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Learn funny awesome Google tricks-How to Google like a Pro? Try Google Search Tricks. Use Google differently apart from search. How to Google it? Learn amazing Google search secrets, a few tips and tricks to help you easily find information on Google search techniques. Effective web searching techniques, “Web search tips” and tricks, Internet searching tips, and strategies, start with the basics search using your voice. Choose words carefully don’t worry about the little things. Find quick answers. Filter your search results. You use everyday Google search’s learning curve, but still, all you know is how to search on Google? You need to know plenty of Google search tricks up its sleeve. Apply Google search criteria to find what you’re looking for a specific place, product or result.


Tip 1: Start with the basics

No matter what you’re looking for, start with a simple search like where’s the closest airport? You can always add a few descriptive words if necessary.

If you’re looking for a place or product in a specific location, add the location. For example, bakery seattle.


Tip 2: Search using your voice

Tired of typing? To search with your voice, say “Ok Google” or select the Microphone. Learn more about how to search with your voice.


Tip 3: Choose words carefully

When you’re deciding what words to put in the search box, try to choose words that are likely to appear on the site you’re looking for. For example, instead of saying my head hurts, say headache, because that’s the word a medical site would use.


Tip 4: Don’t worry about the little things

  • Google’s spell checker automatically uses the most common spelling of a given word, whether or not you spell it correctly.
  • A search for New York Times is the same as a search for new york times.


Tip 5: Find quick answers

For many searches, Google will do the work for you and show an answer to your question in the search results. Some features, like information about sports teams, aren’t available in all regions.

  • Weather:Search weather to see the weather in your location or add a city name, like weather seattle, to find weather for a certain place.
  • Dictionary:Put define in front of any word to see its definition.
  • Calculations: Enter a math equation like 3*9123, or solve complex graphing equations.
  • Unit conversions:Enter any conversion, like 3 dollars in euros.
  • Sports: Search for the name of your team to see a schedule, game scores and more.
  • Quick facts:Search for the name of a celebrity, location, movie, or song to find related information.


Expert Search tips

Want more tips and tricks to help you search like a pro? Check out the links below to learn more advanced search techniques.



Useful Google Search Tricks


Google Search’s learning curve is an odd one. You use it every day, but still all you know is how to search. But the search engine has plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

Here’s an overview of some of the most useful Google search tricks, from basic tips to new features.


Use quotes to locate a specific phrase

Here’s an example: “long haired cats.” Your search will come back with these three words in proximity to each other and in the order you intended them to be, rather than scattered willy-nilly on the site.


Use an asterisk within quotes to specify unknown or variable words

Here’s a lesser-known trick: searching a phrase in quotes with an asterisk replacing a word will search all variations of that phrase. It’s helpful if you’re trying to determine a song from its lyrics, but you couldn’t make out the entire phrase (e.g. “imagine all the * living for today”), or if you’re trying to find all forms of an expression (e.g. “* is thicker than water”).


Use the minus sign to eliminate results containing certain words

You’ll want to eliminate results with certain words if you’re trying to search for a term that’s generating a lot of results that aren’t of interest to you. Figure out what terms you’re not interested in (e.g. jaguar -car) and re-run the search.


Search websites for keywords

Think of the “site:” function as a Google search that searches only a particular website. If you want to see every time mentioned Google, use the search “Google”.


Search news archives going back to the mid-1880s

Google News has an option to search over 100 years’ worth of archived news from newspapers around the world.


Compare foods using “vs”

Can’t decide between a burger or pizza for dinner? Type in “rice vs. quinoa,” for example, and you’ll receive side-by-side comparisons of the nutritional facts.


Filter search results for recipes

If you search your favorite food, and then click “Search Tools” right under the search bar, you’ll be able to filter recipes based on ingredients, cook time and calories. It’s the perfect tool if you have certain dietary restrictions.


Use “DEFINE:” to learn the meaning of words—slang included

Streamline the dictionary process by using, for example, “DEFINE: mortgage.” For words that appear in the dictionary, you’ll be able to see etymology and a graph of its use over time alongside the definition. Google will even sift the web to define slang words or acronyms. Try out “DEFINE: bae” or “DEFINE: SMH”.


Tilt your screen by searching “tilt”

This is one of the fun additions built in by Google engineers. Try it out yourself (search without quotes).


Play Atari Breakout by searching it on Google Images

The legendary brick breaker game is available for easy access on Google. Just search “Atari Breakout” (without quotes) on Google Images and enjoy.


Search images using images

Ever come across a photo that looks strangely familiar? Or if you want to know where it came from? If you save the image, and then search it on Google Images (with the camera button), you’ll be able to see similar images on the web.


Press the mic icon on Google’s search bar, and say “flip a coin” or “heads or tails”

The feature released last month lets Google flip a coin for you when you don’t have one on hand.


Press the mic icon on Google’s search bar, and say “give me a love quote” or “I love you”

The love quote generator is also a feature for those in need of a little romance.




Google Custom Search


Use unique, specific terms

It is simply amazing how many Web pages are returned when performing a search. You might guess that the terms blue dolphin are relatively specialized. A Google search of those terms returned 2,440,000 results! To reduce the number of pages returned, use unique terms that are specific to the subject you are researching.


Use the minus operator (-) to narrow the search

How many times have you searched for a term and had the search engine return something totally unexpected? Terms with multiple meanings can return a lot of unwanted results. The rarely used but powerful minus operator, equivalent to a Boolean NOT, can remove many unwanted results. For example, when searching for the insect caterpillar, references to the company Caterpillar, Inc. will also be returned. Use Caterpillar -Inc to exclude references to the company or Caterpillar -Inc -Cat to further refine the search.


Use quotation marks for exact phrases

I often remember parts of phrases I have seen on a Web page or part of a quotation I want to track down. Using quotation marks around a phrase will return only those exact words in that order. It’s one of the best ways to limit the pages returned. Example: “Be nice to nerds”.Of course, you must have the phrase exactly right — and if your memory is as good as mine, that can be problematic.


Don’t use common words and punctuation

Common terms like a and the are called stop words and are usually ignored. Punctuation is also typically ignored. But there are exceptions. Common words and punctuation marks should be used when searching for a specific phrase inside quotes. There are cases when common words like the are significant. For instance, Raven and The Raven return entirely different results.



Are you the master of your data?

Data-driven business strategies, including the use of predictive analytics, empower organizations to be more efficient and competitive.

Most search engines do not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase, even within quotation marks. The following are all equivalent:

  • technology
  • Technology
  • “technology”
  • “Technology”


Drop the suffixes

It’s usually best to enter the base word so that you don’t exclude relevant pages. For example, bird and not birdswalk and not walked. One exception is if you are looking for sites that focus on the act of walking, enter the whole term walking.


Maximize AutoComplete

Ordering search terms from general to specific in the search box will display helpful results in a drop-down list and is the most efficient way to use AutoComplete. Selecting the appropriate item as it appears will save time typing. You have several choices for how the AutoComplete feature works:

Use Google AutoComplete. The standard Google start page will display a drop-down list of suggestions supplied by the Google search engine. This option can be a handy way to discover similar, related searches. For example, typing in Tucson fast will not only bring up the suggestion Tucson fast food but also Tucson fast food couponsUse browser AutoComplete. Use this Google start page to disable the Google AutoComplete feature and display a list of your previous searches in a drop-down box. I find this particularly useful when I’ve made dozens of searches in the past for a particular item. The browser’s AutoComplete feature must be turned on for this option to work. Click one of these links for instructions detailing how to turn AutoComplete on or off in I.E. and Firefox.


  • Visual Basic statement case
  • Visual Basic statement for
  • Visual Basic call


Customize your searches

There are several other less well known ways to limit the number of results returned and reduce your search time:

Key words – List keywords that define your topic – these will become your search terms. – Be as specific as possible eg Labrador rather than Dogs Example: What percentage of Australia’s electricity comes from wind power? Key words might be: wind, power, Australia, electricity

  • The plus operator (+):As mentioned above, stop words are typically ignored by the search engine. The plus operator tells the search engine to include those words in the result set. Example: tall +and short will return results that include the word and.
  • The tilde operator (~):Include a tilde in front of a word to return results that include synonyms. The tilde operator does not work well for all terms and sometimes not at all. A search for ~CSSincludes the synonym style and returns fashion related style pages —not exactly what someone searching for CSS wants. Examples: ~HTML to get results for HTML with synonyms; ~HTML -HTML to get synonyms only for HTML.
  • Boolean searching : Use + and – to narrow your search “wind power” +Australia “wind power” AND Australia Use + or AND to include all words. “wind power” + Australia –jobs “wind power” AND Australia NOT jobs Use – or NOT to exclude words you do not want. IMPORTANT – do not use a space between the + and – signs and the search term eg –jobs not – jobs
  • The wildcard operator (*): Google calls it the fill in the blank For example, amusement *will return pages with amusement and any other term(s) the Google search engine deems relevant. You can’t use wildcards for parts of words. So for example, amusement p* is invalid.
  • The OR operator (OR) or (|):Use this operator to return results with either of two terms. For example happy joy will return pages with both happy and joy, while happy | joy will return pages with either happy or joy.
  • Numeric ranges: You can refine searches that use numeric terms by returning a specific range, but you must supply the unit of measurement. Examples: Windows XP 2003..2005PC $700 $800.
  • Site search: Many Web sites have their own site search feature, but you may find that Google site search will return more pages. When doing research, it’s best to go directly to the source, and site search is a great way to do that. Example: rapid storage technology.
  • Related sites: For example, be used to find sites similar to YouTube.
  • Change your preferences:Search preferences can be set globally by clicking on the gear icon in the upper-right corner and selecting Search Settings. I like to change the Number Of Results option to 100 to reduce total search time.
  • Forums-only search:Under the Google logo on the left side of the search result page, click More | Discussions or go to Google Groups. Forums are great places to look for solutions to technical problems.
  • Advanced searches: Click the Advanced Search button by the search box on the Google start or results page to refine your search by date, country, amount, language, or other criteria.
  • Wonder Wheel:The Google Wonder Wheel can visually assist you as you refine your search from general to specific. Here’s how to use this tool:
  • Click on More Search Tools | Wonder Wheel in the lower-left section of the screen to load the Wonder Wheel page.
  • Advanced search option in Google Click the Advanced Search button at bottom of Google start or results page to refine your search by date, country, amount, language, or other criteria.


Use browser history

Many times, I will be researching an item and scanning through dozens of pages when I suddenly remember something I had originally dismissed as being irrelevant. How do you quickly go back to that Web site? You can try to remember the exact words used for the search and then scan the results for the right site, but there is an easier way. If you can remember the general date and time of the search you can look through the browser history to find the Web page.


Set a time limit — then change tactics

Sometimes, you never can find what you are looking for. Start an internal clock, and when a certain amount of time has elapsed without results, stop beating your head against the wall. It’s time to try something else:

  • Use a different search engine, like Yahoo!BingStartpage, or Lycos.
  • Ask a peer.
  • Call support.
  • Ask a question in the appropriate forum.
  • Use search expertswho can find the answer for you.


The bottom line

A tool is only as useful as the typing fingers wielding it. Remember that old acronym GIGO, garbage in, garbage out? Search engines will try to place the most relevant results at the top of the list, but if your search terms are too broad or ambiguous, the results will not be helpful. It is your responsibility to learn how to make your searches both fast and effective.

The Internet is the great equalizer for those who know how to use it efficiently. Anyone can now easily find facts using a search engine instead of dredging them from the gray matter dungeon — assuming they know a few basic tricks. Never underestimate the power of a skilled search expert.

Hidden behind Google’s search box, Google Shortcuts Tips are a slew of shortcuts leading to so-called “OneBox” results that provide awesome tools and display helpful information quickly and directly for smarter, more efficient, Effective Web Searching. Below short Tips designed as a guide to effective searching on the Web. You might think you know them all, but a few are more hidden than others.


Create a search engine

Google Custom Search enables you to create a search engine for your website, your blog, or a collection of websites. You can configure your engine to search both web pages and images. You can fine-tune the ranking, add your own promotions and customize the look and feel of the search results. You can monetize the search by connecting your engine to your Google AdSense account.

Above the normal search results, Google gives your the definitive answer to your search—or a miniature, interactive tool to continue your search. These are different from search operators that help you narrow your search. With the OneBox results you can quickly find the weather, learn what a medication is, peek at a musicians discography, and even find release dates for movies. With this power you can find the information you’re looking for almost instantly, and you’ll look like the smartest person in the room for knowing the results before anyone else.


Web Search Tricks

Ever been frustrated with your Web search results? Sure, we’ve all been there! In order to search the Web more effectively, there are a few basic skills that you need to learn to make your searches less frustrating and more successful. In this article, we’ll go over the top ten most basic Web search shortcuts that will make your searches more successful by bringing back relevant results the first time you use them.

These are tried and true web search methods that will work in virtually any search engine and directory.Here are a few basic web search skills you need to have in order to have truly successful web searches. All of these tips can be used by anyone regardless of skill level.


Use Google to search within a site

Simply use this command within Google’s search bar to search within a site: the word “site”, then a colon, then the URL of the website you’d like to search within.

For example; “how to find people” plugged into Google will bring back search results only from this domain that are related to finding people online.


Find words within a Web address

You can actually search within a Web address using the “inurl” command via Google; this allows you to search for words within the URL, or Uniform Resource Locator.

For example, if you only want to find results from sites that have the word “marshmellow” in their URL, you would plug this query into Google’s search bar: inurl:marshmellow. Your search results will only contain websites with that word in their URL.


Search for People on Google Images

Some people’s names are also real-world objects—like “Rose” or “Paris.” If you’re looking for a person and not a flower, just search for rose and add to &imgtype=facethe end of your search URL, as shown above. Google will redo the search but return results that it recognizes as faces!


Update: Reader unclghost kindly pointed out that we’re working with outdated information here—this trick is now built into Google’s UI! Just head to Search Tools > Type and you can choose from faces, photos, clip art, line drawings, and even animations. Thanks for the tip!


Get More Precise Time-Based Search Results

You’ve probably seen the option in Google that lets you filter results by time, such as the past hour, day, or week. But if you want something more specific—like in the past 10 minutes—you can do so with a URL hack. Just add &tbs=qdr: to the end of the URL, along with the time you want to search (which can include h5 for 5 hours, n5 for 5 minutes, or s5 for 5 seconds (substituting any number you want). So, to search within th past 10 minutes, you’d add&tbs=qdr:n10to your URL. It’s handy for getting the most up-to-the-minute news.


Use basic math to narrow down your search results

Another Web search trick that’s deceptively simple is using addition and subtraction to make your search results more relevant.

For example, you are searching for Tom Ford, but you get lots of results for Ford Motors. Easy – just combine a couple of Web search basics here to get your results: “tom ford” -motors. Now your results will come back without all those pesky car results.


Limit your searches to a specific high-level domain

If you’d like to limit your searches to a specific domain, such as .edu, .org, .gov, and more, you can use the site: command to accomplish this. This works in most popular search engines and is a great way to narrow your searches to a very particular level.

For example, say you only wanted to search U.S. government-related sites for something. You could limit your search results to only government sites simply by typing “my query”. This will bring back results only from sites that are in the .gov high-level domain.


Find a word on a Web page

Say you’re looking for a specific concept or topic, perhaps someone’s name, or a business, or a particular phrase. You plug your search into your favorite search engine, click on a few pages, and scroll laboriously through tons of content to find what you’re looking for. Right?

Not necessarily. You can use an extremely simple web search shortcut to search for a word on a webpage, and this will work in any browser you might be using. Here we go:

Searching the web page – use Ctrl+F Once you’ve found a webpage that looks useful, use the Search window on the webpage, or press CTRL+F to open the FIND box. Type the word or phrase you are looking for and then press ENTER. Click the Highlight All Matches button to show or hide all matches on the page. To filter the matches, press Options, and then click one or both of the following: • Match Whole Word Only. • Match Case. Click next or Previous to move from one matched word or phrase to another

Widen the net with a wildcard search

You can use “wildcard” characters to throw a broader search net in most search engines and directories. These wildcard characters include *, #, and ? with the asterisk being the most common. Use wildcards when you want to broaden your search. For example, if you are looking for sites that discuss trucking, don’t search for the truck, search for truck*. This will return pages that contain the word “truck” as well as pages that contain “trucks”, “trucking”, “truck enthusiasts”, “trucking industry”, and so on.

A lot of advanced search engines let you put a * in the middle of your terms to denote “anything.” Google does too, but it doesn’t always work the way you want. However, you can still get wildcard suggestions, of a sort, by typing in a full phrase in Google and then deleting the word you want to replace. For example, you can search for how to jailbreak an iphoneand remove one word to see all the suggestions for how to ____ an iphone.


Be specific

The more narrowed down you can get your Web searches from the beginning, the more successful your Web search usually will be. For example, if you were searching for “coffee”, you’d get way more results back than you could use; however, if you narrowed that down to “roasted Arabica coffee in Detroit Michigan”, you’d be more successful.


Search Certain Sites

For example, if you want to find an old Lifehacker article, just type before your search terms (e.g. hackintosh). The same goes for your favorite forums, blogs, and even web services.


Find Product Names, Recipes, and More with Reverse Image Search

Google’s reverse image search is great if you’re looking for the source of a photo, wallpaper, or more images like that. However, reverse image search is also great for searching out information—like finding out who makes the chair in this picture, or how do I make the meal in this photo. Just punch in an image like you normally would, but look at Google’s regular results instead of the image results—you’ll probably find a lot.


Find Free Downloads of Any Type

Ever needed an old Android app but couldn’t find the APK for what you were looking for? Or wanted an MP3 but couldn’t find the right version? Google has a few search tools that, when used together, can unlock a plethora of downloads: inurl, intitle, and filetype. For example, to find free Android APKs, you’d search for -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” apk to see site indexes of stored APK files. You can use this to find Android appsmusic filesfree ebookscomic books, and more. Check out the linked posts for more information.


How to find ebooks using Google


Website Tech-Recipes posts a sample query using some clever Google-fu to find e-books…

Read more


Discover Alternatives to Popular Sites, Apps, and Products

You’ve probably searched for comparisons on Google before, like roku vs apple tv. But what if you don’t know what you want to compare a product too, or you want to see what other competitors are out there? Just type in roku vs and see what Google’s autocomplete adds. It’ll most likely list the most popular competitors to the roku so you know what else to check out. You can also search for better than roku to see alternatives, too.


Access Google Cache Directly from the Search Bar

We all know Google Cache can be a great tool, but there’s no need to search for the page and then hunt for that “Cached” link: just type cache: before that site’s URL (e.g. cache: If Google has the site in its cache, it’ll pull it right up for you. If you want to simplify the process even more, this bookmarklet is handy to have around. It’s great for seeing an old version of a page, accessing a site when it’s down, or getting past something like the SOPA blackout.


Bypass Paywalls, Blocked Sites, and More with a Google Proxy

You may already know that you can sometimes bypass paywalls, get around blocked sites, and download files by funneling a site through Google Translateor Google Mobilizer. That’s a clever search trick in and of itself, but just like Google Cache, you can make the process a lot faster by keeping a few URLs on hand. Just add the URL you want to visit to the end of the Google URL (e.g. and you’re good to go. Check out the full list of proxies, along with bookmarklets to make them even easier, here.


Get Instant Artist Discographies and Filmographies

Want to take a quick look at a musician’s discography? Or maybe just a list of all the films from a director or actor? Just type “[artist] [movies or albums]” into the search box and you get an instant list of what they’ve done. For musicians, you can also search “[artist] songs” to get a list of their popular songs.


Find Release Dates for Movies, Games, and More

Want to know when a game or movie is getting released? Type “[name of movie or game] release date” and you get the result. Movies automatically show the theatrical release date, but you can add “dvd” to get the DVD or Blu-Ray release. This search works for both upcoming and past releases.


Find Current Movie Show times

To quickly find movie show times in your area, type “[name of movie] [zip code]” into the search box and you get results for theaters close to you. If you don’t have a particular movie in mind, you can also just type “movie [zip code]” and get a list of everything playing in your area (if Google knows your location you can just type “movie”).


Instantly Find Simple Factual Information

For any search you might want to do that includes a definitive fact you can often search for the answer directly. These include dates like “[name of famous person] death,” certain stats like, “[mountain] elevation,” or even population with, “[city] population.” Essentially, if you’re searching for anything that has a number attached to it, you can often search for it directly.


Find the Score of Any Current Sports Game

Whether you’re a sports nut or you just want to know the best time to avoid going near a stadium, you can search nearly any sports team name to get the current score, and upcoming games. You only need to type in the name. For instance, “colorado rockies” gets you the recent scores, record, standings, win percentage, and upcoming games.


Get a Five Day Forecast of the Weather in Any City

Need to get a quick weather report before you head out for vacation? Search “weather [city name]” and you get a five day forecast for the city you search for.


Find the Current Time in Any City

Time zone conversions are a pain, but thankfully Google does them for you. Search “time [city name],” and you get current time in any city. If you’re looking for more results, type in “time [country name]” to get a full list of the timezones in any given country. While you’re at it, you can also get the time of the sunrise or sunset by typing “sunrise [city name],” or “sunset [city name].”


Find Upcoming Dates for Holidays and Events

When you need to quickly see what day of the week a holiday lands on, or when a big event starts (like the Presidential Election, the Super BowlOlympics, etc), search for “[year] [holiday name or event title].”


Calculate Almost Anything

Google’s calculator is surprisingly robust, and all you need to do is enter a calculation into the search box. “5+2” works just fine, but you can also use advanced phrases like “cos(pi) + 4.” If you want a graph, simply add “graph” before the equation. You can also search for “calculator” to bring up the calculator directly.


Convert Units of Measure

Unit conversions are handy when you’re cooking or building just about anything. The search in Google is easy. Type “[number] [unit] into [unit].” For instance, you can convert knots into miles per hour like this, “6 ounces into cups.” It works with any type of measurement, including digital storage (“5 mb into kb“). If you need to bring up the unit converter directly, you can do so by searching unit converter.


Convert Currency

Need to get an up-to-date currency conversion? Google’s one of your best choices, and it’s as simple as typing “[number] [currency] to [currency].” For instance, to get the conversion rate of US dollars into Yen, type, “1 usd to yen.”


Check Stock Prices

When you need to check the status of your stocks, search Google for the shortened stock name. For example, to find Facebook’s current price, search “FB.” If you’re not sure of the stock’s name, you can also use “[name of company] stock.”


Find Word Definitions and Synonyms

If you want to quickly find the definition, synonyms, or pronunciation of a word, all you do is type the word into the search box. For many words, Google will automatically pull up a quick definition, pronunciation, and a list of common synonyms. If it doesn’t, type “define” before the word.


Translate Words Instantly

Google Translate is great for translating large chunks of text. You can translate single words right from the search bar by typing “translate [word] into [language].” For instance, to translate “monster” from English to Spanish, type, “translate monster into spanish.” You can also translate simple sentences. For instance, “translate the monster ate my neighbor into spanish,” will result in “el monstruo se comió mi vecino.”


Search Basic Health Conditions

When you type in any health condition (like asthmapsoriasis, etc) into Google, you get a quick synopsis of the condition from the U.S. National Library of Medicine. If you don’t know the condition, you can also type in symptoms. For instance, “abdominal pain on right side” pulls up a list of possible conditions, including appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy, and kidney stones.


Find Information on Medications

Search for any medication name (like AmbienLipitor, etc) and Google will pull up a quick description with links to side effects, directions, precautions, and more.


Hunt Down Information on Local Restaurants and Businesses

Looking for a new restaurant to check out in your area? Type in “[type of restaurant] [your zip code]” and you get a list of every place close to you, including review scores. You’ll also see a map on the right side so you can quickly flip through places not in the top results.


Get Instant Drive Times (and Directions) Between Addresses

Google Maps is great, but you don’t actually have to navigate to the main page to get directions. If you need to get a quick time estimate or overview of the drive, type “[current address] to [new address]” and Google will give you a quick look at the directions and drive time.


Track the Status of Any Flight

You don’t have to dig around on an airline’s web site to track the status of a flight. All you have to do is type “[airline] [flight number]” into Google and you get instant results from Flight Stats. If you want a quick estimate on flight cost, you can also search, “flights from [city] to [city]” for a search of available flights and prices.


Track Your Packages

Paste the tracking number of a shipment from USPS, UPS, FedEx, or On-Trac into your Google Search bar and Google automatically figures out which service has it and links you directly to the tracking page.


Google seems to add more and more of these quick OneBox search tricks to its search engine all the time, so count on more popping up in the future. Google also introduces new tricks for specific events, like the medal count during the Olympics, or the election hub during the elections. With these tricks you’ll be the fastest Googler around, and will certainly impress everyone with how quickly you can acquire all types of knowledge.


Refine Your Search Terms with Advanced Operators

You can search multiple terms with AND or OR, but have you ever used AROUND? AROUND is a halfway point between regular search terms (like white teeth) and using quotes (like “white teeth”). AROUND(2), for example, ensures that the two words are close to each other, but not necessarily in a specific order. You can tweak the range with a higher or lower number in the parentheses.

Similarly, if you want to exclude a word entirely, you can add a dash before it—like justin bieber -sucks if you want sites that only speak of Justin Bieber in a positive light. You can also use this to exclude other parameters—like excluding a site you don’t like (troubleshooting mac Check out our guide to tweaking your Google searches for more of these tips, and you can also find a pretty solid list over at weblog Marc and Angel Hack Life. Search on!


Use more than one search engine

Use different search engines;;; www.duckduckgo;

Don’t fall into the rut of using one search engine for all your search needs. Every search engine returns different results. Plus, there are many search engines that focus on specific niches: games, blogs, books, forums, etc. The more comfortable you are with a good variety of search engines, the more successful your searches are going to be. Check out this list of search engines for a wide variety of what you can use the next time you’re looking for something.

It’s easy to skim the surface of your favorite search engine and only use the most prominent features; however, most search engines have a wide variety of advanced search options, tools, and services that are only available to those dedicated searchers that take the time to search ’em out. All of these options are for your benefit – and can help make your searches more productive.

Especially if you’re searching for something very specific. Don’t give up! Keep trying, and don’t be afraid to try new search engines, new Web search phrase combinations, new Web search techniques, etc.


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Optimize your Website

Ultimate SE Optimizing of your Website ensures ranking Top on Search Engines- Do proper Website Optimization for establishing a Robust Online Presence also ensures website growth to attract visitors.

Optimizing a website can refer to search engine optimization, which increases your website’s ranking on search engines, or to performance optimization, which ensures that your website runs quickly and smoothly. Find your hottest opportunities for optimizing your website growth today. SEOptimize your website to establishing a robust online presence for your website and enhance your Google Page Rankings. Learn how search engines rank sites and discover keywords to attract new visitors to your site. Dive into the code and look for improvements to keep your visitors around, instead of waiting for a page to load. Whether your SEO strategy determines the use of relevant, timely, high-demand keywords and key phrases that various customers use to search products or services that your business provides. You could do better and you know it. Good idea on areas that requires immediate attention.

Are you satisfied with your website’s performance?

If not, it’s not too late. You only need to make a few simple fixes to improve your website’s rank in search and increase traffic and conversions.

Optimize Your Low-quality pages

For most of us, thin content is less of a penalty threat and more of an opportunity. By finding pages with thin content, you have the opportunity to figure out if they’re doing enough to serve your visitors. Pile on some Google Analytics data and start making decisions about improvements that can be made.

Thin content could be damaging your site. If it’s deemed to be malicious, then it could result in a penalty. Find those pages

Add Page views and Bounce Rate a spreadsheet so you can track this over time. Also add some keywords that you want that page to rank for your Moz Pro Rankings. That way you can make sure targeting searcher intent and driving organic traffic that is likely to convert. Will also know you’re being out ranked by your competitors.


Google’s Quality Guidelines

Determine if a Page is “Low Quality” in Google’s Eyes

Google has some ideas about what’s high quality versus low quality, and a few of those are pretty obvious and we’re familiar with, and some of them may be more intriguing. So…

  • Google wants unique content.
  • They want to make sure that the value to searchers from that content is actually unique, not that it’s just different words and phrases on the page, but the value provided is actually different. You can check out the Whiteboard Friday on unique valueif you have more questions on that.
  • They like to see lots of external sources linking editorially to a page. That tells them that the page is probably high quality because it’s reference-worthy.
  • They also like to see high-quality pages, not just sources, domains but high-quality pages linking to this. That can be internal and external links. So it tends to be the case that if your high-quality pages on your website link to another page on your site, Google often interprets that that way.
  • The page successfully answers the searcher’s query.

Optimize your site for SEO

Trying to manipulate the search-engine rankings is a losing proposition at this point. Instead, what you should be concerned with is making your site look as good as possible for the search engine robots that will be crawling your website. Software like SEMrush can give you a complete SEO audit and show you what you should fix. Spending time on your site’s SEO optimization is always time well spent.


Optimize Your Website Content

  • Know Your Current Traffic Statistics
  • Check Website Traffic Often
  • Create a Better Content Marketing Strategy
  • Write More Compelling Blog Headlines
  • Write Better Content
  • Use Eye-Catching Photos
  • Internal Linking (important!)
  • Conduct a Content Audit.


Social Media Optimization

Optimize your website Social Media Managing immediately to improve your Website Traffic.

Facebook is a great promotion tool whether you’re in the B2B or B2C industry. But did you know you can set up remarketing audiences in Facebook? By installing a Facebook tracking pixel on your site you can continue to market to customers who have visited your site. This is a great way to create return traffic to your business blog or website. And you can start remarketing to audiences as small as 100 visitors.

Twitter remarketing works in almost the exact same way as Facebook remarketing. Simply install the pixel and you can now target your sites visitors on Twitter. The main difference is that Twitter will require a higher minimum audience count before you can start advertising towards them, 500 people to be exact.

Build an email list Use emails for social promotion, but they’re also an amazing tool for driving traffic through a newsletter. Make sure that you have a newsletter opt-in on your website. We personally use a great tool called Drip. It’s free and very easy to set up.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people will read a headline and not read the rest of your ad? If this is the case, you should be spending the majority of your time perfecting the headline to grab your audience’s attention – and driving them to your site. Whether you’re running ads in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or pay per click, make sure that your headlines are on fleek.


Clicks and impressions

Site optimization: best practices to increase traffic

Site optimization to increase traffic is usually segmented into two parts:

  1. New traffic acquisitions
  2. Website enhancementssuch as optimizing ad placement, navigation and/or content on your website.

There are risks to consider for both. It’s important for you to be selective about the optimization specialist or agency you choose to work with, and always verify their optimizations before placing ads on your site.


Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines

Analyze and study your website. The first and one of the most important steps to SEO is to analyze your website to determine what changes, if necessary, should be made. This process includes assessing the site navigation, context, and overall cosmetics of the website

Determine your competition’s website. By knowing your competition in the industry, you will gain a better understanding of what exactly needs to be accomplished. It is helpful to find the top 5-10 competitors in your industry and find out what methods they are employing (they are at the top of the search engines aren’t they?). This process also helps with generating valuable keywords for your website.

Include Meta and Title tags
. HTML’s meta tag does not alter the content visible on the website; they exist only for search engines and other bots. Place a title tag at the top of each page to identify the document’s overall content. Write an accurate meta description tag, since it is often used by search engines to describe a site in search results. Add a meta keyword tag as well to reveal the most important keywords for each page to search engine bots.

  • Note that Google’s search bots do not look at meta keywords, but other search engines may. Meta tags,

Research keywords
-Identify keywords related to your site’s content. These can be popular search terms that lead people to your site, words related to your overall topic, and the topic of a specific page or blog post. If you’re not sure which keywords are popular search terms, there are services online that can help you evaluate keywords, many of them with free trials. Try KeywordSpy or WordTracker.

Place keywords strategically throughout your content. Having keyword-rich content is the key to performing well with search engines. Some search engine bots may penalize you for keyword spamming, however, so learns where to focus your efforts:


  • Use the keywords liberally on your home page.
  • Include keywords in header tags, title tags, and meta tags.
  • Include keywords in the anchor text used to describe links.
  • Use keywords in the URL of new pages.


Optimize your images. Large, high quality images can slow down your website considerably, and may burn through your server hosting space as well. Use Photoshop, or a free image editing program such as GIMP, to optimize your photos for the web. In Photoshop, you can simply click File → Save for Web. If editing images manually, you can reduce image resolution to 72 dpi, and set the color space to sRGB.[1]


Use alt tags to describe your images. This makes them searchable by search engine bots, which cannot otherwise detect what is in your images. If you can, include a keyword or two in these descriptions, but keep the description accurate.

Keep providing new content. Good Web content is a critical factor in keeping site visitors interested and coming back for more. This in turn will lead to higher search engine rankings. When writing new content, keep in mind that each page should have at least 250 words.

Get other websites to link to you. Building good incoming or back links can also increase your search engine ranking and website traffic. List your website in relevant directories and forums, and ask websites on similar topics to link to content on your website. Most major search engines rank web pages based partially on the number and the quality of links that point to the site.

Create a site map
. Site maps are XML files that list every URL in your website. Your web host may provide this file, or you may have to make it yourself. Find an example site map file and replace the example URLs with URLs of pages on your website. Once every page is listed, upload it to the root folder of your web server. Submit the link to this site map to Google and other major search engines.

  • Search online for “submit a sitemap” to find sites where you can submit your link.
  • You may also hire a service to make a sitemap for you.

Validate your HTML code. While search engines don’t care whether your HTML code is error-free, they rely on the basic correctness of the code to find out which portions of your web page to index. If your HTML code contains errors, it is possible that only portions of your web page are included in the search engine’s database. Use W3C or another site to validate your HTML, checking it for errors.

Check your site’s caching methods. If your web page caches files locally, your server won’t receive a new request every time that user visits your site again. If you have a high traffic website, caching can be a significant improvement. Search online for a web page cache test to find out whether your site is caching images and files, and research ways to improve your caching method.

Minify CSS and Javascript code. Minification removes all unnecessary characters from code, typically white space, new lines, and comments. Use Closure Compiler to minify Javascript for free, or find an optimizer for the type of code you are working with.

You will still be able to edit your code with the human-readable organization. The code is minified only when it is uploaded to the server.

Re-optimize continually. Optimizing a website is not enough to maintain the top spots in search engines for your most important keywords. Algorithms are always changing, and so is the industry. This step is optional but it is highly encouraged you continuously optimize your site.

Simple Steps to Optimize Your Web Pages for Search

Keyword Research

SEOs have started the shift from individual keyword phrases to topics. Hummingbird focuses more on the intent of the phrase with a better understanding of what the context means. This allows search engines like Google to answer questions with web pages even if that page is not optimized for that phrase.


That said, doing keyword research with the Google Adwords tool can still give you some good ideas for keywords. You want keywords that have low to medium competition in an area.

Great content (the longer, the better)

Great content is now a requirement to rank well. Search engines rank pages with bad grammar and spelling lower. Google really likes authoritative posts with 2,000+ words. Make your posts fun to read. Avoid boring, stuffy content that looks like a legal document. Instead, opt for more conversational, amusing content when writing reviews, essays and guides.

Natural keyword usage

The primary rule for mixing your keywords into your content is to make sure they sound natural to the reader and use natural keyword placement, you can actually rank better with search engines.

Page titles

Your page titles should have the keyword phrase you’re targeting but also be descriptive for the reader. For example, if your article is about “Labrador training,” then a good title might be “Labrador Training in Six Easy Steps.”

The page title should not exceed 65 characters. Although search engines will index longer titles, they will be truncated in the search results.

Header tags

It’s generally a good idea to include the keyword phrase in an occasional header tag, but don’t overdo it. If you’re going to include a keyword phrase in a header tag, it is best to use the first heading on the page (H1) because Google will pay more attention to it.

Optimized URLs

You can put keywords in your URLs, but don’t overdo it. (e.g., This looks suspect, with an exact match domain and a keyword-optimized url. However, a branded root domain with an optimized url is fair game, like such: The root domain still has “SEO” in it, but it’s also a branded company.

Page load time

When Google added page speed into their algorithm, sites that had slow load times saw a drop in traffic from Google. Page load speed is a ranking factor for Google.

In order to fix page load speed problems:

  • Measure how long a page takes to load.
  • Optimize your website to improve performance.
  • If you are using a shared hosting server, you can try switching to a different hosting provider to see if it makes a positive difference.
  • After making changes, measure performance again.

Internal linking

Make sure you link your content with other internal pages that would be beneficial to your readers. This will help improve your site’s SEO and will make it easier for your readers to navigate and find more of your useful content.

Google authorship

Google authorship is easy to set up in your content and your Google+ profile. It allows you to establish yourself as an authority in your niche and as a result, Google will rank pages higher for your site.

Responsive (mobile) design

Google recommends a responsive design because it makes it easier for visitors to have a single URL. Your web pages will load faster because your website doesn’t need to be redirected to another page for a mobile device.


More to Optimizing Care to be taken:

Finding the right keywords first can save you a lot of wasted effort in the future. After you pick your keywords, create the kind of outstanding content that Google wants to see. Internal linking can help improve your visitor’s experience on your site as well as allow Google to find your content more easily.

Periodically checking and improving web page load times will also help your site rankings. Having a responsive design is now more of a requirement than an option. Expect users to access your site from mobile devices, so make sure your site is ready to accommodate them for success. Last, make sure you use Google authorship as it will help improve ranking over time and show Google that you are an authority in your field.


Social Media Management Tools


What are the choosing Criteria?

Schedule your Content to all Social Media Networks, profiles, pages + groups‎ using Social Media Management Tool. Put social media analytics, reporting and publishing, plus AI-powered recommendations at your fingertips with SMM Tools that shave hours off Social Media Management – Finding the best Social Media Management Tool can help with both productivity and efficiency; it also helps make sure you get the most out of your social media marketing campaigns. This is a question that most social media marketers and entrepreneurs ask themselves. You can create stunning customized social media displays for websites, live events, and more. Then, manage your social content with rich enterprise grade management tools.

A social media manager is the individual in an organization trusted with monitoring, contributing, filtering, measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation.

Enable collaboration across internal and agency teams for all your communities!‎ Free Regional Reports‎ · Free Social Media Studies‎ · Free Industry Benchmarks‎ Create stunning customized social media applications for websites, live events‎  Free Demo‎ · Use Cases‎ · Product Overview‎ · Developer API‎

There are countless social media management tools on the market right now, and many of them have some extra features that would benefit different types of businesses. Some of them, everyone has heard about – the likes of Hootsuite, or Sprout Social – while others are perhaps lesser-known, but just as good, if not better than the most popular tools.

Who Needs Social Media Management Tools – And Why


If you are a digital marketer, or are using social media to promote your business, then you would benefit from using a social media management tool, as simple as that. Even if you’re only managing a couple of social media accounts, it would still help you get more results, and faster.

Here’s why you need a management tool to sort your social media:

You can create multiple posts—enough to populate your social media for a week, or more.

Save time: having everything in one place, in one dashboard, can help you save a lot of valuable time. A social media management tool allows you to manage multiple accounts, even from different social networks. That means no more logging in and out every time you need to post something new from a different account, not to mention you will have all of the engagement you need to respond to in one place.

Never miss an update: A good tool will make sure you never miss any social mentions, questions, or opportunities for engagement. You’ll know exactly what needs responding to, in real time.

Analytics: Most social media management tools also have built-in analytics that you can check out in real time. Checking your analytics regularly is very important, as it helps you improve your social media strategy as you go along, and helps you make sure you don’t make the same mistakes over and over again. With the built-in analytics, there’s also no need to get another tool specifically for this (that will also probably cost you).

Scheduling updates: Many of the tools on the market allow for scheduling updates. This is another great time saver, and a tool that helps you make sure you never miss an opportunity to post updates, even for when you won’t have access to the internet.

More engagement, better engagement: A good social media management tool is designed in such a way to help you increase your engagement, and to find engagement opportunities faster. You can create tabs for various keyword or hashtag searches, particular users or current trends, so you can see in real time what people are saying about a particular subject, and easily start and jump in conversations. As I mentioned earlier, it will also make sure you never miss any updates or questions addressed to you, so you can promptly respond.

Team collaboration: If you have several people in your team contributing to the social media marketing campaigns, then a social media management tool can help with that. It also makes your team members’ jobs easier, as they can get specific tasks assigned to them, and they can all login to the same dashboard, and not have to go to each individual social account.

Which Social Media Management Tools You Use?


Every business is different – and has different needs that require addressing. The G2Crowd info graphic provides a great overview of the top five rated social media management tools out right now, and each tool is assessed based on six different criteria:


  • The overall user satisfaction
  • Product direction, meaning how well the tools are keeping up with new social media trends and features
  • Ease of use/maintenance, or how easy the software is to setup and use
  • Customer service support
  • Usability – is the tool improving your productivity?
  • Meeting business requirements


The results of the info graphic are very revealing – Agorapulse is the clear winner in almost all categories considered, tying in only one category – usability – with Sprout Social. Right after Agorapulse comes Buffer as a close second, and in the last two places come Sendible and Hootsuite, although they still have decent scores in most categories. (Here’s Agorapulse Review.)


The Top rated Social Media Management Tools below here. The results come from hundreds of detailed customer reviews, and are quite revealing – the winning tool might just surprise you. You can check out the exact results from below hopefully find the perfect social media management tool and use them for you. So many great social media management tools out there, we thought it could be great to showcase some of the top ones to help you pick what’s best for your business.

Social Media Monitoring Tool’s for Businesses of All Sizes:

The best apps and platforms out there to manage your social media presence…





Harness your social media content and engagement with the easiest and most affordable social media management tool for teams and agencies.

AgoraPulse is an social community and moderation tool that helps business manage all their social network profiles. The platform is built to enable businesses implement total management of their accounts in top social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. AgoraPulse is very user-friendly and can be implemented right from the get go, offering flexibility, short learning curve, and topnotch customer support compared to other solutions.

With AgoraPulse, engaging and maintaining strong relations with followers while reaching to new audiences and building connections with potential users is a breeze. The tool ensures that you won’t miss a tweet, a message, or even a comment. AgoraPulse also comes with tools to help you gather critical data like statistics and reporting to help you gain high quality insights, devise and execute effective social media campaigns. The platform also provides you with insights you need to give you the edge over the competition.

Prices: $49, $99, $199, and $299 per month (with a 15-day free trial)




Buffer is a simpler and easier way to schedule posts, track the performance of your content, and manage all your accounts in one place

Buffer is a simpler and easier way to schedule posts, track the performance of your content, and manage all your accounts in one place

Buffer automates the timing of your social media posts. It sports a sophisticated interface, and options for including several social networks, notably Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Its free service works well for personal feed, and its $10-per-month Awesome level service adds the features a business needs.

To use Buffer, you sign in using a Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn account, or you can create a dedicated Buffer account if you choose. Once you’re signed in, you can add the social networks you didn’t use to sign in, as well as an account and any Facebook pages and LinkedIn Groups that you manage.

Buffer lets you compose tweets and status updates—which can be posted across multiple networks at once—and helps you decide when to post them. You can post them immediately, or choose the “Add to Buffer” option, which lets Buffer decide when to post it.

Prices: Free plan, $10, $99, $199, and $399 per month (with a 14-day free trial)




Manage multiple social networks, connect with customers, and grow your brand on social media.

Hootsuite is a social relationship software platform that empowers businesses to execute amazing social media strategies and activities across their organizations. Its vision is to revolutionize today’s communications. Its mission is to empower its customers to transform their messages into meaningful relationships.

Based in Vancouver, this popular software solution has over 500 staff located in its various offices: San Francisco, Vancouver, Hong Kong, New York, Sydney, London, Singapore, and other countries. The popular firm operates on a fermium model. Hootsuite has at least 10 million users in over 175 countries.

Prices: Free plan, $19, $99, $499 per month, and enterprise pricing (with a 14-day free trial)


Sprout social


Sprout’s collaborative platform ensures smarter, faster and more efficient social communications.

Sprout Social is a  SaaS software that promotes communication between businesses and people. It also streamlines communication between a business and its customers, prospects, and enthusiasts. Through its three main functionalities (publishing, engagement and analytics), a company can effectively progress in social communication.

It’s a solution that lets you build and maintain your community by making it easier to start, join and monitor social conversations. It allows you to build a better relationship with your clients with fast responses to any questions or problems they may have. You will also be able to efficeintly work with your social marketing plans as SproutSocial offers a variety of tools to optimize them. Finally, it enables you to improve customers’ return on social media and easily manage your entire portfolio from a single tool.

Prices: $99, $149, and $249 per user per month (with a 30-day free trial)




Sendible is simply the best way for teams to manage social media for multiple clients — and get results.

Sendible is elegant software that provides social media management. More generally, it represents a business’s platform dedicated to monitoring, analytics, and audience engagement which can be equally useful to small, medium, and large businesses from all industries. What is particularly interesting about the product is that it can also measure ROI from the very same dashboard you’re using to schedule messages and manage social networks.

Sendible offers a powerful and advanced platform that is designed to drive growth and effective social media marketing with the help of the tools the platform provides. Depending on the package, you can manage up to 360 services and involve 20 of your team members. The system is fully integrated with a variety of social networks, but it also offers open APIs which allow you to connect it to as many services as you need. On top of that, Sendible is moderately priced to suit the needs of different users, with a package for individuals, startups and growing companies, the same as established businesses and corporations.

Prices: $49, $199, $499 per month, and enterprise pricing (with a 30-day free trial)




Get instant access to online mentions, grow customer satisfaction and sales.

Brand24 social media monitoring software works with all levels of companies, from startups to Fortune 500 corporations, with flexible pricing and customer support. It focuses on helping clients use social media for customer service and crisis management. As such, it notifies you of the social media comments and messages that are most important to the reputation of your company.

Read our ultimate guide to keyword research to learn more about keyword research and keyword strategy.

More Social media engagement apps and tools


More Social media engagement apps and Social media marketing & scheduling tools for agencies & social media professionals to apply The platform for successful social media management:


  1. Everypost
  2. Social Pilot
  3. CoSchedule
  4. MavSocial
  5. Friends+Me
  6. Crowdfire
  7. Edgar
  8. Post Planner
  9. Tailwind
  10. SocialOomph


Top social media management tools for enterprise-level companies:


  1. Sprinklr
  2. Oktopost
  3. io
  4. HubSpot
  5. Salesforce Social Studio
  6. Social Hub
  7. Spredfast
  8. Likeable Hub
  9. Social Flow
  10. Nuvi


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Make Money with Email and Autoresponders

How To Utilize The Power Of Email and Autoresponders And Make Unbelievable Amounts Of Money!

Easily Automate Your Email Marketing with Autoresponder-Automation keeps you connected while you handle everything else. Utilize the Power of Email and Autoresponders and Make Unbelievable Amounts of Money! Not all of your readers use RSS-Send your Blog by Email and Autoresponders…to BRING BACK READERS… Email marketing is the lifeline of any online business and Autoresponders is the way of mail your products, services up to your targeted audience. Creating strong relationships with an audience is critical rather than constantly hunting down new customers; better way to understand online marketing.

Online marketing… online marketing or Internet marketing or web advertising, is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers. Consumers view online advertising as an unwanted distraction with few benefits and have increasingly turned to ad blocking for a variety of reasons.

It includes Email Marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, many types of display advertising (including web banner advertising), and mobile advertising. Like other advertising media, online advertising frequently involves both a publisher, who integrates advertisements into its online content, and an advertiser, who provides the advertisements to be displayed on the publisher’s content. Other potential participants include advertising agencies who help generate and place the ad copy, an ad server which technologically delivers the ad and tracks statistics, and advertising affiliates who do independent promotional work for the advertiser.

Most people looking to market online.  There is a way to effectively market products and services online that is easy and stress-free. It can help anyone succeed in online business.  Internet Marketing or Online Marketing builds authority using content to inform and build trust with prospects and customers.



EMAIL MARKETING is THE FOUNDATION OF ONLINE BUSINESS: believe that email marketing is the best way to make money on the internet. And it’s the easiest way to start an online business.

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. Marketing emails can be sent to a purchased lead list or a current customer database. The term usually refers to sending email messages with the purpose of enhancing a merchant’s relationship with current or previous customers, encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business, acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something immediately, and sharing third-party ads.






Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

Grow your audience and deliver content, Send newsletters, campaign follow ups, and individual emails. Use email automation to automatically trigger emails with relevant content like welcome emails, drip campaigns or reminder emails.

An Autoresponder is just a sequence of email marketing messages that gets sent to subscribers in the order and frequency that you decide.

Set up a simple sequence of emails to be sent automatically on a schedule of your choosing. Keep your readers engaged by delivering custom drip campaigns– like a welcome series, product launch series, customer on boarding sequence, or even an online email course.


How to Utilize the Power of Email and Autoresponders and Make Unbelievable amounts Of Money!


Email and Autoresponders:


THE POWER OF EMAIL- Email offers incredible benefits, such as:

  • Direct communicationwith the consumer
  • Full controlover how and when marketing happens to the list
  • Full ownershipof that list
  • The ability to build relationshipswith the consumer—and remember that relationships drive decision-making

Email truly is the foundation of any online business. I know this because I started my online business with email marketing.

Just create a system that has allowed building an email marketing business that has generated an amazing income. The potential of email marketing that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what email marketing offers to anyone running an online business.

And the type of online business doesn’t matter. It applies to everything. Whether it is affiliate marketing, eCommerce, digital publishing, or something else, email marketing has the same function.


To generate leads!

Let me explain. Using ANY traffic-driving strategy, the ultimate goal is to get the consumer to opt in. Drive them to a page where they will have the choice of providing their email address in exchange for a FREE gift.

This free gift can be anything. A physical product or a digital product. Having said that, creating a digital product, such as a report, and offering it as a free gift is my preferred route. And creating a digital product is easy. We show you how in our free digital boot camp.

The key here is that once the visitor has opted into the email list, they can be marketed to again and again and again. As long as they stay subscribed, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

But email marketing has another function. Aside from generating leads, email also supplements all aspects of a business. Email allows a business owner to:

  • Follow up with customers
  • Provide an introduction to themselves, the business, or a new product
  • Build relationships with customers
  • Get people into the sales funnel and guide them through it

Now, I know email marketing sounds amazing—and it is. But how does it work? Let’s dig deeper…


There are a lot of different aspects of email marketing that a marketer needs to manage. They have to:

  • Build and maintain an email list
  • Compose emails
  • Send that email to each subscriber—they have to do this individually if they want the emails to be personalized
  • Segment their email list and send the right emails to the right segments
  • Be sure to send emails on time, based on their predetermined email schedule
  • And this would all have to be done manually!


This takes A LOT of time and effort. It’s a real headache. Fortunately, there is another way…


Email Autoresponders!


See how you can use Autoresponder to help you target and send a series of personalized communications to your contacts. It’s a great way to build relationships while you get back to running your business.



How to collect Email Addresses


An email Autoresponder service will collect all email addresses and organize them in a database. With this database of email addresses, they can send out:

  • Personalized emails to the entire list
  • Individual emails
  • Automated emails according to a predetermined schedule
  • Segmented emails to specific people in the list


This can all be automated to operate without the need for the marketer to do anything other than write the email.


It’s so EASY!

Download Email Lists! Here for FREE!!


With the ability to fully automate the email marketing process, marketers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • The ability to send broadcast emails to the entirelist or select members of the list
  • More timeto focus on other areas of their business
  • Simplified, yet incredibly effectiveemail marketing
  • Increased followerson social media pages and blogs by leading subscribers to these pages
  • The ability to generate repeat saleswith ease
  • Easily follow upwith customers
  • Build long-term relationshipswith subscribers
  • No need to hire people to help with email marketing
  • The ability to measurethe results


Honestly, there is no reason NOT to rely on the power of an email autoresponder

But in order to enjoy these benefits, it is important to use a good and reputable autoresponder.




There are a lot of autoresponder companies out there. It can be difficult to choose one that will deliver the features and benefits needed to run a successful online business.

But there are certain features that every good autoresponder should have.

First and foremost, choose an autoresponder with a good reputation. Get online. Check out the reviews, the top-10 lists, the forums. See what others have to say about the autoresponders out there.

But reputation is only the beginning…

There are a lot of other things to look for in a good autoresponder service. Just keep in mind that the most reputable autoresponders will offer all of them. Things to look for include the following:


Integration: It is important that the autoresponder be able to integrate with a variety of other services and other platforms. This includes things like:


  • Third-party solutions, such as lead generation and sales funnel service providers
  • Website buttons
  • WordPress integration
  • Web forms
  • Shopping carts


Usability: The autoresponder MUST be user-friendly. If a marketer can’t figure out how to use it, it won’t be much good.

The whole point of using an autoresponder is to save time, not waste it trying to figure out how something works. Drag and drop features go a long way to improving usability.


Deliverability: The last thing any email marketer wants is their emails ending up in the spam folder. Or worse, having emails declared undeliverable.

The autoresponder must have enough credibility and the required technology to keep emails out of the spam folder and ensure they are delivered. Make sure the autoresponder service guarantees at least a 99% deliverability rate. It helps if the autoresponder makes it possible to offer subscribers a double opt-in.


Scalability: Every email marketer hopes their business will grow. That’s the point, right?

And the autoresponder needs to be able to scale along with the growth of that business. The best autoresponders have scaling plans that allow upgrades according to list size.


List size: Speaking of growth and scalability, not all autoresponders are good for all list sizes.

Some are better for bigger lists and some are better for smaller lists. Choose the one that works best.

Additional tools: These are the bells and whistles that make an autoresponder indispensable. A lot of autoresponders have additional tools that help with email marketing.

Examples of these tools include lead pages, opt-in forms and unique metrics.

Of course, when choosing the best autoresponder, the key isn’t always to seek out the good. It’s also important to avoid the bad…




The flip side of the autoresponder coin is knowing what to avoid when choosing one. First and foremost, if they have bad deliverability ratings, run the other way.

Aside from that, it is important to avoid autoresponders that don’t offer features, integration, and scaling that suits a marketer’s individual needs.

The key is to use an autoresponder that provides precisely what is needed for that particular business. First, it has to integrate with all the third-party solutions. If a marketer is using a landing page builder and the autoresponder can’t integrate with it, then there isn’t any point in using it. And it MUST integrate with the marketer’s website.

Thankfully, most autoresponders integrate with many platforms. But always double-check.

A good autoresponder should also have features that suit the needs of the marketer’s business. For example, there is no need for eCommerce features if the business doesn’t have an eCommerce site.

And no matter what, don’t overpay. Most marketers don’t need the biggest plan when they are starting out. Start small, take it slow, and scale up only when necessary. Just be sure to choose an autoresponder that allows for scaling as a business grows.

So here are the cliff notes on what to avoid when it comes to email autoresponders:

  • Bad deliverability ratings
  • Sub-par integration
  • Overpaying for unnecessary features and services


But How to put your Online Marketing on Autopilot with Autoresponder?


Autoresponder makes it possible – you could set up a simple marketing system that allowed you to capture and nurture leads for your business or nonprofit. If you could set up this system once and know that it’s continually working for your business or nonprofit while you focus your energies on other aspects that are important for your continued growth.

With Autoresponder you can increase engagement with your contacts by delivering personalized, timely, and relevant messages — best of all, once set up, it all happens on autopilot. Set it once and forget it.

Marketing your business or nonprofit to new and existing contacts just got a lot easier.


Here’s what we’ll look at in this guide:

  • Understanding Autoresponder
  • A smart approach for your autoresponder series
  • Autoresponder ideas to get you started


Now let’s get into the actual email autoresponders…




There are so many autoresponders out there and not all are equal.

Just wading through them to find the best and most suitable ones can take time. And the trial and error of signing up to find out it won’t work is frustrating.

With that in mind, here is a list of the very best and most reputable autoresponders. Some are ideal for small businesses, some for larger businesses. Some are better for shopping cart integration. Read through and select the best one based on the features and benefits offered.



Aweber is ideal for anyone whose primary goal is to collect leads. It is the classic autoresponder.

It is designed to scale up to accommodate thousands of email subscribers. Plus, it offers the best deliverability of any autoresponder out there.


This is an autoresponder that is ideal for small businesses that have subscribers into the tens-of-thousands. They have a solid reputation and are well-known for their wide range of features.


This is a great autoresponder for beginners. They offer a plan that is always free, as long as the list stays below 500 subscribers.



SendLane is ideal for any size of email marketing business. With plans starting at $9 for up to 500 subscribers, it can scale to more than 100,000.

And with these plans comes unlimited lists and campaigns. They also offer full API integration, great marketing automation and a landing page builder.



This autoresponder is designed for large-scale email marketing.

Infusionsoft is designed for companies that have more than 50,000 subscribers and bring in a lot of revenue. This autoresponder integrates email marketing with the shopping cart to get better targeting and segmentation.



This is a good solution for businesses that want to integrate their email autoresponder with their shopping cart, but aren’t ready to go big with Infusionsoft.

1ShoppingCart has a good reputation among shopping cart services. However, they don’t have as high deliverability rates as a dedicated autoresponder service.



ActiveCampaign is ideal for small businesses and they are very affordable. Overall, it has a good user interface and a reasonable pricing scale. However, it requires the tool Zapier for third-party integrations.


Constant Contact

Constant Contact is geared toward marketers that have thousands of subscribers. It is also a good option for anyone who’s looking for easy-to-use features.



This autoresponder is great for small- and medium-sized marketers. One of the best features of iContact is how easy it is to drag and drop everything.



Benchmark is a great, scalable autoresponder. It has a wealth of features and it’s free up to 1,000 subscribers.


Email marketing is the lifeline of any online business


The ability to generate leads is critical to the success of an online business. This is generally done by giving the consumer the choice to opt into the email list in exchange for a FREE gift, such as a free report.

But email marketing can be time-consuming —unless an autoresponder is used to streamline and automate the process. Using an autoresponder makes it possible to:


  • Build and manage an email list
  • Send out automated emails
  • Send out segmented emails
  • Personalize emails
  • Schedule the delivery of emails


And with an email autoresponder, the marketer has complete control over the entire process. Complete control over the campaign. And complete ownership of the list.

Autoresponders are a great tool. But it is critical to have the right system and strategy behind it. The best autoresponders:


  • Provide easyintegration
  • Are scalableto meet the needs of a growing business
  • Have excellent and reliable deliverability
  • Offer competitive pricing
  • Offer a wide range of useful features
  • Is user-friendly


But signing up with a good autoresponder is just the beginning. Next comes an email marketing strategy that will ensure any email marketer will find incredible success.

That’s why we are extending an invitation to join us for our FREE Digital Bootcamp.

This is an opportunity for anyone who is serious about email marketing to learn from the very best in the industry. We want to share our years of experience to help as many online business owners as possible.

Without this level of help, it’s tough to get started, let alone thrive. But there is no need to go it alone!

Enjoy Blogginng!

Optimize “On-Page SEO” properly

Get organic search engine Traffic-Optimize “On-Page SEO” properly for your website and visibility for your target audience. Without On Page Optimization, Your Website might not rank as even highly with Off Page Optimization. Because a website becomes search engine friendly, when it’s On-Page SE Optimization has been done in a proper manner. And Search Engines likes it. So go on full on-page SEO is done for your website properly to get also Adsense approval easily.


What is “On-Page SEO”?


“On-page SEO” is “the practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, as opposed to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals.”

Properly Optimizing of Meta Tags, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Heading Tags, SEO Factors, Usability Factors, URL Strings, User-Friendly, Authoritative Content, and Be Aware of the Google Algorithm is all around “On-page SEO”.

To help weed out the websites that achieved high rankings with spammy, keyword stuffed, and thin content, Google unleashed the Panda algorithm in February of 2011, updating it regularly. If you still have low quality and thin content, your website won’t be found online.


Create Keyword Targeted Content:

While you must maintain a user-friendly and authoritative tone, the focus keyword is still of vital importance. Like with your Meta tags, you will either outline meta keywords for a product or service page that is targeting multiple queries, or a single focus keyword for blogs.


Internal Links and Outbound Links

Links carry the most weight in your SEO. Earning links from quality sources and authority sites strengthens the domain, while linking internally throughout the site benefits the user experience and enhances your SEO.


Optimize Your Images

When you’re adding images to the page, it benefits the user experience. But, you can also help your SEO strategy by optimizing the image. Make your top targeted keyword the alt text and create a title that is unique, but stays applicable to the image. The featured image of this article has a unique title and the alt-text of what this post is about.

To get more search engine traffic from every piece of content that you publish, some practical strategies that you must optimize about Title, Meta Tags and keyword density, Meta descriptions of your content…

Your title tag is the most important on-page SEO factor, Start Title Tag with your Focus keyword, which has more weight with search engines, Adding modifiers like-“2017”, “best”, “guide” and “review” help you rank for long tail versions of your target keyword. Wrap Your Blog Post Title in an H1 Tag, Dazzle with Multimedia, Wrap subheadings in <h2> Tags, Drop your Keyword in first 100 words, Responsive design your site for Mobile friendly, Use Outbound Links and Internal Links, Boost Site Speed, Sprinkle LSI keywords, Optimize Images- Make sure at least one image file name includes your target keyword, Use Social Sharing Buttons, Post Long Content- longer content tends to rank significantly higher on Google’s first page, Leverage SEO Friendly Urls, Avoid ugly URLs-Or long URLs, Boost “Dwell Time”.


Few more important on-page SEO factors are:

“Quality content”, Encourage Blog Comments, Maximize Organic CTR (More clicks=more traffic) as Google uses organic click-through-rate as a ranking signal.


On-Page Search Engine Optimization


  1. Page Titles

Your page titles are one of the most important SEO factors on your site. Each of your pages & posts should have its own unique title, which includes the main keywords for that page.

For example, you could write a blog post about a new chocolate cake recipe that you have tried. It is therefore vitally important that you include ‘Chocolate Cake Recipe’ within your post title, perhaps “Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe” or “Chocolate Cake Recipe for kids”, etc.

This way, whenever someone searches for Chocolate Cake Recipes in a search engine, your post has a better chance of showing up because you have included those keywords.


  1. Meta Descriptions

Many people forget to include meta descriptions for their pages. These descriptions are an important place to include relevant keywords for your content, as these are used within the search results when your page is listed.

For instance, if we continue to use the ‘Chocolate Cake Recipe’ example, then a good meta description for that page would include those keywords and related ones. So, “This easy chocolate cake recipe is possibly the most delicious, mouth watering, chocolatey cake ever made.” would be a great meta description to use, as it is relatively short, whilst containing a number of specific keywords.


  1. Meta Tags

For each of your pages, you can include a set of keywords in the form of meta tags. These should be all the relevant keywords of your content, which you will have researched previously.

I use a WordPress plug-in on my sites called ‘Yoast SEO Premium’. This allows me to enter all of my meta tag keywordsmeta description and page title at the bottom of each of my posts before publishing. This simply inserts all of the information into your page HTML format for you, making your life a little easier.


  1. URL Structure

Including search engine friendly URLs for each of your pages is highly recommended, as these bring better crawling. Shorter URLs seem to perform better in search engine results, however that is not the only factor.

URLs that include targeted keywords, also perform better. The location of these keywords can also be a major influence. For example would perform better than etc.

As you can see for this page, the URL is I have included the keywords that are relevant for this post.


  1. Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.)

When writing your articles, you should break up your content into smaller sections & paragraphs to make it easier for people to read. These sections can be given heading, which is where H1, H2,H3, H4, etc. tags are used.

Generally H1 tags are reserved for your main page title, with subsequent headings (just like the ones I have used throughout this post) being issued H2, H3, etc. Search engines use these to determine what is important within your content. This is why keyword rich headines are more useful than generic ones. Make sure you write keyword rich headings in the order of priority in H1, H2 and H3 title tags. They are used by many crawlers to differentiate important content.


  1. Keyword Density

Including relevant keywords throughout your content is very important, as it helps search engines work out what your content is about. However, try not to excessively repeat and overuse keywords just for search engine robots. This can lead to your site being banned from search engines.

To avoid this, try to keep your keyword density to roughly 2-5%. If you find this hard, get out a thesaurus and broaden your writing vocabulary. This way, you are still writing about the same thing, without risk of being banned.


  1. Image SEO


Using images within your content is a great way to make your site more visually appealing and break up boring chunks of text. You can utilise these images to help improve your site SEO.

All your uploaded images have titles, so treat them just the same as your page titles. Including relevant keywords can help people find your site when searching on Google Images.

You can also include Alt Text and Descriptions for your images, making them even more useful with SEO.


  1. Internal Linking


People often think that the only links that count are those from other websites. While these links are important, these are not the only important links!

Placing links to your other website pages, is a great way of improving your site and used properly, internal links can be a useful weapon in your SEO arsenal. Not only does it make it much easier for your visitors to navigate around your site and find all of your content, but it also ensures that your site gets properly crawled allowing the search engines to find all of your pages. It also helps to build the relevancy of a page to relevant keywords and phrases, whilst also helping to increase the Google Page Rank of your pages.

There are a number of different methods that you can use to improve your internal linking structure. The main being; content links and permanent navigation links.

For bloggers, content links are very useful when used properly. These are links that are placed within your article posts, which redirect people to other relevant pages on your site. For example, this post is focused on increasing traffic to your site, so readers may also find a post on ‘How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog‘ useful. Perhaps other people are just starting out blogging and want to learn more.




These techniques are just some of the ways that you can improve your on-page SEO. Any one used independently of the others won’t make much difference to your site ranking, however when used together, they can help to improve your site traffic.

They will help to get your pages working better, they will help to get your entire site crawled by search engine spiders, they will help increase the value of internal pages and they will build the relevancy of internal pages to specific keyword phrases.

So, it pays to spend some time implementing these to improve your site! Please leave your comments below & feel free to ask any questions.

World’s Top 100 Great & Popular websites List

Web Great Popular & Useful Websites List:

World’s Top 100 greatest, popular & useful websites list on the internet that you may need to know about. These incredibly useful websites to enhance your productivity.  Most of them solve at least one problem really well.

If you’re in China, for instance, you’re probably using the leading Chinese search engine Baidu or the most popular messaging platform QQ.

The internet is heavily policed in China, so it’s no surprise that most of the top sites are Chinese. While Google does appear at number 10, it’s a version most in the West wouldn’t recognize.

If you’re in Russia, then you’re most likely to be on VK, a social networking site dubbed “Russia’s Facebook”.

In Kazakhstan, Georgia, Cambodia and Algeria, however, YouTube is the most popular site.

In the Balkans it’s Gazeta Express, an online media portal. GazetaExpress is not just a news site for locals though; it’s also a trusted source for world media, according to Alexa. It is often referenced as a source of information in reports by the New York Times, Time, the Economist, Associated Press and Reuters.

Some countries, such as China, have their own search engine that makes the top of their list. Vietnam’s browser, Coc Coc, was set up by a “bunch of geeks”, who say that searching in the Vietnamese language requires a particular kind of search engine. They want to “win over internet users”, and it appears they already have – it’s the country’s top performer.


The top 10 (Ten) great-poplar and useful websites on the web are…













Listed above the top 10 most visited sites in the world. Google is easily the world’s most popular site: ranked number 1 across North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and in parts of Africa and Asia.

YouTube and Facebook are the next most popular sites.

China’s Baidu is placed fourth. That’s because, according to the website, China has the world’s largest internet user population – 731 million as of December 2016.

Wikipedia and Yahoo are next, and the Indian version of Google is in seventh place. This highlights the fact that the majority of internet use is driven by the search for information.

We’re also interested in news. Reddit, the American social news aggregator, is in eighth place. While over half of its users are from the US, the British, Canadians, Australians and Germans like it too.

Chinese instant messaging site QQ is in ninth place and Taobao in 10th. While most visitors are in China (89.3%), the sites also attract users from Japan, South Korea, the US and Hong Kong.

Among the top 10, people spend the most time (14 minutes and five seconds) on Reddit, and the least amount on Wikipedia, at four minutes 26 seconds per day.


The world’s Top 100 websites List: Great-popular and useful websites:


Google India
Tencent QQ
Google Japan
Windows Live
Sina Corp
360 Safeguard
Google Germany
Jingdong Mall
Google UK
Sina Weibo
Google France
Google Russia
Google Brazil
Yahoo! Japan
Google Hong Kong
Google Italy
Google Spain
Google Canada
Stack Overflow
Amazon Japan
Google Mexico
Apple Inc.
Tianya Club
Microsoft Office
Google Korea
Google Taiwan
Google Turkey
Google Australia
Amazon Germany
Google Indonesia
Microsoft Online Services
Amazon UK
Adobe Systems
Cốc Cốc
Bonga Cams
Google Poland
Google file storage
Guangming Daily
Google Egypt
Google Thailand
Google Saudi Arabia
Amazon India
Google Argentina
BBC Online
Google Netherlands
New York Times
Alibaba Group
eBay UK
Google Vietnam
Daily Mail
Grupo Globo
Google Philippines
Google Colombia
Universo Online
Google Ukraine
Google Web Light
Yahoo! Answers
Yahoo! News Japan
Google News


List of the most popular selected categorized websites worldwide:

This is a list of lists of websites, sorted by type and subject…

Family & Kids




News & Info


Financial & Productivity



Shopping & Travel


Health & Fitness


Social Media







Music & Video


Here are More Lists you might be finding for:

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How to find Useful SEO Tools n Software’s


More Lists of “The Most Useful Websites”: – for capturing screenshots of web pages on mobile and desktops. – online voice recognition in the browser itself. – find full-length movies on YouTube. – record movies of your desktop and send them straight to YouTube. – shorten long URLs and convert URLs into QR codes.

unfurlr.come – find the original URL that’s hiding behind a short URL.

qClock – find the local time of a city using Google Maps. – copy special characters that aren’t on your keyboard. – the best place to learn coding online. – create flowcharts, network diagrams, sitemaps, etc. – find icons of all sizes. – download templates, clipart and images for your Office documents. – the easiest way to setup email reminders. – scan any suspicious file or email attachment for viruses. – gets answers directly without searching   – see more wolfram tips. – print web pages without the clutter. – save online files to Dropbox or Google Drive directly.

ctrql.rss – a search engine for RSS feeds. – a simple online timer for your daily needs. – if a site is down due to heavy traffic, try accessing it through coral CDN. – pick random numbers, flip coins, and more. – lets you can quickly edit PDFs in the browser itself. – simultaneously upload videos to YouTube and other video sites. – share you email address online without worrying about spam. – now get read receipts for your email. – quickly determine the font name from an image. – a good collection of open source fonts. – find data hidden in your photographs – see more EXIF tools. – broadcast events live over the web, including your desktop screen. – helps you search domains across all TLDs. – design from scratch or re-model your home in 3d. – share you screen with anyone over the web. – recognize text from scanned PDFs – see other OCR tools. – Track flight status at airports worldwide. – for sharing really big files online. – the site lets you download free Kindle books. – check your writing for spelling or grammatical errors. – easily highlight the important parts of a web page for sharing. – work on the same document with multiple people. – planning an event? find a date that works for all. – a less confusing view of the world time zones. – the perfect tool for measuring your site performance online. – print music sheets, write your own music online (review). – chat with your buddies on Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, etc. from one place. – translate web pages, PDFs and Office documents. – create paintings and sketches with a wide variety of brushes. – discover new sites that are similar to what you like already. – quick summarize long pieces of text with tag clouds. – create mind-maps, brainstorm ideas in the browser. – get color ideas, also extract colors from photographs. – share your photos in an album instantly. – when your friends are too lazy to use Google on their own. – when you need to find the name of a song. – see your past searches, also among most important Google URLs – automatically find perfectly-sized wallpapers for mobiles. – send an online fax for free – see more fax services. – get RSS feeds as an email newsletter. – qiuckly send a file to someone, they can even preview it before downloading. – transfer files of any size without uploading to a third-party server. – setup a private chat room in micro-seconds. – create text notes that will self-destruct after being read. – track the status of any shipment on Google Maps – alternative. – create vector drawings in the browser – create diagrams and flowcharts in the browser, export your drawings to Google Drive and Dropbox. – find if your favorite website is offline or not? – find the other websites of a person with reverse Analytics lookup. – find the web host of any website. – software tutorials and how-to guides. – create a temporary web page that self-destruct. – find definitions of slangs and informal words. – consult this site before choosing a seat for your next flight. – download images absolutely free. – view very high-resolution images in your browser without scrolling. – create custom Google Maps easily. – quickly setup email reminders for important events. – Picnik is offline but PicMonkey is an even better image editor. – you can ask or answer personal questions here. – an excellent layer-based online image editor. – find if that email offer you received is real or just another scam. – master touch-typing with these practice sessions. – send video emails to anyone using your web cam. – create timelines with audio, video and images. – make a movie out of your images, audio and video clips. – check the trust level of any website. – a beautiful to-do app that looks like your paper dairy. – you’ll need this when your bookmarked web pages are deleted. – quickly capture effective notes during meetings. – Watch YouTube channels in TV mode. – quickly create a video playlist of your favorite artist. – Send tweets longer than 140 characters. – create a free and simple website using your Dropbox account. – find the technology stack to know everything about a website. – research a website from the SEO perspective. – broadcast live audio over the web. – bookmark online videos and watch them later (review). – add QR codes to your documents and presentations (review). – the easiest way to write short text notes in the browser. – send rich-text mails to anyone, anonymously. – hire people to do little things for $5. – easily manage your online files on Dropbox, Google Docs, etc. – create a connection between all your online accounts.


Better alternatives Websites List: – scan any suspicious file or email attachment for viruses. – when you wish to share a NSFW page but with a warning. – the best place for searching web videos. – your favorite blogs delivered as PDFs. – you’ll need this when your bookmarked web pages are deleted. – generate temporary email aliases, better than disposable email. – send an email without using your own account. – find whether a photo is real or a photoshopped one. – get word meanings, pronunciations and usage examples. – unzip your compressed files online. – when you need to find the name of a song. – use email on your phone to find sports scores, read Wikipedia, etc. – the site has been blocked in India. – Google now redirects all logged-in users to the https version of by default so this is no longer necessary. – replace this with a version that works on mobile. – a online virtual whiteboard that will shut down in August 2012. – helps you raise funds online for an event or a cause (closed).

SEO-Backlinks | Google’s SEO Rules & Guidelines

It’s vital to know Google’s Backlinks SEO Rules & Guidelines that are not to violating Google’s Backlinks Guidelines. When Webmaster doing SEO for website, to earn high-quality backlinks from free sources which help them to make high-quality backlinks for their site and drive organic traffic to their site, These SEO rules violating backlinks can cause vulnerability and eventually a penalty. In this article, I will talk about the unnatural backlinks that you should avoid, along with Matt Cutt’s take on these links. All the SEOs to beware of these…

You can be penalized for somebody else linking your website in a suspicious way without even being aware of it. Traps and minefields everywhere you look… low quality backlinks.
Maybe you could also do an article on legitimate ways to build high-quality backlinks? That would be awesome and very, very useful.

The true value in .edu backlinks comes from the same place as any other authoritative site on the web. Sites with .edu domains typically have high authority as they have been around for a long time and have many trusted and quality sites linking to them.


Following the General Guidelines below will help Google find, index, and rank your site…


We strongly encourage you to pay very close attention to the Quality Guidelines below, which outline some of the illicit practices that may lead to a site being removed entirely from the Google index or otherwise affected by an algorithmic or manual spam action. If a site has been affected by a spam action, it may no longer show up in results on or on any of Google’s partner sites.


Googles Search Console Quality guidelines


General Guidelines


Help Google find your pages

Help Google understand your pages

Help visitors use your pages


Quality guidelines

These quality guidelines cover the most common forms of deceptive or manipulative behavior, but Google may respond negatively to other misleading practices not listed here. It’s not safe to assume that just because a specific deceptive technique isn’t included on this page, Google approves of it. Webmasters who spend their energies upholding the spirit of the basic principles will provide a much better user experience and subsequently enjoy better ranking than those who spend their time looking for loopholes they can exploit.

If you believe that another site is abusing Google’s quality guidelines, please let us know by filing a spam report. Google prefers developing scalable and automated solutions to problems, so we attempt to minimize hand-to-hand spam fighting. While we may not take manual action in response to every report, spam reports are prioritized based on user impact, and in some cases may lead to complete removal of a spammy site from Google’s search results. Not all manual actions result in removal, however. Even in cases where we take action on a reported site, the effects of these actions may not be obvious.


Basic principles

  • Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.
  • Don’t deceive your users.
  • Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine rankings. A good rule of thumb is whether you’d feel comfortable explaining what you’ve done to a website that competes with you, or to a Google employee. Another useful test is to ask, “Does this help my users? Would I do this if search engines didn’t exist?”
  • Think about what makes your website unique, valuable, or engaging. Make your website stand out from others in your field.


Specific guidelines


Avoid the following techniques:


Follow good practices like these:

  • Monitoring your site for hackingand removing hacked content as soon as it appears
  • Preventing and removing user-generated spamon your site

If your site violates one or more of these guidelines, then Google may take manual action against it. Once you have remedied the problem, you can submit your site for reconsideration.


Link schemes

Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site or outgoing links from your site.

The following are examples of link schemes which can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results:

  • Buying or selling links that pass PageRank. This includes exchanging money for links, or posts that contain links; exchanging goods or services for links; or sending someone a “free” product in exchange for them writing about it and including a link
  • Excessive link exchanges (“Link to me and I’ll link to you”) or partner pages exclusively for the sake of cross-linking
  • Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links
  • Using automated programs or services to create links to your site

Additionally, creating links that weren’t editorially placed or vouched for by the site’s owner on a page, otherwise known as unnatural links, can be considered a violation of our guidelines. Here are a few common examples of unnatural links that may violate our guidelines:

  • Text advertisements that pass PageRank
  • Advertorials or native advertising where payment is received for articles that include links that pass PageRank
  • Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites. For example:
    There are many wedding ringson the market. If you want to have a wedding, you will have to pick the best ring. You will also need to buy flowers and a wedding dress.
  • Low-quality directory or bookmark site links
  • Keyword-rich, hidden or low-quality links embedded in widgets that are distributed across various sites, for example:

Visitors to this page: 1,472
car insurance

Note that PPC (pay-per-click) advertising links that don’t pass PageRank to the buyer of the ad do not violate our guidelines. You can prevent PageRank from passing in several ways, such as:

  • Adding a rel=”nofollow”attribute to the <a> tag
  • Redirecting the links to an intermediate page that is blocked from search engines with a robots.txt file

The best way to get other sites to create high-quality, relevant links to yours is to create unique, relevant content that can naturally gain popularity in the Internet community. Creating good content pays off: Links are usually editorial votes given by choice, and the more useful content you have, the greater the chances someone else will find that content valuable to their readers and link to it.

If you see a site that is participating in link schemes intended to manipulate PageRank, let us know. We’ll use your information to improve our algorithmic detection of such links.



Read More : High Quality Backlinks Best Way


So Beware of following below guidelines when optimizing your sites SEO…

  1. Link exchanges

Back in 2007, this was a very common way to build backlinks. Webmasters started doing hundreds of link exchanges, and eventually, Google had to take action against this method. If you are pointing a few backlinks to some of your friends, there is no reason to worry. But, doing this on hundreds of websites will raise a flag to Google that you are doing something suspicious.

  1. Participating in blog networks

Starting 2012, Google has started to penalize numerous blog networks and websites that have such backlinks. Almost every month, Matt Cutts announces that they have penalized a new network. If your website has backlinks from blog networks, you are in danger of being penalized.

  1. Widget backlinks

Google recommends including rel= “nofollow” to widgets. Very important websites, such as Godaddy, have been penalized for utilizing widgets as a link building method.

If you have a plugin, or a badge, and you want people to be able to embed it on their website, give them the possibility to choose to link or not to.

  1. Advertorials

If you are doing sponsored articles or if you accept such posts on your website, which include a dofollow backlink, Google will consider that you are violating their guidelines. Matt recommends to nofollow all the advertorial backlinks.

Google has penalized important websites for using this method as a link building technique, and some include: InterFlora and a few well known newspaper websites.

  1. Paid links that pass PageRank

Whether we are talking about text links or image links, Google doesn’t want you to pass PageRank with the links you paid for. They consider this link as unnatural, and recommend you to add a rel nofollow to all of your sponsored backlinks.

  1. Article directories

Websites such as EzineArticles and ArticleBase don’t provide real value to users, and, therefore, Google devalued them. Their only purpose is to generate endless articles on the same topic, with a dofollow link at the bottom of the content.

  1. Hacking and hiding links in CSS and Javascript

The worst thing you can do is to hack other websites to leave your backlink. Search engine robots have evolved, and they are now able to understand what backlinks they are crawling. Hiding your backlinks on other websites,  or even yours, it’s a sneaky way to build backlinks, and you should avoid it.

  1. Site-wide and footer backlinks

Backlinks from blog sidebars and footers will be placed on every page of your website. Therefore, it can be the case that some of the links will not be relevant, and may look like a spammy way to build backlinks.

  1. Low distribution of anchor text

No matter from what platform the backlinks are coming from, if you are building backlinks and repeating the same keyword over and over again, most likely your website will be penalized. Google has become very good at detecting patterns.

  1. Backlinks from foreign language websites1

If you have a website written in English and you have hundreds of backlinks coming from Russian or Indian websites, this will raise a flag to Google that something suspicious is going on with your website. Relevancy is highly important, and it’s best to avoid building backlinks from websites written in a foreign language.

  1. Low-quality guest posting

There has been a long debate about guest blogging, and Matt Cutts has done numerous videos about this. Like any link building method, eventually it gets abused, and Google has to take action against it.

Quality guest blogging will never die, as I demonstrated a few weeks ago here, but spammy guest posting will get you penalized in the coming future.

  1. Backlinks that are automatically generated2

Even if it may sound like a fantastic deal to buy 10.000 backlinks for $5 on Fiverr, don’t! All those backlinks are automatically generated, and they will get your website penalized in days. Stay away from all the backlinks that can be generated by bots, such as comments, forum posts, web 2.0 websites (Squidoo, Hubpages), and others.3

  1. Low quality web directories

Directories are another old technique that used to work a while ago, but not today. Paid or free, it doesn’t matter. Instead of building hundreds of links from directories, concentrate your efforts on submitting your website on the most popular directories such as Dmoz, Yahoo directory and Best of the web.

  1. Bookmark websites

Just as the other automated techniques, websites where users can place their personal bookmarks should be avoided.

  1. Irrelevant backlinks

Relevancy is crucial. If you have a website that sells car parts, and you have hundreds of backlinks from websites that sell baby toys, it makes no sense. Google’s algorithm can determine if a backlink is relevant or irrelevant.

  1. Backlinks from websites with duplicate and spinned content

Google encourage publishers to write unique and useful content, that provides real value to users. On the other side, they devalues websites with low quality and duplicate content. Therefore, backlinks coming from websites with spinned or copied articles, will burry your rankings.

  1. Low quality backlinks

If it’s easy to build a backlink to your website, it means it doesn’t carry much value. The harder it is for you to earn it, the more valuable it is. Backlinks such as forum profiles and signatures, free directories, wiki pages and other similar platforms,  will violate Google’s webmaster policy.

  1. Any link intended to manipulate PageRank

What a surprise, right? Google is against any type of backlink that intends to manipulate search engine rankings. What does this mean to SEOs? Well, it means that link building must be done with cautious, and you should never leave footprints. Avoid participating in the link schemes that are violating their guidelines.

  1. If you have blog & is speaking about SEO, Content Marketing, Tips & Tutorials etc. And if you wrote a post on PanCakes then Matt Cutts & team will visit your blog & single out that post & penalize your whole website just because it is irrelevant.


Here are two tutorials you might find useful:

source      source     source

Money Making “Work from Home” Directory

Find your perfect work at home job with real job leads and resources. Information to earn a paycheck AND stay home with your family.


When searching for “Work from Home Directory” list of companies that offer genuine work at home positions. A legitimate work from home job, it is best to start by finding a company in your category. Browse all the below listed company for finding a legitimate company suit for your skills and experienced work you are finding:


The Work from Home Directory

Found “work from home job” is hard. But, there are lots of ways to work at home. And if you can, trying a few out and finding what you like, what you feel comfortable doing and what works for your schedule etc can be really helpful when trying to narrow down exactly what you’d LOVE doing.

So with such a variety of ways to work at home – I’ve tried to make it easier. I realize it can be confusing and overwhelming to find a path when it comes to wanting to telecommute or make some money from home. On this page I have broken them down in an easy to navigate category system, so that you can get right to the types of jobs that interest you the most. As I find new and exciting ways to work at home.

Work From Home Categories



Many people are able to take their education, talents, skills and work experience and turn it into a full or part time freelance career.


Canadian Job Resources

Chat Jobs

Customer Service Jobs

Courthouse Researcher

Data Entry or Clerical

Forum Moderator Jobs

Get Paid to Review Calls

There are a few companies that hire people to review and evaluate calls. Great listening and writing skills are typically needed.

Greeting Card Company Jobs

List of companies that offer freelance or flexible work at home for artists, photographers, poets, writers, merchandisers and more.

International Resources

Here are resources for those living outside the USA.


Jobs that fall under the medical field that include triage, transcription, coding, insurance and more.

Medical Billing & Coding From Home

There is a huge request for info in this field. I continually try to add more and new information regarding medical billing.

No Phone Required

Many people looking for work either don’t have a landline (or just a cellphone), or they simply don’t enjoy jobs that require talking on the phone.

Online Tutor and Education

Retired teachers, unemployed educators and those with a passion for teaching others can find work as a tutor or in other fields of virtual education.

Proofreading and Editing

Skilled proofreaders, editors and copywriters can find work in the virtual world as telecommuting is common place today for this type of work.

Search Engine Evaluation

Major search engines now hire workers to use their own home computers to help them with ad

Social Media Jobs

Social media rules in this day and age and companies and webmasters are needing someone to stay on top of all the tweeting, Facebooking, Instagram photos and more.

Telephone Interviewers

Though phone jobs are not always popular when sales are involved, there are phone-based interview jobs that are enjoyable with no sales involved.

Online Test Scoring Jobs

Work at home helping assessment companies with student test scoring. Cover papers, exams, essays and more. Typically seasonal. Most pay well.

Transcription Jobs

Transcribers are needed in medical, legal and many other fields. A lot of work is now outsourced to qualified telecommuters.

Translation Jobs

Knowing another language has never been more profitable. Many companies are hiring those that can speak in English as well as another language.

Travel Agent or Travel

Most travel arrangements are done online these days. However, travel agents are still a popular go-to for many travelers and vacationers.

Virtual Assistant

Great list of companies that hire virtual assistants of all levels, for different assignments.


Full time writing jobs can found and can be done from anywhere in the world if you have a laptop and an internet connection.

No Fee Work at Home Jobs

This is a section of my site that used to be the main listing for jobs. I do update now and then. I wanted to make sure I keep it live in case it’s helpful.

Weird and Unusual Ways to Make Money at Home

Here are some uncommon… and maybe even weird ways to earn from home.

Work at Home By Pay

Work at Home Companies Paying $10 or More an Hour


If You Need a Legitimate Work at Home Job Right NOW!

American Express Hiring Work at Home – $16-$30 HR with Benefits

Neiman Marcus Work at Home Program

Learn How She Makes a Full Time Income Proofreading on Her iPad While Traveling the World

Uber Drivers Earning $20-$25 an Hour and Loving the Flexible Schedule


Paid Survey Work


Below you will find a huge list of companies that will pay you cash and rewards to complete surveys.  To participate in getting paid to complete surveys, please sign up at the below companies websites and you will receive paid surveys to your nominated email account. 

Remember, the more companies you sign up with, the more surveys you are likely to receive and therefore the more money you will make. 

Membership Surveys Sites…


The following websites are some of the top rated survey sites programs on the internet and have been checked out and are guaranteed to pay.  You can use these programs daily to make monthly paychecks.  These are all simple and easy ways to stay at home, and make an income.  Some people do it part time for the extra $250 – $500 per month to pay their car loan.  Others work full time and make enough to quit their jobs.







Cash Paying Companies


51. Register using code 81GN


Survey Savvy


Market Facts Consumer Panel






NPD Online Research



Survey PayDay

MBS Internet


Brand Institute

Blarry House Research


Cobbey & Associates




Cyber Analytics



Cyber Research

Clarion Research



Discover Why



eWorld Research



Family Testers


Golf Testing

Gartner Business Panel

Global Technologies

Gulf Surveys

Global Test Market

ICQ Opinion Place

ipsos Read

Issues & Answers





Kelly Research

Kidz Eyes

Live Wire

Light Speed Consumer Panel

Mar’s Research

Michael Herbert Associates


National Family Opinion


Online eVal


Opinion Surveys

Opinions Count

Jonathan Baron’s questionnairesey

Online Surveys

P&G Consumer Center

Pincone Research

QandA Cash

Q Station



Question Market


Red Pen

Red Book Click

Research Connections

RKS Research

Speed Back

Spectracom Research

Strategic Focus

Survey Cafe



Spider Metrix

The Internet Poll

USA Panel




Market Facts Consumer Panel

WebMD  Consumer Panel   ;

Yahoo!  User Research

USC  Social Psychology Research

NPDO    MBS  Interne




According to all the available information and sources within our computer network,

the companies listed here have shown a great need for home-based

workers such as yourself. All of our listed companies are revised

on a regular basis, since some of them may change their needs or

requirements. Although we believe our information to be

completely reliable. We cannot however, guarantee its complete

accuracy and we never stop researching firms in the HOMEWORK

INDUSTRY and make every effort to provide the type of programs

that you, the homebased worker are seeking.

It is now the time for you to read over the listed companies and

pick those in the various groups that you wish to contact. We

urge that you PLEASE contact each and every company listed,

regardless of which group they are in. All that’s now required is

to send a large business (10) envelope with one (1) 29 cent stamp

affixed in the upper right hand corner. You then address this

envelope to yourself (SASE) leaving it unsealed, then fold it

into another #10 envelope that you will address to each of the

companies below. BEFORE sealing the mailing envelope, neatly

print or type a short note asking details on their HOMEWORKERS

PROGRAM (S). It is requested you DO NOT write long letters since

They are not read and are often discarded by mail room personnel,

And even if that is not the case, you do not want the companies

Response to be delayed, simply because your inquiry laid around

While someone tried to determine just what you were requesting.

Once the listed companies receive your inquiry, they have

Instructions to send your materials. Please follow directions. If

you send anything other than what is called for, you will get

little or no response. Be patient, some firms are very large,

international in size, some are on a seasonal basis, so it might

take a few weeks for some responses to reach you.




The listed companies have been separated into 3 different groups,

based upon the type of work they offer. If you are NOT going to

contact all companies listed, be sure to check which particular

group is of interest to you, before you write to any companies.

The following companies usually have more than one to offer. If

so, they will present you with all their opportunities after you

contact them. Which offers they send you and in what order they

will be sent, depends entirely entirely upon their processing

abilities at that time.







IRENE’S ENT.,P.O. BOX 4552, E; PASO, TX 79914





EM ENT.,BOX 1315, FLORENCE, SC 29503















TATE ENT.,BOX 330, FLINT, TX 75762




M&H, 1370 CENTER, OREM, UT 84057






R&R, BOX 111733, TACOMA, WA 98411












WDC, 693 W. 60 ST. LOS ANGELES, CA 90044

THORNTON, BOX 470492, FT WORTH, TX 76147

STALLINGS, 4502 12 AVE., TAMPA, FL 33605

  1. MEDINA, 275 KATHY LN.,MARGATE, FL 33068




RBS, BOX 2659-G, DANBURY, CT 06813








T&S RT 1 BOX 257, FT. GAINES, GA 31751

STUDIO 44, BOX 806, COMMACK, NY 11725


M&K, 3356, IDIATLANTIC, FL 32903















ASHBURN, 140 16 AVE.,SEA CLIFF, NY 11579




P.K, 1621GISH ST., #1A, LONG BEACH, CA 90815






VL, P.O. BOX 1353, LEMON GROVE, CA 91945














  1. JONES, 3228 S. BOULEVARD STE 226, REDMOND, OK 73013







SMC, 9401 DeSOTO AVE., DPT, 50-24, CHATWORTH, CA 91311-4991













BASCO, 9351 DeSOTO AVE DPT B50-24, CHATSWORTH, CA 91311-4948


MD ASSOC., BOX 21305, COLUMBUS, OH 43221














GROUP 111—










PREFUMES +, 1426 W. 6 ST.,#206, CORONA, CA 91702

SPECIAL T, 7360-7433 VAMA, N. HOLLYWOOD, CA 91605







PLEASE NOTE–Since the listed companies in group 11 group 11 may

change their requirements from time to time or on a seasonal

basis, we urge you to contact ALL companies. The above listed

companies DO guarantee payment for work completed.


If you contact any of the companies listed in group 111, be sure

to provide them with your telephone number.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: We act as an agent in listing you and we are

not responsible for any dealings you have with any of the above

listed firms.


Autosurf websites


These company websites that are willing to pay (either by check or Paypal) for autosurf websites.  There are some that pay you $1.00 for just sign up!



AllMyList  Opt-in mailing list. Earn 5 credits for each email you read

AskMiky  8 for 10 clickthru exchange. Receive 100 credits for signing up.

Askus2             UK autosurf

AutohitsNow      Get paid to autovisit

Autovisiting          Get paid to autosurf and read emails



BannersGoMLM  Banner exchange which gives you $15 for joining.

BenefactorDLC      Get sponsored into the best paying programs

BestFreeWebTools       Free Rotator  with no ads or popups

Boosterclick           Get paid to click

BuildReferrals Best ever downline club.


CashaDay Get paid for email. Pays by check or Paypal.

Cashculture  Free  professional web-hosting and auto-responder. Become a gold member and get $5 cash whenever someone joins thru you, as well as earning cash monthly thru the 2 x 15 forced matrix.


CashClicking  Clickthru Exchange

Cashits               Get paid to autosurf

Click4Hits  1 for 1 clickthru exchange. Earn 10% of your referrals credits.

ClickinCash          Get paid to click

Clicks4u   1 for 2 clickthru exchange.

Clickthru  1 for 1 clickthru exchange.

ClixSwap 1 for 1 clickthru exchange. List multiple sites.

CreationRewards      Get paid to click. Paid by Paypal.


Dreamemail            Get paid to read email

Earningforce     Get paid for email. $1 sign on bonus.

Easyhits4U         Paid clickthru exchange

EBizRotator          Free Rotator

E-mailPaysU      Get paid for email. $10 sign on bonus.

Equitalk                   UK only. Cut your phone bills in half and earn referral income.

Evolverobot            Earn free paid memberships

Exitcashflow              Get paid to promote


FFAnet                      Customizable FFA page. ( This generates lots of emails)


Gold4email                Get paid for email

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GreatBigWinner       Paid clickthru exchange


Hitharvester             1 for 1 clickthru exchange. Earn cash

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SFI Tutorial | What to-do? How to-do-it?

JOIN to EARN SFI – The World’s #1 Affiliate Program

Join SFI to earn a Second Income | MLM Gateway


A complete SFI Guide joining before & after:

Do you plan to earn an additional income every month? Here is an opportunity. Join SFI Today. You can start earning by working online from anywhere you want. Start earning with SFI, SFI is completely free to join. Training will be provided.

Working online with SFI means to operate together with a reliable, innovative and dynamic Company, serving Consumers and Companies from all over the world. SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group was launched in 1998. Starting with just one product, sold only in the United States, SFI has now grown to more than 79000 products and services (and growing daily) sold in more than 190 countries around the world.

You’ll run your own business through the internet from home,by working part time or full time. This website have over 90,000 products and you can buy,sell or bid online by placing ads, driving traffic for which you will get 15 to 72% commission. The buyer you introduce here will become your permanent customer , you will earn lifetime commission from their purchase. You have to invest your knowledge, your time and little amount of money (if you can) consistently to SUCCESS in the business to know the tactics & learn the business. You have to treat this Business as your Business.

SFI works majorly on team building. Bigger the team higher the earnings. Build your team, help them to set their goals and reach their goals. You earn a part of the commission for the work done by your team.

There is a personal one – on- one support available for each one of you if you need any assistance.. Every question will be answer and they will assist you in every possible way.

You can work with fellow entrepreneurs. Learn from others and build your own down line. Take part in daily tasks and join a well-organized forum. Watch this video:


Looking for a REAL way to earn money online? Look no further. Get SFI—and get REAL results with a REAL and PROVEN company.

CLICK below to JOIN Me: and learn more about SFI on:

SFI guarantees:

– Security and punctuality in your monthly payment, by check or directly to your bank account;

– A “scientific” strategy to follow to achieve your income goals;

– All the management tools you need;

– Online training, including interactive live sessions;

– Ongoing assistance from your Personal Team Coach;

– Very high profitability.

All you need to get started is a Computer/Laptop with a good internet connection and some time that you could spend everyday working on the SFI page.

Found yourself interested then join me and learn more about SFI on:


What should the objective be in SFI to be a top earner? What is THE plan for maximum success and income in SFI?

In the simplest terms possible, your goal is to attain the rank of DTL (Diamond Team Leader). The requirements to be a DTL are:

  • 1500 VersaPoints from sales and/or purchases (monthly)
  • Develop and maintain 5 PTLs (Platinum Team Leaders

Let’s now review the steps on your way to DTL: Click this Image Below



That’s it!


 What is SFI?


SFI Affiliate Center is the most old and established networking company which claims to be an Affiliate Program, but the true model of this company is MLM (Multi Level Marketing) program. We know that MLM is also one part of Affiliate Program, but it is hard to earn in MLM than in direct Affiliate Program because it is easy to make commission from the first level direct referrals through Affiliate Program than convincing your affiliate through MLM program to make more affiliates under them so that you can earn commissions from the affiliates of your affiliate. If MLM runs in well manner, then that is completely fine. But most of time it doesn’t because it is hard to teach and convince your direct referrals to make referrals under him/her and doing so upto 12 generations. That is the reason most of SFI Affiliates always quite SFI Affiliates Center after working for 3-4 months.

So, SFI is MLM where you can earn money by making referrals and teaching your referrals to make referrals because you can earn commissions upto 12 level referrals. It means, if you refer one member under you to join SFI and that member makes another member under him/her and so on upto 12 level. You can earn commissions when your referrals do the work as guided by SFI upto 12 generations. You will also earn direct commissions form your first level referrals purchases.

What is SFI Affiliates TripleClicks Home?


SFI also have another sister site known as Tripleclicks in which you will get access with same username and password of SFI. Actually this sister site is totally linked in same database with SFI and the main concept of SFI is to sell their TripleClicks product through SFI marketing strategy.

But you must know one thing. SFI is not a place to earn money overnight, you need to wait at least 3-4 months to start earning money from it and that also only if you have fully understood the system. SFI is definitely not for the beginner online workers. If you are just starting your online carrier and don’t know much more about MLM and Affiliate marketing.

SFI Affiliate Program Details


After you register as a SFI affiliate, you need to login and then start your journey from Launchpad lessons which you can find by clicking the launchpad button (just down of your picture, on top right-hand side of SFI Affiliate home page). This launchpad have 30 lessons which is actually the lessons and training from SFI. Reading each lessons and answering it correctly gives you 15 VP and make you understand about SFI overall system.

In SFI, to earn commissions from your referrals, you need to become EA by earning 1500 VP.  In first month you will easily make 1500 VP by doing simple works as listed in their To-Do list section and as well as you can earn 11 VP (Versa Points) from your daily work and 38 VP from your weekly work which is also listed in To-Do list. To do daily work, you need to go to the SFI Affiliate home page and from there you can see the tabs like To-Do list, Tips, Stream, TC, Scoreboard, Movers etc, and at the bottom of those pages you can find blue button where you have to click in order to earn the VP.

Daily work and weekly work will be available continuously in SFI, but from your second month you will get only around 400 VP by doing daily and weekly works. But, you need to earn 1500 VP to be qualified as EA and earn commissions from your referrals, so for that you must buy products from TripleClicks. But the best part is that TripleClicks offers various kind of products which you need in your daily life. So, you can choose any of those products, anything which you want to buy and willing to buy. You will get VP form the purchases you make in Triple Clicks which will help you to maintain your EA status in SFI.

So, if your downline/referrals also do the same, then you can earn commissions from their purchases and also the matching VP of your referrals which can be converted into cash later. Like this you can earn upto 12 generations referrals.

The fastest way to earn money in SFI is by selling their products as listed in TripleClicks. For the sales of each products, you will earn commissions instantly. You can advertise your TripleClicks affiliate link and can earn the commissions instantly if someone buy some products through your affiliate link. It’s same like selling things from Amazon, eBay etc.


Even you can sell your own products through TripleClicks, both first and second hand items, just by becoming ECA.

The hot feature of TripleClicks is Auction section where you can win upto $1000+ worth product in just $1 to $2. To play the auction, you need buy the TCredits. Those TCredits will cost $29 per 100 TCredits and to bid for auction, one time bid needs 1 TCredit. When you buy that TCredits, your upline will get commission and the same way you will also get commission if your downline/referrals buy those TCredits. Each 100 TCredits purchase also award you 1200 VP instantly which will make you very easy to be qualified as an EA every month. So if you know where to advertise to sell the auction related products then you can earn big commissions from it.

Still confuse about SFI program? Feel free to leave the comment below if you have any queries.

Is SFI free to join or need to pay?

SFI is totally free to join. But, if you want to earn money in SFI, then you must buy the products within SFI in order to grab 1500 VP which will maintain your EA status every month, otherwise it will be very hard for you to earn money in SFI.

So, even it is free to join, it is not possible to earn good income unless you buy products of sister site of SFI known as TripleClicks. But the best part is that you can choose various kinds of real products which you need in your daily life within TripleClicks store. Unlike other sites, here you no need to invest for upgrade your account, but instead you can buy any products that you want to purchase from Triple-Clicks store. Once you purchase that product, they award you equivalent Versa Points (VP) which makes you easily upgrade to EA status.

But, if you want to work only as a free member in SFI, then first of all you must make some referrals/affiliates which will purchase products of TripleClicks or you can try to sell your first or second hand products in TripleClicks store. After you earn money from those sales commissions and referral purchases, you can use those earnings to maintain your EA status every month and rest of money you can start withdrawing.

22 reasons to love SFI


  1. Work from the comfort of your home, or as you travel, on your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  2. + commissionable products, with new products added daily
  3. Start FREE, no obligation, and no purchase requirements ever
  4. Can start earning money within hours
  5. We take care of all orders, payments, shipping, and customer service for you
  6. Thousands of SFI affiliates around the world earn commissions every day
  7. No experience necessary; we train you FREE
  8. Excellent long-term residual income potential
  9. Earn money worldwide (in over 190 countries)
  10. Learn and earn at your own pace
  11. Now in our successful year (parent company’s year)
  12. Built-in profit sharing (share in the profits from ALL sales at comeach month)
  13. World-class 24/7 support & assistance
  14. Free customized-for-you websites
  15. Work with fellow entrepreneurs from all over the world for mutual success
  16. Fun, fast, modern program built for the Internet
  17. A proven company that gets results everyday
  18. One of the fastest-growing companies of its kind in the world — with explosive worldwide growth projected for the next ten years.
  19. Personal, one-on-one support available around the clock
  20. Continuous income cycling (earn 24 hours a day/365 days a year)
  21. Start fast with our cutting edge, “plug-in-and-go” marketing tools and programs
  22. Debt-free, family-owned company


SFI Milestone: 300,000 Twitter followers!

WOW…SFI now has more than 300,000 Twitter followers! If you’re not following us on Twitter, take a moment and do it now, and help us reach our goal of 500,000 followers. Just click the Twitter link within the Getting Started section of your SFI To-Do List  you’ll also earn 10 bonus VP!

Not on Twitter yet? Join the more than 500 million plus people worldwide using this real-time network to connect to the latest stories, ideas, opinions, news, and more. Join Twitter here.


EARN with TripleClicks



SFI-powered TripleClicks is one of the fastest growing and most popular e-commerce sites on the Web today. With over products from around the world, 24-hour auctions, great online games and more, TripleClicks has something for everyone–and that makes online selling lucrative and fun!

And with our exclusive profit-sharing program, you can share in the profits of EVERY sale at TripleClicks!

Woo-hoo…50,000+ Product Collections now at TripleClicks!


TripleClicks Product Collections continue to be a favorite feature among SFI Affiliates and TC ECAs, with more than 50,000 unique, themed product collections created to promote TripleClicks–with new product collections being added every day!


Get yours set up now!


Generating TripleClicks Sales

TripleClicks Milestone: 400,000 Facebook fans!

Woo-hoo! recently welcomed its 400,000th fan on its Facebook page. If you haven’t already “liked” us on Facebook, please do it now, and help us reach our goal of 500,000 fans.  Like us (become a fan) by clicking the “Like” button on your Affiliate Center To-Do List.  You’ll also receive 10 bonus VP!

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Member Listings

(You have TCredits available. Buy more TCredits HERE.)
Shipment Tracking/Shipped Orders Details
Administer earnings from your sales


Spread The Word

Help us spread the word about TripleClicks and earn FREE TCredits, FREE Member Rewards Points, and more
Keep track of your incoming and outgoing MRP (Member Rewards Points)
Keep track of your incoming and outgoing TCredits
Keep track of your incoming and outgoing TCurrency
Keep track of your incoming and outgoing EZ Express Tokens. Use them to play Eager Zebra games



How does SFI Works?

Many people come to SFI hoping for an easy way to make big money fast. In the beginning as they learn the business and earn a lot of VP, their thinking is that getting all these VP will net them a big pay out. What they fail to see is that there is no pay out until there are sales made.

In the very beginning when we welcome new members we need to stress that point. In business money is made as a result of sales. If new members get that picture in the very beginning they will stay with the program.

But the fact remains, no matter what we tell people or how hard we work to keep them in the business, a large percent will quit. The thing to remember that is stressed in the training is that if we can find 5 people who will work the business, and we help those 5 to get their five, and they then help their 5 get 5 and so on, our income will grow and we can make the money we need to reach our goal.

One last thing – Help others get what they want and in return we will get what we want.

I would tell them the following to explain how SFI work:

1. it is free- free to join and free to leave
2. Its training is incomparable- use it and you will find success
3. You are given all the support that you need to build a successful business- it is really up to you how far and or fast you go.
4. You get your commissions paid promptly
5. Are you experiencing difficulties? This company is responsive and helpful
6. The business is simple- no matter your skill level or experience there is something for you that you can use as the base to build your confidence and business
7. You are not alone. Help from a global community is available


What Do I Do?

  1. I log on to my free Homepage everyday and do my simple actions
    2. I make use of the extensive but easy to follow free training that is available
    3. I do not have a lot of money so I use the free resources that are available to build my business
    4. I encourage my down line to do the same and keep in touch with them constantly even if they do not respond
    5. I make friends with experienced affiliates from all over the world, study how they do their business and plan to emulate them
    6. I keep the long term view
    7. I keep building on what I learn so my business keeps on growingThat’s it.All the best
    I make friends with experienced affiliates and keep in touch with them
    I encourage my down line to –



  1. Be an EA (Executive Affiliate—1500 VP) in your first month & Confirm to be an EA in the following months.
  2. Recruit 5 seriously active PSA’s (personally sponsored affiliates) OR be a BTL (bronze team leader-3000vp) will get 12 CSA’s (co-sponsors affiliates) assigned from SFI & teach them how to be an EA each month.
  3. Teach these 3 steps to your Affiliates to do the same. (Tell them to follow  how you became an EA)


SFI Pay-Per-Action (SFIPPA)
   SFI Affiliate Sign-Ups
   PPA Report
   SFIPPA frequently asked questions


(PSA’s & CSA’s can be purchased or win from Tripleclicks  Pricebenders  auction)

 You can also place an STANDING ORDER for psa’s & csa’s


When you upgrade your membership to EA (Executive Affiliate) you will start making money from everyone who is active in your downline. When you start to promote your SFI gateway website URL you will get new affiliates in your network. As soon as they upgrade to EA’s, you will start earn even more income. Additionally you will start to earn retail commissions from products you sell from your own free store.

What you really have to do begins with training. SFI provides you with the systematic training resources to get you started. The first one month is devoted to going through the training process and you can even jumpstart and start earning money in the first month. The training covers broad areas of sponsoring, advertising and duplication among others. The training helps you attain the rank of Executive Affiliate (EA). From here you will recruit more affiliates and teach them how to duplicate your efforts. When they become EA and maintain the rank, that’s when your income starts to grow. The training also encompasses earning multiple streams of income. This is a team effort and your team has to succeed for you to succeed. The emphasis here is training your team members and teaching them how to duplicate down the line.

Log In SFI Home page daily & CHAT with me On-Line, I will give you TIPS… How  to work & what to do in SFI page. Log In daily & I will find you On Line to CHAT or write down me your problem & MAIL me.


Quote / TIPS


My advice is to simply follow the “step by step” directions from ” SFI Basics” through “Launch Pad Series”. New affiliates have a structured “step by step” path to follow for training leading to income. It’s important to read and follow the “VersaPoints”- VP Scoreboard and your “TO DO” list.

Don’t just read the Launch Pad and VP tasks… take notes and contact your Sponsor or Team leader to clarify anything you don’t understand. Be consistent and work SFI as if it’s your part or full time job. It’s not necessary to go quickly and risk getting overwhelmed. Unfortunately this causes some to give up before they really get started. Promote & market your sfi gateway website[s] a minimum of 2-3 hrs a day.

If you are a novice at working from home through the internet, you should consider starting with SFI’s partner IAHBE and some S-Builder Co-op shares.

TripleClicks is also important part of working the program. You’ve found the right company to earn money online, just stay with it and don’t get distracted or discouraged.

Here are a couple of quotes that make sense of this income opportunity.

“It’s when things get rough and you don’t quit that success comes.” -Unknown

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and and unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.”- Frank Lloyd Wright …(Erich Winnecke)

Mail me your questions:-  <>

Now What are you Looking For?



Grab a Great thread for newbie’s in SFI forum by:


Patrick F 

New Zealand

E365 Champion

Gold Fast-Track


What to-do? How to-do-it?

Everything you need to KNOW, about the SFIMG platform, is found at your SFI Affiliate Center – your new Homepage. And, you hold the KEY. The KEY: Use your SFIID and PASSWORD, to login daily. Login daily, to complete your DAILY ACTIONS, found at your TO-DO tab, at your new Homepage.

DO-IT: Try it, turn the KEY, to discover HOW success with SFI, will change your life’s situation, and FUTURE – forever.

Welcome to SFI!
Welcome to your FUTURE!
Welcome to your Homepage!

TIP: If you ever need to review a lesson, LaunchPad is just a click away from the Affiliate Center.

LaunchPads Getting Started training, Chapter 01 SFI Basics, Related lesson – Daily Action Tabs – gives you a brief summary of what you’ll find within your Daily Action Tabs.

TO-DO: Frequently Asked Questions…

How DO I Get Started?
Please show me, what TO-DO?
Help me, I don’t KNOW, what TO-DO, or, how TO-DO it?

TO-DO: The DAILY ACTION Tabs and LaunchPad is the Answer to these FAQs.
Login daily. Read and review your ALERT page. Next, go to your TO-DO tab. Read and follow the instructions. Complete your DAILY TO-DO List of ACTIONS.

DO-IT: Try it! Give yourself thirty/one days, to login daily, TO-DO your DAILY ACTION Tabs activities and the LaunchPad Getting Started training. This is the BEST training you can DO, for applying what you learn, into, what TO-DO, and, how TO-DO it?

Follow this Strategy and find: When you login daily, TO-DO your DAILY ACTIONS, and gain the available FREE VersaPoints for DOING simple ACTIONS, you will reach or be in reach, of the SFI monthly GOAL.

SFI monthly GOAL: To become an Executive Affiliate (EA), with a minimum of 1500 VP.

If the month ends, before you complete your first thirty/one days, and, you have not reached EA status. SFI gives you a once ONLY opportunity, to reach EA quicker – VP Transfer option.

VP Transfer option is available to new affiliates who has never reached EA status before. In the beginning of the following new month, an ALERT tab notice will notify you, if you qualify for the VP Transfer option. The notice lasts for the first 7 days.

If you joined towards the end of the month and you have earned 0 – 250 VP. Or, you are still sceptical and you want to learn more, before committing further. That’s okay – it’s all goods.

Take your time. SFI is not a GET RICH OVERNIGHT scheme. The VP Transfer option will still be available for you. And, the BEST time to use it, is when you have a lot of VP to Transfer. Remember, only available ONCE, and, only if, you have never reached EA status before.

Achieving EA status is easy with (but harder without) the FREE and once ONLY VP’s gained, from the GETTING STARTED ACTIONS, and, the LaunchPad training. Combine these VP, with your DAILY TO-DO List of ACTIONS, and, using the VP Transfer option, you will become an EA.

You will become an EA, if not, in your first month, then definitely, in your second month. The KEY to achieve this GOAL, is to login daily, DO your DAILY ACTIONS, and, DO the training programs. 

New affiliates: Achieve this GOAL (EA status) to qualify for the Sign-in Bonus (being phased out), and, the E365 Challenge.

Future affiliates, follow this Strategy, and, you will be well positioned for the ‘Class Cash’ (being phased in), and, you will qualify for the ‘E365 Challenge also.

DO IT: And gain, another thirty/one days to learn more about SFI, to learn how SFI will work for you, and, to begin the next training program – Internet Income.

DO IT: To get another thirty/one days, to develop a strategy, to follow a plan, to continue the Internet Income course, and, to build a STRONGER FUTURE with SFI.


SFI (Strong future International)



Tips & Tricks to Become an Executive Affiliate (EA)


Join Wealthy Affiliate before SFI only because people who don’t have enough knowledge in internet marketing, they can learn all expert skills to be successful from any affiliate programs as well as from any online businesses by taking training through Wealthy Affiliate.

Those who can do serious work and those who are expert affiliate marketers, they can sure earn good amount from SFI.

Below the emergency VIDEO Url to see for the SFI Beginners…

You may see this Video:- 

 (Long Video)

Short Video


Visit my Leadership Page for the latest tips, contests, and more for our team at:


How to earn Versa Points

Become an Executive Affiliate (EA)


Hi affiliates there,

Being your Upward & Sponsor like a coach, I must advice you as under…….

Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) and you’ll immediately earn two Co-Sponsored Affiliates (from the “Pending” enrollments below) and then two more each month you retain your EA rank. As an affiliate’s Co-Sponsor, you’ll earn 15% CV commissions on all their purchases every month! But don’t stop there! Every month, thousands of Co-Sponsored Affiliates are forfeited and need a NEW co-sponsor. Become a Team Leader and a share of all of these forfeited Co-Sponsored Affiliates will be automatically added to your team, with YOU as their new co-sponsor! You’ll receive one share as a Bronze Team Leader, two shares as a Silver Team Leader, three shares as a Gold Team Leader, or four shares as a Platinum Team Leader. Learn more here.

How to earn Versa Points

It is good question; there are many ways to get ACTION VP’s.


Daily Action gives you nearly 330 VP’s. By reviewing TO-DO-LIST, TIPS, STREAM, A2A, SCOREBOARD, TRIPLECLICKS, MOVERS, GOALS and ASK SC.

30 * 11 = 330

Weekly Action gives you 152 VP’s.

For Sending Team Mail: 30 * 4 = 120
Reviewing TConnect Page: 5 * 4 = 20
Stream Post: 3 * 4 = 12

Monthly Action gives you 15 VP’s.

For Rating your Sponsor you get 10 VP’s.
Setting Goal for the month you get 5 VP’s.


By bidding in an PB Auction you will get unlimited auction VP’s. But the limit is 500 VP’s per month.


You will get 200 VP’s by participating in Eager Zebra Games and Pick The Price contest.
Game entry currently includes Time Machine Pick The Price (Maximum 200 VP/month),Gold streak,TD tally POPetc.


For downloading Song of the month you will get 50 VP’s for 50 songs.

For Listing Member Listing you will get 50 VP’s for 50 Item’s.


For supporting your PSA to get EA2 you will get 100 VP’s.
BTL you will get 150 VP’s.
STL you will get 200 VP’s.
GTL you will get 250 Vp’s.
PTL you will get 300 VP’s.


You will get upto 300 Vp’s for distributing Gift card to your PRM and by Tracking you will get 10 VP’s for each.

30 * 10 = 300


Thanks & Regards…

KAZI ABDUL LATIF   < > Your Upward/14531961


Grow your income by growing your knowledge!

Browse 51,841 answers to 838 business-boosting questions here.


PLAY @ Triplclicks


Eager Zebra Games Gateways:

Attract new PRMs with Eager Zebra Games at TripleClicks, where they can play a variety of games for fun, bragging rights, prizes, and more!

Grandmaster Poker:
Uber-Picks sports games:
Card King:
Gold Streak:
Knockout Trivia:
Pick the Price:
Time Machine:


You may need to Know More Here:

 Click the banner below in order to sign up in SFI and work in it



TripleClicks Gateway: 


You may need to Know More Here:


Learn & Apply:

SFI Affiliates who are serious to build a Second income:

Tips and Ideas on How to build your SFI Home Business on a Tight Budget:

Just getting started with SFI? Are you excited? Do you want financial, time and location freedom? I’m here to tell you that if you focus on building your own word-wide team of SFI Affiliates you could do what you want with who you want and when you want to do it! Life should be about relationships and experiences in my humble opinion.
I strongly believe the only way you can expect to earn long term residual income with SFI is to market, promote and advertise you sfi websites every day…. until you get enough Team Leaders working for you and duplicating your efforts. Normally about 10 of these ongoing and active PSA-Team Leaders are all you need to make a very nice income… usually enough to quit your job or else work part time at something else you enjoy.


ASK YOURSELF:  “What is most important?

“Recruiting more affiliate
selling more products or
investing more in SFI & related programs.”

“Should I advise new PSAs to slow down and not qualify as Team Leaders so quickly?”

Never Discourage A Leader From Taking Action!

Leaders take responsibility!

Leaders take action and find a way!

Leaders think big!

Leaders are focused!

You should “guide” your new PSAs, but never try to limit them! Yes,


This business is really simple if you just follow your “To Do List” here:

This way you can start accumulating Versa Point and at the same time you will start understanding step by step all about this business.


Here are the marketing methods that helped me achieve status… Copy/Paste this url address:


So go ahead with your to do list and let me know when you’ll achieve 1500 versa point. You can do it even within your first day if you want.

Do you really want to jump Start your business with NO effort? Join the S-Builder Co-op and get in real-time all the Affiliates you need:

The 12-month Plan to Financial Freedom 

Description: How to safely build a secure Passive Income, using a strategy based on facts and actual figures.

See the following subjects:

– know where you are going, or go nowhere
– why SFI and TC?
– The magic formula to success
– the 12-month Plan to Financial Freedom


Follow the right strategy you see in this video:



SFI has some wonderful strategies for us! Check it out here:


 Wanna make money? Plan your work and work your plan.



this fantastic? shortcut to success?, keeps producing great enthusiasm as you can also see from the comments posted in its page:

So if you haven’t watched this short video yet, we urge you to do it NOW!
“The SFI ultra-simple 3-Step Plan”



Two NEW? Duplication Booster Packages? have just been created by Proprofit, in order to help all of us to follow in the most practical, tangible and fastest way, the guidelines included in the 3-Step Plan Video, so to boost the duplication process.

Check it out at the ProProfit ECA Store:


The magical world of auctions Pricebenders!
I’ve never seen before an opportunity like this, which on one hand allows me to build a successful business and on the other hand helps me to save large amounts of money like before I could only dream of. You will save more than 90% on every product!


ECA Co-op Proprofit!

You now have a wonderful opportunity to get SFI affiliates and earn commissions/Versapoints by these orders

you will receive your SFI affiliates in real time and in 24 hours!

So you can promote it to your team and earn commissions from their purchases!


For Tips and Ideas on How to build your SFI Home Business on a Tight Budget:


See the following 2 ASK SC threads:



The following also provides some very good ways to advertise, market, and promote the SFI/TripleClicks internet income opportunity. Please read thoroughly and follow the directions:


Here are the marketing methods that helped me achieve and maintain by getting affiliates to my websites and enrolling them… This has provided more income than I thought possible when I was a novice.

Here is an excellent SFI Forum message and How to build your business and grow your income:


How To Get Started With FREE Advertising – Special Report

Check out the forum thread here:


Using Anchor Text is a critical skill for internet marketers. If you’re interested of this topic here:


There’s no shortcut to finding the technique(s) that work for YOU, when it comes to promoting your business. If there were, EVERYONE would have done them already and they wouldn’t work anymore!

From your very first day with SFI I strongly encourage you to focus on reaching the DTL level. It’s a journey AND a destination all in one! If every question you ask and every action you take moves you closer to DTL then personal freedom will be yours sooner than later! Don’t get distracted! Learn from those that have achieved personal freedom! Opinions are important, but results are everything! What if it takes you 2 to 5 years to gain total personal, financial and location freedom? Would it be worth it? Waking up each morning and knowing that YOU set your own schedule is priceless! Take 100% responsibility for your results so you have 100% control over your solutions. Don’t just ask for help … ask for direction!


SFI Training Videos:

Starting in SFI By Gery Carson (Demo)

Watch below as & when you need to know any episode for Getting Trained yourself:

TCredits are also offered at a deal…as little as just $.29 each! Choose from among these different “TCredit Packs”:

• A single credit is just $1.99.
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SFI AFFILIATES can also choose from among the following TCredit Packs:

• Buy a 100-Pack of TCredits (as low as 29 cents each; w/1,200 VP; SO only).
• Buy a 125-Pack of TCredits (as low as 29 cents each; w/1,500 VP; SO only).
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• Buy a 360-Pack of TCredits (as low as 29 cents each; w/3,000 VP).
• Buy a 420-Pack of TCredits (as low as 29 cents each; w/3,500 VP).

Note: Credits can be used at any time but do expire one year from purchase.


This special 125-TCredit pack is available only to SFI Affiliates


TCredits allow you to take FULL advantage of your TripleClicks member benefits. Use your TCredits for member listings, to bid on Pricebenders Auctions, play Eager Zebra games, and more. CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE GREAT WAYS TO USE YOUR TCREDITS

NOTE: You can use your TCredits as you wish and at any time, but they do expire one year from purchase.

You can choose from among seven different “TCredit Paks”:

* A single credit is just $1.99.

* Buy a 10-Pak of TCredits (as low as 56 cents each).

* Buy a 20-Pak of TCredits (as low as 46 cents each).

* Buy a 50-Pak of TCredits (as low as 39 cents each).

* Buy a 100-Pak of TCredits (as low as 29 cents each).

* Buy a 125-Pak of TCredits (as low as 29 cents each).

* Buy a 200-Pak of TCredits (as low as 29 cents each).

To learn more about the TripleClicks Member Benefits, click HERE.

FREE TCredits:

We also distribute thousands of FREE TCredits every day. Every hour, we give away 60 free TCredits to 30 lucky winners in our T-TIME Drawing. Or to have one FREE TCredit instantly added to your account, send a postcard to the below address. Limit: One TCredit from postcard per customer per day. Please include your name and TripleClicks Member ID number or e-mail address.

Dept. Free TC
8251 Northwoods Dr, Ste 200
Lincoln NE 68505-3092 USA

SFI Affiliates may also win/earn free or low-cost TCredits via:


Solutions >> SFI >> Tips


TIP: Have you signed up for your TripleClicks MasterCard yet?

TIP: Find ECAs via TripleClicks Advanced Search

TIP: Co-oping the co-op: how to reduce the cost of your S-Builder Co-op

TIP: Are you “TConnected”?

TIP: Is your Leadership Page ready for prime time?

TIP: Stay in the loop!

TIP: Use sample letters to communicate with your downline

TIP: Start with the basics

TIP: Keeping track of SFI in your country

TIP: Don’t miss out on upcoming Pricebenders auctions!

TIP: Earn more commissions with ECAs

TIP: Connect with your affiliates online!

TIP: Don’t let your free TCredits go to waste!

TIP: Browse TripleClicks and build your team

TIP: Your ECA Referral Report

TIP: Viewing your CSAs in your Genealogy

TIP: Quickly locate the newest threads at the SFI Forum

TIP: Get the MOST from TripleClicks PSAs To Go and Auction-won PSAs!

TIP: Track your support tickets

TIP: Navigating the SFI Affiliate Center

TIP: Free newsletter ideas, samples you can use

TIP: Connect with multiple ECAs

TIP: Use Block List feedback to perfect your team communications

TIP: Using online translation tools at the SFI Affiliate Center

TIP: Exclusive ECA help and guidance at the SFI Affiliate Resource Center

AFFILIATE TIP: How to advertise your Gateway for free

AFFILIATE TIP: How to help your new affiliates get started right

AFFILIATE TIP: How to invest now for future profits

AFFILIATE TIP: Getting non-responsive affiliates to respond to you

AFFILIATE TIP: Feeling overwhelmed is NOT a requirement to getting started

AFFILIATE TIP: What have YOU done?

AFFILIATE TIP: Back-linking can increase traffic

AFFILIATE TIP: Follow-up—a personal experience

TIP: Greeting your New SFI Affiliates Effectively

TIP: Use your own bids at Pricebenders Auctions to build your business!

TIP: 8 reasons you should kick off your own Uber-Picks sports/game league now!

TIP: Essential SFI Affiliate Center Web pages you should bookmark NOW!

TIP: 14 points that you ABSOLUTELY need to know to succeed in SFI!

TIP: 6 simple, easy ways to add Co-Sponsored Affiliates to your downline!

TIP: 6 SIMPLE ways to refer your own TC ECAs and earn lifetime royalties!

TIP: 7 ways to reduce (or eliminate) shipping costs at TripleClicks


Other Resources For Immediate Help

• How To Get Started With SFI
• SFI Forum (24/7 affiliate discussions)
• SFI Sitemap (find what you’re looking for at the Affiliate Center)
• Contact us via phone, fax, or postal mail
• Contact Your SFI Sponsor
• Contact Your Upline Team Leaders
• Your Password/SFIID


I can honestly say that SFI’s “Affiliate Sponsoring Training Articles” contain more information than Me.

Make Money Online Tips & Tricks

Top 100+ Freelance Marketplaces List Online

Money Making Micro job Sites  & Marketplacs Lists OnLine

(Make Money Online Tips & Tricks series):

Make money Online with your Desktop/Laptop Tablet OR Mobile in hand.

Friends, Learn How to make money Online Internet based Tips & Tricks from Home. With your Skills knowing Copy-Pest, Typing, Web search, Web Development, Graphic Design, Adobe Photoshop, SEO, SEM, Data Entry, Product Listings. We will be learning here make money online tips & tricks, how we can earn money online from home within our best knowing capability with your Desktop/Laptop Tablet OR Mobile in hand. Our first step for them, who knows some little Computer based works and, PTC (means Paid to Click on advertisements), Like, Share, Comments on Social medias, like Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blog-Websites or Yahoo Answers, Link Building, Micro Jobs & many more mini & Micro Jobs to do on Internet Online from Home on everyone’s privileges.

Today we will know about a few Major Micro Jobs doing/earning sites to start Make Money online tips & tricks with Money Making Sites and Freelance Market Places On-Line from Internet. Let your journey be end here about searching Real & Trusted money making sites finding list. Yes, you came in the real place to start your Money making searching journey, from now you may need not to search more on Internet for starting your Earn Money or Make Money Job from Home. Just Sign-Up and start to earn Money online with these sites using your know-how and skills.

micro job is a temporary, task-type job of all types, often booked through the Internet.[1][dubious – discuss] Work may include online or in-person jobs, such as writing blogs, virtual assistanthandymannanny, website design, dog boarding or errands, etc.[2] The income varies depending on the job and the fee charged by the micro jobs website.[3]

This post may contain affiliate links. Regardless, I only recommend Blog-Websites, Forums, products and services I trust.



Online Marketplace


An online marketplace (or online e-commerce marketplace) is a type of e-commerce site where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties, whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operator. Online marketplaces are the primary type of multichannel ecommerce and can be described as a “simple and convenient portal” to streamline the production process.

In an online marketplace, consumer transactions are processed by the marketplace operator and then delivered and fulfilled by the participating retailers or wholesalers (often called drop shipping). Other capabilities might include auctioning (forward or reverse), catalogs, ordering, wanted advertisement, trading exchange functionality and capabilities like RFQRFI or RFP. These type of sites allow users to register and sell single items to a large number of items for a “post-selling” fee.

In general, because marketplaces aggregate products from a wide array of providers, selection is usually more wide, and availability is higher than in vendor-specific online retail stores.[1] Also prices may be more competitive.[citation needed]

Since 2014, online marketplaces are abundant since organized marketplaces are sought after.[2] Some have a wide variety of general interest products that cater to almost all the needs of the consumers, however, some are consumer specific and cater to a particular segment only. Not only is the platform for selling online, but the user interface and user experience matters. People tend to log on to online marketplaces that are organized and products are much more accessible to them.


Make Money with MicroJobs


Micro jobs allow people to earn income to pay rent, expenses, or just earn extra spending money.[9] Young workers may also use micro jobs as a great first step toward independence. Having a micro job can help with resume building, can set up future business relationships, and may evolve into full-time work. Micro jobs can also be done by people working from home who are self-employed. The number of websites listing micro jobs are growing and offer thousands of different micro services [10]

Micro jobs sites are growing rapidly and creating a new type of on-demand income for workers.[7] Micro jobs sites are earning billions of dollars.[11][12]


You may already be familiar with the term “microjob,” but if you’re not, it’s basically just a small, one-time job you complete for an amount of money that varies. Some microjobs pay well but many pay very little. A lot of people who work from home enjoy doing microjobs here and there for different apps, websites, and companies because it usually means a lot of flexibility and no commitment.


Examples of Microjobs


Microjobs can be absolutely anything. It could be something you do from your home on your computer. For example, tagging photographs or transcribing an audio file. Or it could be something you do outside your home like a mystery shopping assignment or a one-time errand. The amount you earn for each microjob you do will depend on how complex it is and who you’re doing it for. Short, easy microjobs may not pay that well, but you could earn more for something that takes longer and is more complex.

Many people do lots of short, easy microjobs back to back to create something of an income source for themselves or by doing lots of microjobs that pay well.

Everyone wants to Make money online to be able to fulfill their needs. A student may work for pocket money, a housewife for properly utilizing her free time, whereas working professionals may do it for some extra income over their Regular Jobs.  However, not everyone has the skills to complete Freelance Technical Jobs. For them, Micro Jobs become a better option since they pay a very decent amount for the efforts put in.




Micro Jobs are tasks that can be completed in few minutes. The tasks are very simple and most people, with just basic knowledge of internet, can do it.



You may be asked to do any of the following things
– Sign up on Some Websites
– Sign up for Newsletters
– Like or share something on Facebook and Google Plus
– Tweet or retweet something
– Make posts on forum
– Create a Gmail or Yahoo account for someone
– Rate an Android or IOS application etc.




The concept is very simple. The websites which offer Micro Jobs, have two types of people registered with them

  1. Employer: A Person who wants to get a task done
    2. Worker: A Person who wants to earn money by completing tasks

The employer posts the task on the Microjobs website after depositing the payment to be made to the worker. This payment is kept with the Microjobs website to avoid non-payment issues. The worker may then search tasks at the website and choose the one which he is capable of completing. After completion of the task, as per the Employer’s demand, a worker will have to submit certain proofs of completing the task. The Employer then Review’s the proof to check if the worker actually completed the Job.

If the Job has been successfully completed, he then marks the Job as complete, and the Micro job website releases the Payment to the worker. The website usually charges the employer a small percentage. Workers are not charged anything. In the case of any disputes, you may contact the Website, who will at its sole discretion settle the same.

To be able to earn money you should register yourself as Worker.



The pay depends on the complexity of the task, more complex the task, higher is the pay. The average pay per task in US/UK is normally around 0.5$ whereas for India and other Asian nation; it is around 0.10$ per task

Most people in US/UK can easily make up to $100 per month by just working for a couple of hours. If you are from developing countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, etc., the pay will be slightly less. Indians can earn up to $20-30 (Rs 1000-1500) per month by working a couple of hours.



Each website lists down the mode of payments it offers. However, most people prefer Paypal as it secure and universally accepted mode of payment. If you are not already registered, do Register with Paypal.


Where to Find Microjobs

Below listed some of the more popular “microjob” category options:


Amazon Mturk – Read Review and also this post with good HITs to complete – Huge site with tons of short jobs you can complete. Pay is via either your bank account or in Amazon money.

OneSpace – Read Review – This is all done through Mturk. They have little mini-jobs that involve categorization, tagging, and more.

Clickworker – Read Review – Similar to Mturk, they have different tasks you can complete and the money does add up. They pay with Paypal.

Fancy Hands – Read Review – This is task-based virtual assisting. You can’t get in here unless you do some sample tasks that get approved first. This one has gotten some very negative feedback lately due to the mentors who approve your work and the low pay for some of the tasks, but it is something where you can log on and off whenever just to see if there is anything posted you might want to tackle. They pay with Dwolla.

Fiverr – Read Review and also this post with ideas for things to offer on Fiverr – Very reputable site where you can offer pretty much any service you can think of to potential buyers. Pays with Paypal.

Field Agent – Read Review – A smartphone app available for iPhone users that allows you to claim and complete tasks while you’re out and about. Example – taking a pic of a display at a store, answering a survey about the cleanliness of a restaurant, etc. Pays with Paypal.

Gigwalk – Read Review – This is similar to Field Agent. You can use your smartphone to complete short tasks. It’s available for iPhone and Android users and they pay with Paypal. They are known for paying quickly once your “gigs” are completed and approved, and also many of their tasks pay higher than what you’ll find on other similar apps.

Easy Shift – Read Review – Another task-based app. This one is available for iPhone only. They pay in cash for the little jobs you do and the money goes to Paypal. They also have a points system in place that allows you to rank up and have access to more jobs.

Mobee – This is a task-based app that’s actually new to me. It’s available for iPhone and Android users. Like Field Agent, Easy Shift, and Gigwalk you can get paid for doing short tasks via your smartphone. This one pays in points, but you can redeem these for Paypal cash or various gift cards.

Task Rabbit – Read Review – While Task Rabbit does have an app, you can also claim tasks via their website. This is more like running errands for people who need help in your area. You might do things like pick up lunch for someone or go buy their groceries, etc. Task Rabbit pays you via your bank account.


“Who Else Wants To Make Money
Completing Simple Online Micro Jobs?”

If you like the idea of earning money starting right now completing simple online tasks such as… “Liking” a video, adding a comment to a website or video, adding a comment in a forum, posting a link, entering your Zip code, downloading a file and many more, signup right now as an Worker.

Are you looking for work?

Find jobs of your choice

Complete simple tasks

Earn money

Get Sign Up bonus

Invite your friends and earn more


We all have a few extra minutes in our day which we spend browsing the Internet. Imagine transforming those minutes into not only something productive but also lucrative. Thanks to the Internet, you can now sign up for jobs that can be quickly completed within the daily free time you have. To get these jobs or to post about them, check out a site called Microworkers.


Microworkers.Com – is a web service intended for people looking for micro-jobs. Micro-jobs are little tasks that can be easily completed within little time. You start using Microworkers by creating an account on the site and clicking on the activation link emailed to you. Your next step is to browse through the jobs and find the one that interests you. The amount each job is paid is clearly mentioned. Also clearly mentioned is the time that the job will require you to spend on it.

When you click on the job you are able to read its further details. You are told what is expected of you and if any proof is required of you completing the job.

Does withdrawals through Moneybookers and Alertpay.

Check out Microworkers @


How to complete your jobs at Microworks.Com


Micworkers.Com provides a great opportunity to make money online. There are lots of successful freelancers from Bangladesh who is making about 10,000/= or more per month just doing simple jobs at Microworkers.Com. So you can try it out too. Microwrkers.Com is not a SCAM site. They are legit. There are lots of payment proof of microworkers.Com freelancers around the world.


Want to earn more than micro payments?

I recommend our Top 100+ Freelance Marketplaces List Online




Become a Freelancer

Upwork is a great place to find more clients, and to run and grow your own freelance business.

Freedom to work on ideal projects. On Upwork, you run your own business and choose your own clients and projects. Just complete your profile and we’ll highlight ideal jobs. Also search projects, and respond to client invitations.

Wide variety and high pay. Clients are now posting jobs in hundreds of skill categories, paying top price for great work.

More and more success. The greater the success you have on projects, the more likely you are to get hired by clients that use Upwork.




Only pay for the work when it is completed in a safe and secure manner. Release your payment when you are 100% satisfied with the work provided.







PRODUCT SOURCING & MANUFACTURING – gifts, graphics, video, social marketing, travel, writing, postcards, advertising, music, fun & bizarre, tips & advice, business, technology, programming

Join More Than 3 Million Entrepreneurs

Explore the Marketplace

Get inspired to build your business

Don’t Just Dream, Do

Freelance services for the lean entrepreneur


Fiverr JOB Details to find & Do:

Top 20+ Micro Freelance Marketplaces and Why You Should Use Them


What are “micro” freelance marketplaces?

Freelance marketplaces where the prices are small, anywhere from $5 to $100 per project.



  • Make quick pocket money to pay for other purchases online
  • Get ideas for new skills that are currently in demand
  • Test market such a new skill with a small project where there’s less pressure, quicker feedback.


1) UpWork – general


2) freelancer – general


3) Envato Studio – general


4) peopleperhour – programming, design, administrative tasks, accounting, PR


5) 99designs – design


6) Toptal – custom software development


7) – translation, interpreting


8) – general


9) DesignCrowd – design


10) flexjobs – telecommuting


11) – SEO


12) topcoder – programming/development, graphic design, data science


13) weworkremotely – programming, design, customer service/support, miscellaneous, copywriting, system administration, business exec.

14) workmarket – general


15) TaskRabbit – house cleaning, IKEA assembly, donation pickup, event help, office help, pet sitting


16) clickworker – online marketing, e-commerce, media, information and directory services, SEO content, translation, web research, data categorization and tagging.


17) Crew – app, website, logo, or brand


18) mediabistro – writing/editing, production, graphic design, publishing. NOT FREE FOR FREELANCERS: membership fees.


19) Field Nation – general


20) Scribendi – editing and proofreading


21) designContest – Logo Design, Graphic Design, Website Design, T-shirt Design, Logo & Business Card Design, Banner design, Icon Design


22) – French, consulting. NOT FREE FOR EMPLOYERS: access fees.


23) designhill – business and corporate design, graphic and print design, website and mobile design.


24) – general


25) bidvine – service professionals


26) crowdSPRING – logo design, naming design, graphic design, web design.


27) Authentic Jobs – UI Design, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, App development, Information Architecture, Content Strategy, Miscellaneous


28) FreelanceWriting – writing


29) – newspaper/wire services, online media/startups, television/radio, magazines/publishing, trade publication/newsletters, pr/media relations/ communications, nonprofit/academia/government/other, financial/technology/misc. jobs, diversity jobs


30) yeeply – mobile application


31) xplace – designing, programming, writing/editing, translating, marketing, photographing. NOT FREE FOR FREELANCERS: bidding fees.


32) CloudPeeps – general


33) – web designers and app designers


34) freelance writing jobs – writing


35) 48hourslogo – logo designs


36) – Spanish, general. NOT FREE FOR EMPLOYERS: contact fees.


37) Writerbay – writing


38) Design Inc. – design


39) yunojuno – general


40) goLance – accounting & consulting, admin support, customer service, data science & analytics, design & creative, engineering & architecture, IT & Networking, Legal, Sales & Marketing, Translation, Web, Mobile & Softare Dev, Writing.


41) iFreelance – proofreading,arts, data entry, graphic designing, photography, bookkeeping. NOT FREE FOR FREELANCERS: membership fees.


42) – general


43) – web applications, saas products,android apps, mvp development, project management, desktop programs, UX strategy, scripting, side projects.


44) – programming, translation, consulting, graphic design.


45) Taskcity – programming


46) Servicescape – editors, translators, graphic designers, and writers.


47) LocalSolo – local and onshore independent contractor recruiting platform.


48) – French, general. NOT FREE FOR EMPLOYERS: intermediary fees.


49) Wonolo – on-demand staffing, warehouse operations, delivery drivers, general labor, administrative tasks, event staff, merchandising.


50) – general


51) – design, writing, data entry, research


52) weliketowork – sale & marketing, writing & content, administrative support, design & multimedia, customer service, business services, web development, software development, networking & information systems, coaching, translation.


53) – Dutch, general


54) Folyo – design, programming, sales, marketing


55) DesignQuote – logo design


56) SuperTasker – web, graphics, advertising, copy, and video, audio, buzz.


57) awesomeweb – logo design, sales page, ecommerce, blog design, infographic, book cover, banner ad, wordpress theme, wordpress plugin, wordpress maintenance, mobile app, web app, page speed, responsive.


58) 2Polyglot – translation, copywriting, language tutoring


59) – general


60) workhoppers – general


61) Genuine Jobs – telecommuting


62) – general


63) taskarmy – general


64) Network Freelance (UK) – general


65) workfast (Australia) – admin and office, promotions and events, general services, hospitality, warehouse, retail and sales, energy and resources, labour hire.


66) crowdsite – brand basics, web & app design, print, package & label, clothing & merchandise, book & magazine, art & illustration, custom design contest.


67) StudentFreelance – general


68) Joomlancers – everything related to the Joomla CMS


69) – English teaching


70) hexidesign – Logo Design, Stationery Design, Business Card Design, Web Page Design, Banner Ad Design, Brochure Design, Poster Design, Flyer Design, T-shirt Design. Has Affiliate Program.


71) Work Tasker – general


72) Text Writers – writing


73) – general


74) FreelanceDesigners – web and graphic design, programming, photography, writing, fashion design, industrial design, video production, advertising, logo design.


75) – general


76) programming bids – programming, databases, graphic design. NOT FREE FOR FREELANCERS: membership fees.


77) dolancing – IT / Computer Programming, Mobile Development to Content Writing, Designing, Data Entry, Sales & Marketing, and many more.


78) Freelance Success – writing


79) Flexy – general


80) Hubbul. – IT, Digital, Ecommerce, Accountancy & Finance, Human Resources & Learning, Supply Chain & Procurement.


81) Sweet Side Jobs – Social Networks, Content Curation, Comment Response, Content Updates, Account Manager, Support, Social Strategy, Social Account Setup, Custom Graphic Headers, Brand Mentions, Website Social Audit, Social Media Advertising.


82) Tibba – bloggers, community organizers, social media interns, brokers.


83) Freelance auction – programming, design


84) freelancermap – software development, web, system administrator, telecommunications & mobile, IT consulting, SAP, Management consulting, Engineering, Distribution, OLAP & Business Intelligence, Content and media, Service and Support.


85) translatorbase – translation


86) wrapsew – marketplace for anything fashion or clothing related.


87) Mechanical Turk – general

88) – general

89) – graphic design,animation, programming and translation (in Spanish & English)

90) – advertising, arts & crafts, business, programming, website design, writing, fun & crazy, gifts, graphics, marketing, music & audio, social marketing, technology, tips & advice, video

91) – administrative and virtual assisting, advertising, appointment scheduler, business, charity fundraising donations, christams gigs, fun and bizarre, gift ideas, grpahics, music and audio, programming, silly stuff, social marketing, task runner, technology, tips and advice, valentine specials, video, writing

100) – general

101) – general

102) – general

103) – graphic design, online marketing, product catalogue, photography, programming & texh, business services, other

104) – advertising, astrology, business, graphics, music, audio, programming, social marketing, writing

105) – arts & crafts, business, gift ideas, graphics, marketing, music & audio, postcards, programming, silly stuff, social marketing, technology, tips & advice, travel & leisure, video, writing

106) – advertising, article writing, backlink building, blog commenting, business, coaching & mentoring, copy writing, craigslist posting, ebooks, fan building, forum posting, general internet marketing, graphics, music & audio, programming, SEO, social marketing, tips & advice, traffic generation, video, web design, websites for sale, writing

107) – general

108) – advertising & online marketing, business, graphic & design, just for fun, musci & audio, programming & tech, video & animation

109) – arts & crafts, business, gift ideas, graphics, marketing, music & audio, postcards, programming, silly stuff, social marketing, technology, tips & advice, travel & leisure, video, writing

110) – freelance writing, graphics, data entry, web design

111) – advertising, business, email marketing, facebook services, fun and bizarre, gift ideas, graphics, music & audio, programming, SEO, silly stuff, social marketing, technology, tips & advice, twitter services, video, writing, youtube services

112) – translation

113) – computer help, ebooks & software, gift ideas, graphics & logos, music & audio, programming, SEO, social marketing, tips & advice, training videos, travel & leisure, video marketing, web design & blogs, website promotion, writing / translation

114) – general




  • Craigslist– general. Although not technically a freelance marketplace, many people do use Craigslist to post and bid on free job listings, both freelance and salaried jobs.



  • Behance– design, copywriting, writing


Killer ways to Get 2 Billion Facebook User’s Traffic!!

Facebook Advertising Techniques:

Hi, There fellow Internet marketer,

Get reach your business 2 Billion Facebook Users Traffic! Create an Audience, List Building, Affiliate Marketing, Website Traffic, Promote Amazon Products, Promote eBay Products, Promote Apps, Go Local, etc. On top of the Competition by applying the latest and most effective Facebook ads techniques! Correctly optimize your Facebook Ads Campaign in order to get those so coveted 5 cents CPC: Click-through Rate and Ad Variation.

Boost up your Business using 2 billion Facebook users traffic using well know FB advertising techniques. Grow your potential clients. Instantly interact with your new and existing clients learn first & provide Facebook ads service to your business.

… If you don’t use Facebook for your Business you can’t connect with a great deal of customers actually looking for you!

People check their Facebook accounts several times a day, so it just makes good sense to get your business in on the non-stop action by using Facebook for your business

Do you realize how volcanically hot Facebook Advertising is getting at this exact moment?

  • You have into your hands 1 billion people worldwide to advertise to by using Facebook Ads to reach up to 2 billion Facebook users traffic.
  • Did you know that you can target 3 type of BUYERS by using Facebook Ads?
  • Facebook users viewed 40% more ads now than they were a year ago.
  • Facebook Q1, 2014 total ad revenue hit $2.27 billion, up 82% from a year ago.
  • Facebook Ads with Custom Audience targeting had 387% greater conversion rates than ads using only demographic targeting options.
  • The average ROI for Facebook ads increased 152% from 2012 to 2013.
  • 70% of advertisers on Facebook had a 3x greater return on ad spend.

Learn how to set up a Facebook Ads Campaign from start to finish

  • Identify your Audience
  • Create your Facebook Page
  • Organize your Facebook Page
  • Creating your Ads: Results
  • Creating your Ads: Images
  • Creating your Ads: Text and Links
  • Creating your Ads: Audience
  • rating your Ads: Campaign Pricing

With Facebook you will be able to build your own sources of traffic by using a list of 2 billion Facebook IDs, list of emails, phone numbers, autoresponder sync, mobile app users, and you will even have the chance to create a custom audience with the people that have visited your website and have perform action inside of it, which is Remarketing with Facebook.

Also learn Facebook Do’s, and all Facebook Do not’s. You must be aware of not doing with your Facebook Ads.


FB Posting Instructions:


There are 2 basic methods for advertising on Facebook that I use.

First is to post your ads directly into fb groups. To do it, you have to join groups. Best choose groups that are about online and home work, networking, marketing, advertising and related categories.

To join a group, click on the “join” link button of each group you want to join. Usually it takes up to 24 hours to be approved by the owner/admin of the group. Once accepted you will be able to start posting advertising messages.

I also have noticed that get better response to my ads when post them in the evening (US time), but you can also post any other time of the day.

The second method is to send you ad directly to other fb members that advertise their sites.

IMPORTANT: Do not send ads to the first person of the group. He stays at the top of all posts, and usually is the owner/admin of the group.

Best send your ad to people that advertise business/home work related sites. Best is to send messages to people that have posted ads in the last 15-20 minutes. You will get most replies from them.

Whether you will send your ads directly with your link or using the autopilot system option, depends on you. I myself use to post and send ads mostly using the autopilot option, and recommend you to use this method too. It takes more time to chat with fb members, but delivers much higher income. So, if you like chatting on fb with other people, this is excellent opportunity for you.

If you post ads directly with your link, have in mind that fb allows you to post one link and image 50 times per 24 hours. After that you may have to use different link and image (to use the same image you can rename it).

You will be getting responses to your autopilot address and directly to fb. Be sure to collect emails of people that have contacted your autopilot and send follow ups to them. To people contacted you on fb, you can send follow ups directly from fb. Your follow ups can be short messages of your own, reminding prospects about your EPS site, and asking whether prospects have questions or need assistance.


Be sure to point out the advantages of your program over other programs.

Very often prospects ask how they will earn from the program. Here’s an answer in short.


  1. Work for any of the companies listed into the home work directory.
  2. Promote your program with site like yours.
  3. Use the traffic resources the program offer to promote any other site(s) online.


Anyone, can use one, two or all of these three earning options.


And the last, be sure to use the copy and paste technique when posting ads, replying to prospects, etc. It will save you much, much time and make life much more easier.


Just save the most common answers you use to send to prospects into your Notepad file, and when you get a question, copy and paste the relevant answer. If needed make minor changes before sending, as inserting the particular person’s name.

When you get some income from EPS, you can also consider below program which is similar to your program, but with more traffic resourses, autoposting tools and higher income potential.



In case you have problems with people accusing you of spam, when sending direct ads to other members, you can use below tactic to solve such problem.

First request info about their programs, and when get an answer, reply with your site link.


Below short messages you can use to send directly to other people advertising their sites on FB. Nobody will acuse you of spamming, because you are requesting info from other advertisers. When you get info from the people you have written to, then reply with short “thank you” message and your link.


First message:


I am looking for one more good money making program. Could you please, send me your best link to: address. Or if you prefer contact me on fb. Thanks in advance.


Your name



How do you find the best interests to target for your Facebook ad campaigns?


show you how to use all the data you collected to improve your Facebook ad campaigns.

The better results you get in terms of finding a fan page that has your audience, is highly engaged and has fewer competitors. Broader keywords and like by association keywords can be used effectively by layering them on top of each other.

Within the “Detailed targeting”-field, Facebook allows you to use OR and AND statements.

  • Go to the page or group and check out the about section for keywords (and tags) that are used to the describe it.
  • Set up a campaign where you target keyword #1 AND keyword #2 AND keyword #3 or however many you see fit from your research – obviously, the more you pick the more specific you can target.
  • Facebook has added an exclude option that as the name says gives you the option to select an interest and exclude people who like other interests from it.
  • If you are in the fishing niche you could target something like the magazine Outdoor Life and use the exclude function to exclude the audiences you don’t want such as hunters, trail runners, and hikers.
  • Remove the country targeting and set all other targeting settings to default (see screenshot above)
  • Open the fan page in a separate tab as if you would browse it normally on Facebook

Compare the number of likes on the fan page to the “monthly active people in” in Audience Insights.

Often I’ve found that keywords written purely with lowercase are more likely to be a “like by association” interest than if they are spelled normally (with the first letter in the word being uppercase and the result lowercase).

If you are targeting something that has official statistics (for example teachers in America), try to research how many people there are in the country and compare it to the amount you have found in Audience Insights.

Has Audience Insights found more people than the official statistics? – then it must be a like by association-interest.

If you search for the page on Facebook and it looks like the one below, it’s a buzzword and not an actual fan page.

In the Facebook Ads Manager, you can create Custom Audiences of the people who:

  • Engaged with your Facebook Page posts
  • Visited your website and specific landing pages
  • Downloaded a lead magnet via your Lead Ads
  • Engaged with your app
  • Are included in your email lists or customer files
Facebook ad targeting:


There are a ton of targeting options and combinations out there. Facebook offers so many ways to target potential customers, there’s a right advertising option for every business.

On Facebook, you can target people who have expressed an interest in or like pages related to another page or topic. This is interest-based targeting, although it is commonly confused with “likes” targeting.

Our online behavior tells platforms a lot about our buying intentions. By combining data from different sources, Facebook is able to tell who is in the process of buying a given product.

If you want to sell a product or service that is tied to affordability, this method is extremely useful. Listed under Demographics, this targeting option allows you to select among Income, Net Worth and Liquid Assets.

Instead of simply targeting geographic areas, add age groups and gender to the mix. For example, target men ages 25-35 who live in New York City.

This is based on the first information people share when they create a Facebook profile: age, gender and city they live in. Targeting people based on where they live can also be a great substitute for targeting certain income levels, because it presumes a certain quality of life.

For products or services that are ideal for people who work in a given industry or have a specific job, use industries or job title for the targeting method. For example, target “Employed in Arts, entertainment, sports and media.”

Just as Facebook can target people who are planning to buy something specific (like a car), the platform is also able to target people based on their homeownership status.

However, Facebook classifies homeownership as a demographic and not as a behavior, as it does with cars and other products. Target homeowners, renters or first-time homebuyers.

Zeroing in on education level, academic field and other related topics is a great targeting method for products that are not appropriate for the entire population. Hone in on college grads, doctorate degrees and people who studied something specific.

For example, to market a professional résumé-building service for graduates, use this method to eliminate traffic that doesn’t match your user profile.

Education is a subcategory of Demographics.

If appropriate for your brand, target Ethnic Affinities, such as African American, Asian American or Hispanic. This option is available under Demographics.

Many ecommerce sites have parents and kids as a primary audience.

Facebook not only allows targeting of parents, it lets you narrow the parents based on the age of their kids.

Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials pretty much define three completely different customer behaviors. They definitively help to narrow down the targeting options of many businesses.

This category targets people with an anniversary within 30 days. Since there is a deadline to a couple’s milestone, it’s an excellent opportunity to drive people to a sale.

Just like those about to celebrate an anniversary, it’s also possible to target the friends of people who have an upcoming birthday. It’s in the Friends subcategory in Life Events.

Targeting a long-distance relationship is another great way for businesses and service providers to sell more gifts and vouchers.

Other life events that may interest businesses are people away from family or home.

Facebook seems to be using location information in accounts to retrieve this data for advertising purposes.

People who just started a new job or got promoted at their existing one could be good targets for a clothing or accessory company. They may want to dress to impress at their new gig and may shop online.

Marketing to online buyers in households with many lifetime online purchases is much better than targeting just anyone, especially people who are unlikely to complete an online purchase.

Target people living in houses worth more than $1 million if your business offers premium goods or services such as home insurance.

Home values are included in Demographics under Home Type in the subcategory Home Value.

People who connect to Facebook from gaming consoles can be targeted with Facebook ads. You can even target people who have played a game on Facebook within the past 14 days.

If you have a tech product or service that could improve business and productivity for page admins, target them.

Facebook allows you to target people based on the mobile device they use to log into Facebook.


In Conclusion

Facebook is a goldmine of data and is definitely a good choice for the vast majority of businesses. This is just a selection of target audiences, among hundreds of options, available to anyone using the Facebook Ads interface.

Facebook ads are effective. Take the time to research different target methods to find the ones that best fit with your business, so you can create successful Facebook ad campaigns.


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Free Download Software for your PC


FREE Download Software’s, Games, Music, Movies and e-Books. Few websites offer users 100s and 1000s of software’s, games, movies and music for free downloads, Internet definitely has several unheard places of also known as underground websites, though these sites are pretty tough to find. You spend hundreds of dollars on your brand new PC, and then what happens? You have to go and spend more money on all the software you need to do the jobs you bought the PC for in the first place. Never mind what you bought the PC for you have to buy programs just to protect your new PC from viruses and malware.

Well do not worry because there is a lot of free software you can get your hands on to help you out. You can get free software for Windows 10 you n get free software like Microsoft Word, you can get free software for editing photos, you can get antivirus free software and even free software for video editing. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive programs for your new PC. There are plenty of free programs for PC so let us have a look at some of the best now:

Essential Free Software category:

Enhancement, Application, Media, Gaming, Internet, Services.



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Free software that interfaces with …

command-line, console, daemon, e-mail, library, web, x-window-system, accessibility, desktop-enhancement, file-manager, frontend, gnome-app, kde-app, text, window-manager, more…

Free software for business …

accounting, addressbooks, barcoding, cad, calculating, calendar, ecommerce, faxing, pim, productivity, project-management, specialized, spreadsheet, stock-market, telephony, timekeeping, timetracker, more…

Free software that works with …

addresses, archive, audio, barcodes, cad, database, ebooks, email, fax, graphics, html, images, pim, spreadsheet, sql, text. video, xml, bitcoin, more…

Free software that works with the format…

mp3, iso9660, ogg-vorbis, speex, FLAC, ogg-theora, opus, webm, flv, swf, pdf, rdf, more…


Best free programs for PC

  1. Best antivirus free software: Avira Antivirus

Avira Free Antivirus offers a broad range of security features that add up to offer the best free antivirus software you’re likely to find. As well as strong antivirus scan and protection facilities Avira offers some great features like safe shopping searches, system speed up and a VPN. This is the best free software download for PC you’ll find and one of the most important. To learn more about Avira Click Here, otherwise…


Get Free Avira Antivirus now

  1. Best backup free software: Google Drive

These days you need to do more than just install a free antivirus program to keep yourself safe. Ransomware is a modern threat that sees your data being stolen and then held for ransom. This means if you’re going to download free software you need some to get some backup free software for your computer. Free software downloads like Google Drive are essential. Drive will give you 15GB of free space to keep all of your personal data safely backed up. You need it now!


Get Google Drive now

  1. Free download software like Microsoft Office

Almost everybody needs to use programs like those found in the Microsoft Office suite so a top priority must go to getting the free software download for PC of Libre Office.Libre Office is an open source productivity suite that rivals Microsoft Office and even has programs, like Math and Draw, that can’t be found in the expensive Microsoft offering. If you work in an office this is an essential free program to download.


Get Libre Office now

  1. Free Download Media Player: VLC Media Player

One of the best free programs for PC is VLC Media Player. It is one of the most popular programs in the world and carries the codecs required to play almost every kind of video file. Once you’ve downloaded VLC you will be able to play almost any type of video you can find. As well as offering a complete video playback solution VLC has plenty of other features and you can check out 5 of the best here.


Get VLC Media Player now

5. Free download software for photo editing: GIMP

If you want free software like Photoshop you should look no further than GIMP. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and it is almost as powerful as Adobe Photoshop. With this free software editing becomes possible for all. Whether you’re merely touching up an old image or creating a brand new one, GIMP offers you a complete set of tools to take care of whatever editing job you have in front of you. GIMP may be the best photo editing free software but we’ve also put a list together of 5 free photo editing programs. Check it out here.

Get GIMP now

6. Free download software for video editing: Lightworks


Lightworks is available on many free software download websites but you can get it right here. It is one of the best editing free software programs you can get and is used by professionals as well as amateurs. If you’re a budding video editor or director this is great free video editing program for you to download. For info on other free video editing programs click here.


50+ FTP Sites to Download Softwares, Games, Music, Movies and e-Books


Here is a list of 50+ FTP sites that will allow you download content, sites that allow users to download software’s, games, movies and music for free.

Also see: 

Mount FTP server as a drive in Windows | FTP Clients to download and Upload Files.


FTP Sites List to Free Download Softwares

Games, Music, Movies and e-Books:

We have tested that each of the above site is working. We are only providing users with a resource to the FTP sites and do not host any of the files on these servers.


Similar Resources that might interest you


Looking to download and listen to MP3? Here are the Top MP3 search engines where you can find and download music.

Looking for free softwares? Don’t forget to check out 35+ Amazing Software that are free, we also have a huge list of Freeware that can come in handy to you.

Want to download videos? Check out how you can from popular sites and more by visiting this download videos search.

Don’t forget to visit the Top Posts section to read them.


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KeyWord Selection | How to & Why?



SE Optimize your sites by doing proper Keyword Selection. Research and select Primary Focus keyword of your Blog post content. Maintain selected Keyword relative Density according to your Blog post Title with Meta Tags Meta Description for getting closure of Google bot also for other search engines indexing to reach your targeted audience. Be top Google SERP’s. Choosing the right keywords for your Web page is easy when using real-time Keywords Selection Research Tool

Boost blog traffic with keyword Selection and How to SEO:



One of the biggest sources of traffic to your blog will be search engines, particularly Google. You can boost the traffic that comes to your blogs from search engines by implementing search engine optimization (SEO) tricks into your blog layout and writing. You can get started by doing some keyword research and determining which keywords selection are likely to drive the most traffic to your blog. Then focus on incorporating those keywords selection into your blog posts using the tricks below.


Use keywords in your blog post title.

People Images/Getty Images

One of the best ways to incorporate keywords into your blog posts is to use them in your blog post titles. However, don’t sacrifice a title’s ability to motivate people to click through and read your entire blog post. Learn ​tips to write great blog post titles.


Focus on using just one or two keyword phrases in each blog post.

To maximize the traffic that comes to your blog via search engines, focus on optimizing each of your blog posts for just one or two keyword phrases. Too many keyword phrases dilute the content of your post for readers and can look like spam to both readers and search engines. You can learn more about using specific keywords to maximize search traffic by reading about long tail search engine optimization.


Use keywords throughout your blog posts.

Try to use your keywords (without keyword stuffing) multiple times in your blog post. For best results, use your keywords within the first 200 characters of your blog post, several times throughout your post, and near the end of the post. Take some time to learn more about keyword stuffing and other search engine optimization don’ts.


Use keywords in and around links in your blog post.

Search engine optimization experts believe that search engines like Google place more weight on linked text than unlinked text when ranking search engine results. Therefore, it’s a good idea to include your keywords in or next to the links within your blog posts when it’s relevant to do so. Be sure to read about how many links are too many for SEO before you start adding links to your posts.


Use keywords in image Alt-tags.

When you upload an image to your blog to use in your blog post, you usually have the option of adding alternate text for that image which appears if a visitor cannot load or see your images in their Web browsers. However, this alternate text can also help your search engine optimization efforts. That’s because the alternate text appears within the HTML of your blog post content as something called an Alt-tag. Google and other search engines crawl that tag and use it in providing results for keyword searches. Take the time to add keywords that are relevant to the image and post in the Alt-tag for each image you upload and publish on your blog.


Find More “Keyword research tools Guides” here:

“Keyword Analysis Tools” for selection of your Focus Keyword:


KeyWord Selection How to:


Free Keyword Tool

Picture Keyword Eye Basic

Keyword Eye Basic Keyword Eye Basic Übersuggest

Übersuggest keyword suggestion tools helps to find Long tail keywords supply information’s from Google & other Search engines.

Content tools- an important keyword tools along below tools will help you in prepare a great unique content to rank top in Google SERP’s.

Anchor Text over Optimization Tool

Anchor Text over Optimization Tool

Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML

Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML – Convert Any document written in Word, Txt file or other processing Software in HTML code.


Secrets to Selecting Highly-Effective SEO Keywords

Picking SEO Keywords: Focus on Good Phrases

Picking SEO Keywords: Avoiding “Vanity” Keywords

Picking SEO Keywords: Using Google’s Wonder Wheel

Picking SEO Keywords: The Value of Repetition

Picking SEO Keywords: Guiding Your Content Strategy

Picking SEO Keywords: Additional Resources


  1.  Check out monthly search stats from the invaluableGoogle Keyword Tool.
  2. Google’s Wonder Wheel is awesome; an engineer walks through how it can be used inthis Google Wonder Wheel video.
  3.  Wordtrackeris a paid but widely used keyword and competitive


How do you find the appropriate keywords for your target audience?

With the SEMrush Keyword Research feature, you can easily answer all of these questions.


Keyword Analyzer

Turn yourself into an SEO Expert & dominate The Search Engines…

Find who your top competitors are, what factors influence their rankings and how hard it would be to outrank them, in just a few minutes…With Keyword Analyzer, you can easily find what keywords you can rank for and avoid overly competitive niches.

Keyword research is of paramount importance. In fact, it could well be the most important aspect when it comes to ranking. That’s why we created our very own advanced keyword research tool to ensure you get the top keywords for your campaigns.

This tool analyzes the top results of Google and Bing for you and tells you what keywords the sites you want to track rank for. With ‘What Ranks Where’, you can find what terms your competitors target and rank for in just a few clicks. Imagine doing this manually…

Awesome Features with Keyword Analyzer you need to check with your targeted niche keywords for ranking top in Google SERP’s ROI. This tool gathers data from Google, Moz, Alexa and several other sources.

Keyword Research

Find who your top competitors are, what factors influence their rankings and how hard it would be to outrank them, in just a few minutes.

Keyword (Competition) Analyzer

Find who your competitors are, what factors influence their rankings and how hard it would be to outrank them, in just a few minutes. You can easily find what keywords you can rank for.


What Ranks Where

Find What Keywords Your Own Sites & The Sites of Your Competitors Rank For in Seconds! You can find what terms your competitors target and rank for in just a few clicks

Domain Finder

Find, analyze and acquire the strongest aged domains available for sale in ANY niche in just a few minutes…You will have the ability to choose between millions of expiring domains.


Site Explorer

Analyze Any Domain In-Depth With The Click of a Mouse (http://www. vs. http://) Pull data from 3 different sources: SERPed, Moz and Majestic.

Site Reports

Imagine you want to sell your site… You could generate a report and give it to prospective buyers. You could walk into a meeting with a killer document that will blow everyone away!

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are much easier to rank for than 1 word keywords. The level of competition is generally much lower, and they are often more targeted, meaning people are more likely to click your link in the search engine results, read your content and buy from you.

‘Long Tail Keywords’ tool, you can access hundreds, if not thousands of ‘hidden’, untapped keywords, in just a few clicks. All you need to do is to type in a keyword, select a database: Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, eBay that’s it! Our tool will even show you their average monthly searches, trends graphs, CPC and traffic values, PPC competition and more. We are one of the very few providers of search volumes for long tail keywords


Find Powerful Keywords for Your Blog


Keyword Planning

SEMRush and Google Analytics are the gold standards as far as keyword research tools go. You can use them to gain insights about keywords – specifically, search volume and competition.

Search Volume—defined in terms of estimated monthly traffic. This gives you an idea of how many people are searching using the specified keyword.

Competition—defined on a scale of low to high (Google) or from 0 to 1 (SEMRush, with 1 representing high competition). This gives you a general idea of how difficult it will be to rank for the specified keyword.

NOTE: “Competition” should be treated as a guideline more than a rule. It’s easiest to get a feel for the competition you’re facing by looking at the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). By looking at the websites you’ll be competing with for the keyword, you’ll get a better idea of what is meant by “competition.”

Long-Tail Keywords vs. Head Terms

The two main categories you can break keywords into are long-tail and head terms. Long-tail keywords are longer, more specific keywords. Head terms are more generic, shorter keywords.


Head Term: “laptop charger”

Long-tail keyword: “replacement laptop charger for MacinSoft 2000X”


While long-tail keywords don’t get as much search volume, they do allow you to target your content better to drive more relevant traffic. This leads to better conversion rates because searchers who have a specific search query are more likely to be close to buying.

Additionally, for businesses that are just starting to blog, long-tail keywords are a great way to get quick wins in SERPs. The cumulative effect of ranking for several long-tail keywords builds authority so you can start targeting more competitive head terms in your evergreen content.

Incorporating Keywords into Blog Posts

Search engine algorithms have gotten smart, so stuffing keywords into your post in a nonsensical way will do nothing but harm. The best way to incorporate keywords naturally is to ensure that your keyword is highly relevant to your topic, and to plan out your topic and keywords together before writing the post. You’ll know you’re doing it right when it’s impossible to write about your chosen topic without using the keyword you’re targeting.

Also, take care to include the keyword in all the relevant places—titles, h2 tags, meta descriptions, and alt text. Make sure your keyword is also included in your first paragraph and used two other times throughout your article. Yoast is a great plugin for WordPress that provides a real-time checklist for proper keyword placement.

No matter your business, knowing how to find keywords will give you a huge leg up on the competition. The right keywords are essential to a robust blogging strategy. Have more questions about finding powerful keywords? Set up a time to talk with the content team at Volume Nine!



Keywords Least Competitive

Create a list of words with the help of SEMrush tool. Then insert your list into the Google Keyword Planner to find the most searched keywords.

To select the least competitive keywords is to use those key phrases, which contain at least 3-4 words. All 1- and 2-word queries have HUGE competition. If you’re on a tight budget, focus on long tail keywords (which contain 4 or more words).

Select and buy the best DA40-DA100 backlinks
Search keyword phrases; Test your keywords in AdWords
Find More “Keyword research tools Guides” here:

“Keyword Analysis Tools” for selection of your Focus Keywords:



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Role of Search Engine Optimization in Google SERP’s:


Let your audience and Search Engines bot find your great unique original content into top of Google SERP’s. If “Content is The King” then “Link is the Queen”. Make your contents great, use exact anchor link. Quality Backlinks will boost your sites ranking in search engines Top quickly.  More steps to be taken to show your site in Google SERP’s top. Use Heading, sub-heading like H1, H2, H3…of your content for giving importance of your post by search engine. Often heading, sub-heading would be thru Html Heading Tag for finding by search engine. Don’t optimize your site by any one keyword, but use different keyword’s selection for each page to rank high each specific keyword. Google likes posts or contents which has Keyword relativity & Density with “Title +Meta Tag + Meta description + Content”. Maintain Keyword density 1 to 3 % of your contents paragraph. Make your site url’s search engine friendly to help Google bot find your content. Optimize properly your posts Images. Use long tail Keywords which encourage local SEO search visitors. Add Google places in your web page. Optimize Local SEO, use Text link by Java Scrip for following Google Bot your links easily. Use rel=”no-follow” tag for lower link like ‘about’, ‘contact’ read more pages. Update regular your site contents.  Check regular your sites Internal Link structure. Link your less reading post with popular posts. Make different Media Contents for your site like, PDF, Audio-Video, and Infographic. Make some Video & post in YouTube, Google likes Video.



Optimize your post/content as per Google snippet optimizer tool:


Use snippet optimizer tool, set your Posts Title, Meta description, include your selected primary/focus keyword. Your most common Focus keywords should be appearing in one or more of the meta-tags. Your primary keywords should appear in your meta-tags to help identify the topic of your webpage to search engines.


One sentence titles that contain your brand name and your focus keyword. It’s not hard, just do it? And for your homepage your title should probably start with your brand name, 50% of the emails we get is about homepages where people have ridiculously optimized titles instead of just the name of their company.


How to submit a site to search engines seo


  1. Connect Your Website To Google & Other Search Engines
  2. How Do I Check If My Site Is In Google?
  3. Why Can’t I Find My Site In Google?
  4. Do I Need To Pay to Get Into Google, Bing or Yahoo?
  5. How Do You Submit A Site To Search Engines?


Why doesn’t my NEW blog post appear on Google search engine


First of all create your Google Webmaster & Analytics Account and submit your sitemap to Google for fast indexing your web pages to Google search. Submit your site to online web directories. Try to update your blogs regularly. If you are facing any problem then can take help to someone.

You can visit Digital Marketing Blog or can email at with your query and contact details.


Beware about:

“Keyword(s) not included in Meta-Title”

“Keyword(s) not included in Meta-Description”

There is likely no optimal keyword density (search engine algorithms have evolved beyond keyword density metrics as a significant ranking factor). It can be useful, however, to note which keywords appear most often in your page, and if they reflect the intended topic of your page. More importantly, the keywords in your page should appear within natural sounding and grammatically correct copy.




Google can show up to 70 characters (including spaces) of a page title in the search results.

If a page title is longer than 70 characters, Google will show as many whole words as it can, the rest are replaced with an ellipsis: (…)


Meta Description

  • Google can show up to 156 characters (including spaces) of a website page’s meta description tag.
  • If a website page meta description is beyond 156 characters, Google will show as many whole words as possible, the rest are replaced with an ellipsis: (…)
  • If the website page includes a published date, Google may can that date as part of the snippet. In these cases, the date counts as part of the 156 characters
  • To make sure your web page snippet can fit a published-on date and the entire meta description (without getting cut off by the ellipsis), keep your meta description tag shorter than 139 characters (or 140 characters, if the published-on date is from a single-digit day of the month)


Choosing the right keywords for your Web page is easy when using real-time Keywords Research Tool. This awesome tool will help you discover what keywords your customers are actually using when looking for you in search engines.


The Meta Description is NOT being used or used incorrectly! This can have a negative impact on your ability to harvest search engine traffic. Would you like help optimizing your Meta Description? If you would rather do it alone, try using our FREE Meta Tag Builder to help make the necessary changes.



 SEO Tools & Benefits Include:
SEO Tools Jumpstart

Finally no technical skills needed! Our SEO Jumpstart™ program makes it possible for anyone to quickly and easily apply high-quality SEO to any web page no matter what their skill level is. This 4 step program does not require any special skills what-so-ever. No HTML editing required!

Keywords Research Tool

Why pay $60 a month or more for a keywords research tool when you can get something better for less? Our real-time Keywords Research Tool will help you discover “organic keywords” that your customers are actually searching for at this very moment! All you have to do is click and your keywords are uncovered! The SEO Jupstart program will then help you install your keywords for top search engine visibility.

Web Page Analyzer

Discover how search engines rank web pages. With our Web Page Analyzer you can easily compare your site with your competition. Learn which parts of a web page have the biggest impact on search engine rankings! No other SEO tool anywhere is as accurate andprecise as our Web Page Analyzer. This is absolutely the best SEO tool available on the Internet at any price!

Keyword Density Analyzer

There is a delicate balance between a good keyword density mix showing focused content and that deemed as keyword spamming. Our Keyword Density Analyzer Tool accomplishes this delicate balance with the utmost precision and accuracy. Other keyword density tools are not accurate and do not properly parse your web page like a search engine does.

Keyword Density Manipulizer™

Manipulate the keywords found on your web page using ourKeyword Density Manipulizer. All you do is drag-and-drop your keywords to get the right keyword density mix along with accurate target density calculations for ALL your web pages. This tool does all the work for you. It can’t get much easier than this!

Advanced Meta Tag Generator

Our Advanced Meta Tag Generator includes features not found in our free Meta Tag Builder. Plus this tool can “automatically insert” your newly optimized Title & Meta tags into your web page’s HTML source for you! Can others do that?

(X)HTML Validator™ and Correction Tool

NEW HTML5 VALIDATION WITH AUTOMATIC CORRECTION! Make your web pages error free! The first SEO inspired HTML/XHTML validation and correction tool on the Internet. This tool will make every attempt possible to “automatically correct” most every error it finds in your web page’s HTML/XHTML source per W3C standardsfor you. Errors in your HTML can seriously affect your search engine rankings. In fact, some errors could make your website completely invisible to some search engines. Make sure your web pages can be properly indexed by search engines.

Sitemap Generator & Sitemap Submission Tools

Our Sitemap Tools make it easy for to submit to Ask, Bing, Google and other major search engines and help them discover your entire website with a single submission! Other sitemap tools can’t find your hidden website and that’s why search engines won’t find those pages either. If you have web pages search engines are not finding, this may be the solution you have been looking for.

Submit Your Entire Website With Easy Submit

Easily submit ALL your web pages & websites to search engines as often as you like with Easy Submit. With Easy Submit you will witness the entire submission process so you know your submission was accepted and was done correctly! Do not rely on automated submissions to jumpstart your on-line business. Do it right with Easy Submit.

Step-by-Step SEO Instructions

On-line step-by-step SEO tutorials detailing exactly what it takes to fully optimize a website for top rankings in all search engines. These white hat techniques can be applied to any website. NO HTML editing required! We also include advanced SEO training and discussions for those who want to take SEO to the highest level.

UNLIMITED on-line SEO help & support from on-staff and other SEO experts from around the world. Sometimes you need the help only an expert can provide and we’re here at your disposal.
DNS Reporting ToolRBL Lookup ToolAdvanced Whois Tooland much more…


Over 500 Million Twitter Traffic Killer Strategy

Drive over 500 Million Twitter Users/Traffic to your Blog-Website.

Get over 500 Million Twitter Traffic Killer Strategy by Tweeting about your blog can be an incredible way to reach out and connect with your consumer. With over 500 million users, you can find lots of new readers through tweeting too. Take the opportunity to cross promote your blog on Twitter. Cross-promoting your blog posts through Twitter can be greatly beneficial in driving more traffic to your blog. It also gives you a lot of engaging content to tweet about! promote your blog, how will anyone know about your great content? Driving traffic to your blog is about as essential to your blogging success as your writing itself.

If you use Twitter well, it can drive tons of traffic back to your blog. But simply tweeting the title of your blog post with a link back to your site will not work. You need to be pro-active. You need to be creative. You need to use great marketing when you are tweeting about your blog posts.


Here are few simple, actionable tweet formulas to market your blog. Try these out to drive more traffic to your site:

Use Short, Provocative Tweets

Promote your blog posts using Twitter Traffic Killer Strategy. Generate compelling content in 140 characters or less can present a good little writing challenge. Short tweets, under 100 characters get a 21% higher interaction rate. use short tweets that invoke interest in your blog article work, In six words, and less than 55 characters, he creates a call-to-action and makes you want to find out what his article is about. don’t need to stick with the title of your post. Take a blog post you wrote, and write out five variations of a tweet that’s 10 words or less. Tweet them to see what works best.

Tweet: like below…

Have you ever read a blog post that just cliks with you? Click here to read more (blog / post link url)


Include an Intriguing Quote from Post


Give your followers a taste of your blog post. Include an intriguing quote from your article. Try to find a quote that’s concise and gives a flavour of the contents of your post. Apply Twitter Traffic Killer Strategy.


Include Statistics


If you have any interesting statistical information in your article, tweet about it. And to have even more of an impact, use numbers and characters – not just letters.

Include numbers and characters to convey a pretty amazing fact from your article about display ads. Include the shortened link to the blog post.


Use #Hashtags

If you know how to use Instagram or Twitter, hashtags should be familiar to you. But do you know how to use them strategically? Hashtags are everywhere these days. You see them on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and now Facebook (ok, there are still problems with Facebook hashtags ).

As a marketer, you can’t ignore them. You need to know how to strategically implement these tagged topics. Hashtags can expand your content reach, amplify your brand, target your market, get your content found, improve your SEO, and more.

Hashtags are a great way to spread your tweets to various topics. For those who still don’t know what a hashtag is – basically, it’s a word or two behind a # thatmakes a common discussion subject. you could set up a hashtag like #myawesomeblog. This creates a place where others on Twitter can dialogue about your blog too. If anyone tweets using your hashtag, it will show up in the feed for that hashtag search.

This can generate more interest in your blog, and more traffic to your site. Use theme specific hashtags. If you want to promote a particular blog, landing page, contest, or ebook, you can create your own hashtag for it. Use general post related hashtags. Include hashtags with the topics about your blog. This gets your tweet seen by other Twitter users searching for the topics you’ve written about drive traffic to your blog website by applying Twitter Traffic Killer Strategy.


Learn More about Twitter #HashTags How to Strategy


Tweetable Tips


  • What are #hashtags? Do you know how to use them strategically?
  • 3 Hashtag Strategies: Brand and Campaign, Trending, and Common. Learn more.
  • Get your business talked about. Use brand and campaign hashtags .
  • Find your niche market. Use niche trending hashtags.
  • Hashtag your content – use common product, lifestyle, event and location tags.


Use @mentions

A mention is how you include Twitter users’ @usernames. They are a way you can send a tweet directly to followers, customers, or anyone on Twitter. You can use @mentions in a number of ways. If your blog post comments on prominent bloggers, companies or customers – mention them in a tweet that links back to your post. Not only will they appreciate the mention, but it might just get your tweet retweeted to their followers too.

Retweet Mentioned Blog Content

If someone mentions your blog content on Twitter, retweet their tweet.

This example shows a tweet from @Econsultancy . They @mentioned Wishpond , and included a link to their blog on which they published our infographic on Social Media Marketing . At Wishpond, we retweeted their tweet to our infographic.


Ask for a Retweet (or RT)


This is a great way to get your blog related tweets retweeted. Simply ask your followers to retweet, or RT your update. Tweets that ask for a “RT” or “retweet” get 12 to 23 times as many shares as those that don’t.

To get more traffic to your blog, ask for a retweet when you tweet a link back to your blog post.

Attach a really cool image in your blog post tweet. Make sure that it relates to your post. Try to find an image that will intrigue your followers, and make them want to find out more by clicking through to your blog post.

Ask a Question Related to Your Topic

A question in your tweet can generate lots of engagement. If the question generates enough connection and curiosity with your followers, it will get more clicks to your blog.


Tweet about Your Blog-Hosted Contest

Running a contest, sweepstakes or group offer on your blog is a brilliant way to drive traffic to your site. It creates engagement with your readers, and gives great incentive for new readers to visit your blog.

Read about how easy it is to set up a contest on your website or blog. Get Free eBook: The Complete Guide to Website Contest and Promotions.

Tweeting about your contest can drive even more traffic to your blog using this Twitter Traffic Killer Strategy.

Promote Your Tweets

Promoted Tweets are a pretty inexpensive advertising option provided by Twitter. They can help spread your content to your target market. Instead of just showing up in your followers feeds, the tweet will show up in other users’ feeds too. You can set up your Promoted Tweets to target by geography, interests, device used, and even by keywords.

By promoting tweets that contain a link to one of your blog posts, you can broadcast your tweets to Twitter users that wouldn’t normally see them. This is an effective and cool way to drive new traffic to your blog.


Include a Blog Link in Your Bio


Learn Twitter Traffic Killer Strategy, include a blog link in Your Twitter bio, what your followers (and others) see when they visit you on Twitter. It doesn’t change unless you make changes to it. This lends itself to being a perfect opportunity to drive more traffic to your blog. Include a link to your blog, or even a particular blog post, in your about and/ or contact sections of your bio. Both sections have clickable link capabilities. You can include CTA’s to entice your followers to click through to your blog too.


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Network Marketing | Turn Leads into Buyer’s


Network marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), is a business model where independent contractors buy into a company and earn a commission on the products they sell. The profession appeals to many people because they can be their own boss, set their own hours, and work towards their own success. It is a big commitment, but network marketing can be a very lucrative career. Investigate companies. Choosing the right company is key to your success. Quick and easy internet searches can usually answer many of the questions.


Know More:  Traffic! Leads!! Sales!!! Online Business


Network Marketing  : Turn Leads into Buyer’s

Direct selling method in which independent-agents serve as distributors of goods and services, and are encouraged to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting and training other independent agents. In this method, commission is earned on the agent’s own sales revenue, as well as on the sales revenue of the sales-force recruited by the agent and his or her recruits (called downline). Also called multilevel marketing (MLM), cellular marketing, or by other such names, it is a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry that distributes practically any portable item, although restricted or banned in several countries due to its history as a vehicle for consumer fraud.


Multi-level marketing

Multi-level marketing, abbreviated as MLM, also called pyramid selling,  network

 Marketing, and referral marketing, is a controversial marketing strategy for the sale of products and/or services where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from a non-salaried workforce (also called participants, and variously known as “salespeople”, “distributors”, “consultants”, “promoters”, “independent business owners”, etc) selling the company’s products/services, while the earnings of the participants is derived from a pyramid-shaped commission system via two potential revenue streams.

Although each MLM company dictates its own specific “compensation plan” for the payout of any earnings to their respective participants, the common feature which is found across all MLMs is that the compensation plans theoretically pay out to participants only from the two potential revenue streams. The first stream of compensation can be paid out from commissions of sales made by the participants directly to their own retail customers. The second stream of compensation can be paid out from commissions based on the sales made by other distributors below the participant who had recruited those other participants into the MLM. In the organizational hierarchy of MLMs, these participants below oneself are known as one’s “down line” distributors. [8]

MLM salespeople are, therefore, expected to sell products directly to end-user retail consumers by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing. Most importantly, however, they are incentivized to recruit others to join the company as fellow salespeople so that these can become their down line distributors[5][9][10].


Network marketing is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses. Some of the best-known companies in America, including Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Tupperware, fall under the network marketing umbrella.

what network marketing (also known as direct sales or multilevel marketing) is all about–housewives buying and selling Tupperware while gossiping and eating finger sandwiches, or a high-pressure salesperson trying to convince you how easily you can become a millionaire if only you and your friends and their friends and so on would buy and sell products with him.

Finding the Right Company

Investigate the products or service the company sells. Since you’ll be responsible for pitching and selling this product, make sure it is reputable. Some MLM companies market questionable or dangerous products, and you could face legal action if you take part. 

Question your recruiter. When you’ve found a company you’re interested in, you’ll likely meet with a recruiter or another representative. Be skeptical during the recruitment process. Remember that your sponsor makes more money if you sign on, so he may not be as open with you as he could be. Don’t get distracted by promises of how much money you’ll make and really think about what you’re about to do.

Read your contract carefully. Don’t sign anything right away. Take some time to read over and understand the entire contract. You may even want to consult a lawyer or accountant to make sure you’re getting a fair deal and that the company is legitimate.

Draw up a business plan. When you have a few potential companies in mind, write out your plan for building and expanding your business. Even before you’ve officially aligned with a company, it helps to have this plan figured out early. Thant way you can hit the ground running when you do eventually start at a company. Keep these things in mind when designing a business plan:

What product or service are you intending to sell?

Who is your intended market?

How much time will you dedicate to this? Will it be a part-time commitment or are you planning on working seven days a week?

What is your goal? Do you want to get rich or just make some extra money?

Think long-term. Where will you be in five years? Ten years?

What is your marketing strategy? Will you make cold calls? Use the internet? Go door to door?

You can update or change the plan as needed, but it helps to have a guide when you’re just starting out.


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Proven Strategies to Turn Leads into Buyers…Network Marketing Recruiting System


How to Set Up Your Very Own Network Marketing Recruiting System:


Listed are 7 simple steps to set up your own cheap and profitable network marketing recruiting system, Turn Leads into Buyers. Get the website traffic you need today quickly and affordably. System owners do not want you to know they will use your network marketing leads if your company goes belly up or they leave the company. We’ll teach you how to set your own system, keep your own hard earned network marketing prospects and build a profitable downline in the process.

The biggest reason why you need a sponsoring system is because you are challenged in finding network marketing prospects. That is the the biggest challenge facing network marketers today. I get at least 10 calls a week, asking me to help network distributors find better prospects. But they first better learn how to build their own system to keep their own network marketing prospects even if the company fails or they grow tired of their upline or company. These leads can serve you well in many different ways.


How to Set Up a Network Marketing Recruiting System Step 1:

It all starts with a lead capture page. That page needs to make your prospects hurt and you need to make them feel and taste that pain. Once you have accomplished that, the very next step is to show them how to avoid or eliminate that pain.

If you are trying to recruit business opportunity seekers you need to be a little more generic in your approach and if you are trying to recruit other network marketing professionals, then you need to have a front end product that appeals to all network marketers and gets them to purchase from you up front before they see your main company. This is sometimes called a “Funded Proposal”.

How to Set Up a Network Marketing Recruiting System Step 2:

After showing them how to eliminate that pain, you need to capture their name and email address. Your responder can help you build a effective opt in form..

How to Set Up a Network Marketing Recruiting System Step 3:

You must own a autoresponder for following up with your network marketing prospects. This platform will educate, train and create hoops you need your network marketing prospects to jump through.

How to Set Up a Network Marketing Recruiting Systems Step 4:

Each follow up letter must give them a clear choice of what you want them to do. If you want them to click, purchase, view or call in an order you must tell them directly to do just that in your email. It is always best to slowing build your letters up to this commitment.

How to Set Up a Network Marketing Recruiting Systems Step 5:

Why on earth should I set up my own network marketing recruiting system when my upline already has one set up? Two reasons: 1. you need to separate yourself from the crowd and 2) you need to keep all your hard earned leads in your own follow up system that can support the recruiting system set up by your upline.

Be original, be unique and separate yourself from the crowd. How can you do it? Simple.

Show them a personal touch that is completely different from other distributors you are competing with to sponsor the same person. Simply use the techniques discussed in step 3 above and you will be completely different from the other “Joe Smoe’s”. Make sense?

How to Set Up a Network Marketing Recruiting Systems Step 6:

By using your own autoresponder for follow ups, you can now send out group broadcasts announcing something that is coming up. We call this, “upcoming events”. Events can be conference calls, a new video or whatever event is going to be happening with your upline or network marketing company. Event’s get people all jazzed up and excited and when your prospects are around that, they can feel the energy and want to be a part of that energy.

How to Set Up a Network Marketing Recruiting Systems Step 7:

Set up your recruiting system to sell a generic product that all starving network marketers need and want. The products we target are sponsoring books, network marketing leads, “how to” books, etc.

In summary creating your own network marketing recruiting system is as simple as one webpage, optin form and autoresponder

Follow up. Once they opt into your follow up series you stand a much better chance of sponsoring them into your network

Marketing business or getting them to purchase a product from your recommendations.

Remember, if you are using your uplines network marketing recruiting system, it’s a sure bet they will be keeping those leads for themselves if your company ever goes under or they decide to leave. All your hard work will go out the window.


Tips for Network Marketing Success

There are six key elements you should be looking for [when selecting an opportunity]. Number one: stability. How old is the company? Number two is excellent products or services that consumers will use and need more of.

Number three is the pay plan–how even and fair and generous overall is the distribution? This is really crucial as the pay plan represents exactly how you’ll get paid–or not get paid. There are really only two questions to ask [regarding this]: How many pennies out of each sales dollar get paid back to the distributors each month, and how fair is the distribution of these pennies between the old members and the new members?

Number four is the integrity of the company and the management. As much as possible, [investigate] the experience of the CEO, [their] experience in the network marketing industry, and their background. [Have] they been successful in other companies in the industry? Do they have a good reputation?

Number five is momentum and timing. Look at where the company’s at, what’s going on with the company, and if it’s growing.

Number six is support, training and business systems. You may have [chosen] a great company with excellent management, products that make a difference, a pay plan that’s uniquely fair and very generous, and momentum and stability, but if you don’t have a system in place that works, all of that [doesn’t matter]. Most companies will have a transferable training system that they use, and that’s where mentorship comes in.

To succeed, you need to be willing to listen and learn from mentors. The way this industry is structured, it’s in the best interests of the [MLM veterans in your company] to help you succeed, so they’re willing to teach you the system. Whatever [your mentor] did to become successful, it’s very duplicatible, but you have to be willing to listen and be taught and follow those systems.


The Higher-ups 

It can be called various things, but the general term is the “upline,” meaning the people above you. How supportive are they? Do they call you? Do they help you put a plan in place? Are they as committed to your success as they are to their own? You should be able to relate to [the people in your upline] and be able to call them at any time to say “I need some help.” How much support there is from the people above you in the company is very important.

Take up the Lead with your Downline

There’s a term in the network marketing industry called “orphans”–when somebody is brought in and then the person who brought them in is just so busy bringing in other people that they don’t spend the time to teach and train [the new person]. You should be prepared to spend at least 30 days helping a new person come into the industry–training them, supporting them and holding their hand until they feel confident to be able to go off on their own. You really need to ask yourself, are you willing to do that? Are you able to do that? This is really about long-term relationship building. It’s not about just bringing people into the business and just moving forward. It’s about working with these people and helping them to develop relationships.

On the Net

People are utilizing [the internet] as their main marketing tool. [You can set up your site] with autoresponders so when you capture leads, the autoresponder can follow up with that person. One of the greatest keys to success in this industry is follow-up. Many people will have someone call them who’s interested or they’ll call the person and say they’re interested, but then they don’t follow up with it. Automation on the internet has allowed a much more consistent method of following up.

The only drawback with the internet is people who utilize it to spam. If there was one thing I could put forward to say, “Do not do” when utilizing the internet as a marketing tool, it’s spamming because that can give a very bad reputation not only to you but also to the company you’re working with.

Taking care of Business

This is a business, and just like if you were running a franchise or a storefront, you [should have an] accountant. You have all the same write-offs tax-wise that you have with running a [full-time] business, so it’s very important to [do your research] prior to getting involved, before you start making money from it. How is that going to affect you tax-wise? What are your write-offs?

It’s important to set up a [support] team around you. I’d suggest seeking out lawyers who deal in network marketing, so they’re very versed in all the laws and how that affects [your business.]. There are also accountants who specialize in dealing with homebased businesses specifically in the direct-selling industry.


When Network Marketing; Recruitment, done properly, doing recruitment in the marketing industry, work with the leading marketing, digital and creative clients and candidates in the country, recruiting for roles in PR, account management, campaign management, digital marketing, communications, business development and much, much more.

Struggling to get in front of people and present your opportunity is one of the biggest obstacles most people in Network Marketing face. And it is also the most important one to overcome. Learn with step-by-step Online Video Training System, you will present your opportunity to more prospects by learning how to recruit effectively, multiply & duplicate your efforts, and accelerate your success in the next 30 days! Get the most out of your Network Marketing career with Eric Worre has been a leader in the Network Marketing profession for 28 years.


Marketing vs. Sales


For any company selling a product the concepts of marketing and sales are very important as they can mean the difference between success and failure. While they are often used interchangeably or grouped together they are two different concepts and it is important to understand those differences. This article will help you understand both concepts clearly when it comes to Marketing vs. Sales.


Sales refers to the short term need to close a sale, get an agreement signed, or ultimately do what needs to be done to sell whatever it is you are selling. Sales techniques and strategies are really based on what it takes to ‘close the deal’, which is crucial to any business. If you get customers in the door but cannot get them to buy a product, there is a problem with your sales strategy. Sales strategies are focused on the individual buyer and what needs to be done for them to pull out their wallet, or click on the buy button when it comes to online selling. Companies typically set sales volume targets for a period (weeks, months, and quarters) and have strategies in place where the individuals responsible for actually selling can make those targets.


Marketing is a longer term concept than sales and relates to forward looking strategies to understand customer needs, influence customer perceptions, and identify how a company can capitalize on that. The end result of the marketing process, and what it directly supports, is making sales easier. Marketing techniques and strategies are really based on what it takes to identify the right product mix, the prices for those products, and what needs to be communicated to target customers (via advertisement) in order to ensure successful sales. One of the key aspects of marketing strategies is building a brand identity for what a company is selling and this varies from company to company. McDonalds obviously brands their food and advertising far differently than a luxury steakhouse would do. While sales is really the ‘push’ to buy the product once the customer is there, marketing is the ‘pull’ that gets the customer to you in the first place. When marketing is done effectively it can also make sales a far easier job for a company, as the customer can already be convinced and ready to buy by the time they actually enter your store (or website). Sales can still succeed without very effective marketing but it certainly makes the job more difficult.

Marketing vs. Sales

When considering marketing vs. sales the important thing for any business owner is to ensure that you are considering both aspects of your overall sales and marketing cycle. With many businesses, marketing and sales are both managed by the same department or even the same individuals due to the fact that they need to be closely related. For example, sales strategies need to incorporate the same messaging as the marketing messages in order to be effective and maximize the chances of successfully making a sale. Focusing on both the ‘pull’ and the ‘push’ effectively will ensure that your business is positioned to succeed.


The Top MLM Companies    JMT “Join My Team” Gateway

How To Get Started With SFI

“The SFI program works! I cannot recommend any other affiliate program more strongly.”

“Being burned badly in the past I researched SFI very carefully. What I found was the most well-put-together affiliate program I have ever seen. No program is perfect, but this one’s darn close.”


The Top 25 Network Marketing Companies are:


Company Time In Business
  1. Amway 1959 – 53 Years
  2. Melaleuca 1985 – 27 Years
  3. USANA 1992 – 20 Years
  4. Nu Skin 1984 – 28 Years
  5. Isagenix 2002 – 10 Years
  6. Forever Living 1978 – 34 Years
  7. Legal Shield 1972 – 40 Years
  8. ACN 1993 – 19 Years
  9. Herbalife 1980 – 32 Years
10. 4Life 1998 – 14 Years
11. Advocare 1993 – 19 Years
12. 5LINX 2001 – 11 Years
13. Synergy WorldWide 1999 – 13 Years
14. Arbonne 1980 – 32 Years
15. Xango 2002 – 10 Years
16. Nature’s Sunshine 1972 – 40 Years
Morinda 1994 – 18 Years
18. Mannatech 1994 – 18 Years
Shaklee 1956 – 56 Years
20. Nikken 1975 – 37 Years
21. Sunrider 1982 – 30 Years
22. Freelife 1995 – 17 Years
23. Neways 1992 – 20 Years
24. Juice Plus (NSA) 1970 – 42 Years
25. GNLD 1958 – 54 Years


List In or Connect with 120 Top Blog Website



List in your Small business with 120 Top Blog Websites you really need to be listed, or get connected with blog website prominent themselves in multiple online directories. To get far more visible to the vast majority of users of both Android and iPhones searching for businesses. Decide which search engine — or engines — to list in? Connect your Blogs, Websites in your niche related and with the other top priority prominent sites places your business needs to be listed. And here we’ve even added a few lesser-known directories as a bonus. Which will grow your Backlinks along with Traffic Sources?

To make sure your business is found, Get List In or connect your Blog Website. We’ve outlined the prominent places your business needs to be listed in or connect. And we’ve even added a few lesser-known directories as a bonus. Also you may list in or connect with more 50 Successful Blogs in Every Topic Imaginable.

Google My Business (GMB) – The Goliath of search engines, of course, is Google. One of the greatest benefits of GMB is its listing of your business’s exact location on a mobile-friendly map — a huge boon to the 1.3 billion Smartphone users expected to populate the U.S. by 2020.

List In or connect your Blog Website, So “You will be far more visible to the vast majority of users of both Android and iPhones searching for businesses within a 5-kilometer radius,” Google advises, pointing to the SEO edge the tool provides in promoting small, local businesses over more generic corporations. “Local searchers do not want to be constantly bombarded with the same old big names that may or may not truly offer the service or product they are seeking.”

GMB consistently shows up high in online searches, boosts your website’s SEO rankings to optimize traffic, posts reviews from your customers, and allows you to include in your profile printable coupons, special offers, videos, images, opening hours, preferred payment methods, and other meaningful information. Its Analytics function also allows you to track who’s searching for you and what other sites they’ve visited. The free and easy registration process for GMB is available here.



Twenty other relevant directories that could increase exposure for your business include:


Bing Places for Business: Only Google outpaces this free Microsoft product in visits, and you can add multiple business locations, photos, videos, and more during your fast, free, and easy registration. Because Bing is the default search engine for desktop and tablet versions of Windows 8, some tablet, desktop, and laptop owners opt for Bing over Google. Enroll here.

Yahoo Local Listing: Ranking third next to Google and Bing, Yahoo’s service draws millions of searches daily. A basic listing is free, but $9.95/month allows you to add photos and a company description, and $29.99/month buys you listings in more than 40 other online directories. “Although Yahoo is no longer the search engine giant it once was, Yahoo Local is a great supplement to your online local strategy,” advises Amanda DiSilvestro on Create your listing here.

Yelp is one of the best online sources for candid consumer reviews. Bonus: It allows you to send public or private messages (including deals) to customers and review business trends using the Yelp reporting tool. In terms of demographics, 42 percent of Yelp users are 18 to 34, 61 percent are college grads and 46 percent earn $100,000 or more annually. The most reviewed categories on Yelp include shopping, restaurants, and home services respectively. Enroll here.

MerchantCircle is a free network targeted toward small businesses seeking to connect with local customers and other small businesses in their areas. Users can advertise to boost their listings, post business blogs, and take advantage of free marketing tools aimed at building their business. The more active they are online, the more local exposure they gain. Create a listing here.

Yellow Pages: This well-organized online version of the antiquated classic generates millions of daily searches. It offers advertising, lead generation, and detailed ad performance data. Company research from last year points to 70 million visitors across the YP app and combined, with digital revenues exceeding $1 billion in 2014. The company considers itself “the No. 2 local search destination in the U.S.” Enroll through this link.

White Pages: This lists some 30 million companies, offering sponsored ad opportunities and a premium text message service for clients. Sign up here. This free, easy-to-navigate service includes helpful options, including weather and lottery listings, as well as fast access to popular categories, search tips, and a Facebook sign-in option. Start listing here.

Yellowbook allows for easily searchable business listings that include your business information, a link to your website, product descriptions, a map feature, and options for display and video ads. Your info is distributed across the network and its partner sites. Enroll here.

YellowBot provides basic contact and location info about your business similar to the Yellow Pages, with customer reviews and options that include premium listings, searchable tags, and fast sign-in via Windows Live, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, or Twitter. Sign up here.

Manta calls itself one of the largest online resources dedicated to small business. “The Manta directory boasts millions of unique visitors every month who search our comprehensive database for individual businesses, industry segments, and geographic-specific listings,” it reports. “[We] deliver helpful news and advice, promotion opportunities, and tools for small businesses.” Registration is lightning-fast and allows for the highlighting of your products along with optimization package options. Enroll through this link.

Citysearch: This free site specializes in listings for restaurants, bars, spas, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses across the U.S., optimizing them via a partner network that includes Expedia, Urbanspoon and MerchantCircle. Listings are accessed through the popular Citysearch mobile app, and businesses preferred by users are regularly named in local “best of” lists that cover 20 categories. List your business here.

MapQuest: This blast-from-the-past web-mapping service owned by Verizon gets searchers to your physical location quickly and easily via detailed maps. The Washington Post ran a story last year noting that one MapQuest mobile app still appears for every 20 smartphone users who have Google Maps. Include your business here. This free directory gives searchers detailed info about events, deals, and info relevant to a given city. Its database includes more than 16 million business listings covering every zip code in the U.S., it reports. Paid ad options allow for coupons and other features. Enroll here.

Foursquare: This combination business directory and social networking site allows users to check in via map and comment about your business, with or without the Foursquare mobile app. As of last year, it boasted more than 60 million registered users and 50 million monthly active users. Sign up for Foursquare here.

DexKnows: This business listing site monitors your reviews and ratings and provides data into how customers engage with your profile, giving insights to online and offline advertising opportunities. The DexKnows mobile app is available for Android and Apple and allows users to make single-tap searches, write reviews, mark favorites, and find fuel stations based on GPS locations. Create a business listing here.

The Business Journals: This local option, available in most major U.S. cities, generates 8 million monthly searchers and offers four levels of listings. Its searchers rack up an average income of more than $97,000, and 84 percent shop online. Get your listing here.


Angie’s List: This respected site is known for its objective consumer reviews in more than 720 cate The Business Journals gories. More than 3 million members turn to Angie’s List to research, hire, rate, and review local service providers. This year the company was named to Deloitte’s Technology’s Fast 500, a ranking of the 500 fastest-growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, and clean technology companies in North America. Create an Angie’s List file on your company here.

Hotfrog: This free, detailed online directory can help get your website listed in Google search results. Options include coupons for your customers. The site attracts 1.6 million active users monthly across 38 different countries. Sign up here.

Kudzu: This free database reports that it helps some 20 million homeowners a year make decisions regarding their renovations. Options include a dedicated account manager who can work to boost your website in search results. Profiles can include marketing descriptions, photographs of work performed, videos, coupons, professional affiliations, credentials, and user-generated reviews and ratings. Enroll here.

TripAdvisor offers a flat subscription rate for any business related to the hospitality or entertainment industries in 48 markets worldwide. Calling itself the world’s largest travel site, it reaches 390 million average monthly unique visitors and so far has logged some 435 million reviews and opinions covering 6.8 million accommodations, restaurants, and attractions. Sign up here.


Bonus: Two lesser-known directories

Best of the Web: – This site offers a series of web directories with millions of websites listed. Their team of editors aim to make listings relevant and unique. Twenty-five million people search BOTW local every year. Multiple pricing options are available. Sign up here.

Directory Critic :-is a link-building resource that provides SEO-friendly web and article directories. Categories includes general, niche and article directories. All the lists are made available at no cost. Submit your listing here.

Get a free scan

VerticalResponse’s parent company, Deluxe, offers businesses a free scan of more than 50 online directories, social networks, and search sites to ensure your business and contact info are listed correctly in each. At the same time, it can identify better opportunities for marketing your business on those sites.


List of 50 most powerful blogs of the world













Blogs can’t be successful unless they are about blogging, marketing, or social media.

Successful blogs often built solely through publishing great content + guest blogging, that span a huge variety of topics, to prove once and for all that blogging can be used to build an audience in nearly every topic imaginable.

Any successful blog could have any of the following characteristics:

  1. Focus on blogging/marketing/social media
  2. The blog cannot be tied to another popular site
  3. Must have an involved community
  4. No “mega” blogs or magazines


50 Successful Blogs List in Every Topic Imaginable


1.) Help Scout blog [Customer Support]

Approx. Subscribers: 65,000+

Main income source: Software


2.) Digital Photography School [Digital Photography]

Approx. Subscribers: 846,000+

Main income source: Advertisements, affiliate links, e-Book sales

Run by ‘the Problogger’ himself, Darren Rowse, this blog is actually his real money maker, not

This thing is an absolute monster, a huge blog in a very profitable niche. Lots of people buy cameras, and they’re expensive.


3.) Freshome [Interior Design/Architecture]

Approx. Subscribers: 64,000+

Main income source: Advertisements, affiliate links?

One of the writers, Ronique Gibson, revealed on Problogger that she has posted over 773 posts (and that was in 2011!), showing how a “curation” style blog, combined with lengthier posts, can create a real winner if it’s on a focused topic (and the content is top notch).


4.) PsyBlog [Social Psychology]

Approx. Subscribers: 53,000+

Main income source: e-Book sales, advertisements


5.) NerdFitness [Exercise/Physical Fitness]

Approx. Subscribers: 50,000+

Main income source: Product sales

Steve Kamb is a guy well known in the marketing niche, but he doesn’t write about marketing.

That’s because his blog has served as a great example of how to build a successful site full of an endearing personality, outside of the blogging/marketing niche of course.


6.) 1stWebDesigner [Web Design]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 49,594)

Main income source: Affiliate links, advertisements

There are a huge number of web design blogs out there, and yet some still find ways to be successful…


7.) TinyCartridge [Portable + Retro Gaming]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 2,303)

Main income source: Affiliate links, advertisements

TinyCartridge is simply a perfect example of how to start a blog in a the incredibly overcrowded gaming niche.


8.) What I Wore [Personal Style]

(No custom domain? For shame!)

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 10,849)

Main income source: Advertisements, affiliate links?

It’s a personal fashion blog, so that makes sense, but the general principle here is that her personality is inserted without pause.


9.) Nature Mom’s Blog [Natural Living + Family Life]

Approx. Subscribers: 5,000+

Main income source: Advertisements

“Mommy bloggers” is a term I hate, but if you’re taking your content and your site seriously, I can definitely love the work you’re doing.

That’s the case with this blog, from design to content, Tiffany is delivering the goods.


10.) AutoBlog [Automobiles]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 1,766) [Likely much higher]

Main income source: Advertisements

Autoblog fills a big need for a big audience of automobile fanatics.


11.) Art Of Manliness [Men’s Lifestyle]

Approx. Subscribers: 150,000+

Main income source: Affiliate links, advertisements, product sales

A men’s lifestyle blog that as absolutely nailed the concept of a strong and memorable unique selling proposition.


12.) StudyHacks [School & Career Success]

Approx. Subscribers: 26,000+

Main income source: Book sales


13.) FarmVille Freak [FarmVille]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 770) [Focus is on the Facebook page, which sits at 425,000+]

Main income source: Product sales

Ugh… it pains me to write about this one, but I’ll try to remain unbiased.

This is one of those examples about becoming a “hub” for something extremely popular, in this case, FarmVille.

Being a source of FarmVille news and tips worked out well for this site, as it has for many in the past.

One word of caution: you have to take into consideration how long certain topics will remain in popularity.


14.) Cute Overload [Baby Animals & Pets]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 462,270) [Woah!]

Main income source: Advertisements

Ah, cute animals, overlords of the internet.

CuteOverload, one of the originators of the cute animal blogs, obviously understood the appeal of “tumblogs” far before the trend set in.

That’s the point I’d like to make here: tumblogs (blogs that focus on short updates and are generally media rich) can be extremely effective if they niche down and dominate a popular topic.

Music blogs, photoblogs, and video blogs are all of this variety, as their short updates usually come daily and focus on media over lengthy articles.

They are harder to get initial traffic to (as guest blogging sometimes isn’t as effective), but when they take off, they can become BIG.


15.) Supersonic Electronic [Art & Art Culture]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 2,582)

Main income source: Product sales

As an art blog, this site initially made it’s name with top quality selections and acted as a great promotion method for new artists.


16.) Stereogum [Indie & Alternative Music]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 57,076)

Main income source: Paid promotion, affiliate links, advertisements


17.) WPBeginner [WordPress Tutorials]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 210) [Focus on social media pages, which are quite popular]

Main income source: Affiliate links, advertisements, WP services

A pretty popular site for WordPress newbies.

The big point to be made here is that creating a site for beginners is always a good idea if it’s done well, because there will always be new beginners, so your audience can only grow (as long as your topic stays popular, which WordPress has).


18.) Skepchick [Atheism + Secularism]

Approx. Subscribers: 11,000+

Main income source: Advertisements

One trend I noticed in the WordPress community is that Christianity seems to be a popular topic, and many pastors seem to get involved in blogging and web development.


19.) DeSmogBlog [Environment & Pollution]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 407) [Focus is on the newsletter]

Main income source: Book sales


20.) Listverse [Random Top 10 Lists]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 7,654) [Focus on social media]

Main income source: Advertisements


21.) Smitten Kitchen [Personal Cooking]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 205,082) [Yowza!]

Main income source: Book sales

Smitten Kitchen is one of those blogs that might have actually greatly benefitted from Pinterest (whereas most don’t), because not only does Deb throw down some delicious recipes, her personal photos are well done and made to be shared.


22.) Canvas of Light [Travel + Photography]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 424) [Focus on social media]

Main income source: e-Book sales, photography services

Photo travel blogs are a dime a dozen, and Canvas of Light made the cut here because the photos are amazing.


23.) Yoga Dork [Yoga]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 1,740)

Main income source: Advertisements, affiliate links

Yoga was (and still is) one of those absolute prime topics for somebody to take over with great content and smart marketing know-how.

YogaDork does a great job, but this is one I still feel there is big room for.


24.) Eat, Sleep, Draw [Drawing]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 675) [Tumblr blog, focuses on “followers” over RSS reader]

Main income source: Advertisements/paid promotion


25.) Fluent In 3 Months [Language Learning]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 2,083)

Main income source: Book sales, affiliate links

Hobbies & skills that require (imagine that) actual skills have a way higher barrier to entry.


26.) Make [DIY Projects]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 981) [Likely much higher]

Main income source: Advertisements, sales on site

Makezine is pretty popular, so it would stand to reason that their blog would be too.

DIYers, this is definitely one to take notes from (notice the curation + article content here as well).


27.) Ray Wenderlich [iOS & iPhone Development]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 5,948)

Main income source: Store

This is one of those “you need to be an expert” topics that I was talking about above.


28.) Arseblog [Arsenal Soccer]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 1,382) [Focus on Facebook at 20k+]

Main income source: Book sales, advertisements

Great way to tackle a popular topic, without biting off more than you can chew.

If you’re a new blogger and thinking to yourself, “I’ll start a soccer blog!”, I hate to be the dream killer, but it doesn’t work that way.

Focus is a fundamental key to blog success, being the king of your sub-niche and moving on to broader topics (or even whole new sites) down the line.


29.) ThreadBanger [Knitting + DIY Fashion]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 1,697)

Main income source: Advertisements

All of  you DIY fashionistas are probably already familiar with this one (wait… do any fashion forward people read my marketing blog?)

That’s why blogs about gaming & tech are so saturated.


30.) The Brothers Brick [Lego & Lego Creations]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 8,839)

Main income source: Advertisements

A blog on Lego! (Note: not “legos”, Lego aficionados will drill you for that on ;))


31.) Nomadic Matt [Frugal Traveling Tips]

Approx. Subscribers: 13,000+

Main income source: Affiliate links, store, advertisements

Combining frugal + travel tips was a great way for Matt to stand out in the travel niche, and it’s worked really for him.

Another “topic + sub-topic” blog that’s used smart marketing knowledge to get traffic and build an email list in a niche that has a ton of competition.

Notice the clean and simple blog design, proof positive that you needn’t go overboard with cluttered design in order to build something successful.


32.) The Style Blogger [Men’s Fashion]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 3,168)

Main income source: Advertisements, store, affiliate links


33.) Phil Galfond [Poker]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 424) [Focus on his Twitter]

Main income source: None (personal blog, Poker could use another blog!)

If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a poker book, what better way than to build an audience with poker articles?


34.) Lil Wanye HQ [Lil’ Wayne]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 867) [Focus on Facebook page at 100k+]

Main income source: Advertisements

…Yes, you read that correctly.

With a Facebook page of 100,000+, it seems as though there are enough Lil’ Wayne fans as to warrant a site that updates on nothing but him!


35.) Expert Enough [Skill Acquisition]

Approx. Subscribers: 2,000+

Main income source: Product sales, affiliate links

The recent pet project of Corbett & Caleb of ThinkTraffic, this blog showcases two very unique learning points.


36.) Money Saving Mom [Budgeting + Personal Finance]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 10,360)

Main income source: Affiliate links, advertisements

MoneySavingMom fit the bill, because it is a very focused personal finance site, with a huge emphasis on saving dough on day-to-day things.


37.) PSD Tuts+ [Photoshop Tutorials]

Approx. Subscribers: 165,000+

Main income source: Premium access, affiliate links, ads, Envato marketplace

When you have a popular program as expansive as Photoshop, it’s only right that there should be a blog that uncovers awesome tricks of the trade to using it properly.

With over 165,000 RSS readers, it seems the PSD Tuts+ audience agrees with me.


38.) Audio Tuts+ [Audio Production Tutorials]

Approx. Subscribers: 12,000+

Main income source: Premium access, affiliate links, ads, Envato marketplace

For the sake of originality, I was hesitant to include another Tuts+ blog, but the smart content marketing/blogging examples they serve are just too good.


39.) Cats Who Code [Code + Web Development]

Approx. Subscribers: 17,000+

Main income source: Advertisements

There are a couple of web development blogs to choose from, but who doesn’t like cats… who can code.

This quirky twist on a standard topic and some simply excellent content has made Cats Who Code a go to site for web devs.

Nothing fancy here, just a funny twist, simple design, and content that delivers.


40.) Garfield Minus Garfield [Humor]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 17,123)

Main income source: Book sales

Garfield Minus Garfield is the epitome of humor blogs in my opinion, because it creates nothing original, it actually just takes Garfield out of his own strip, revealing what seems to be a very delusion and nihilistic Jon Arbuckle!


41.) Universe Today [Space & Astronomy]

Approx. Subscribers: 69,000+

You can’t get more basic than this either, this blog consists of an unedited Thesis theme with a basic logo… and that’s it.


42.) Pretty Much Amazing [Independent & Trendsetting Music]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 1,688) [Likely much higher, focus on social media)

Main income source: Affiliate links, advertisements

Lofty topic title, but appropriate.

Pretty Much amazing focuses on breaking music, and it’s site features are a huge draw, which is the main takeaway from this site.

It includes a radio + shuffle feature that’s fairly unique for a site of this style.


43.) Ecoki [Green Lifestyle / Eco-Lifestyle]

Approx. Subscribers: 2,000+

Main income source: Shop

The green living space is big right now, and definitley growing.

I chose a “startup” blog over some bigger options because let’s face it, a list of giant blogs would be boring.

I love how the design of Ecoki speaks to it’s content AND to it’s audience, remember what people are reading about when creating the “look” of your site.


44.) [Competitive Gaming & Game Design]

Approx. Subscribers: Unknown (Multiple feeds, should be optimized better!)

Main income source: Store

There are a huge number of gaming blogs I could have picked, but this is one of the most interesting, and a stellar example of good content marketing at work.

Creating incredibly viral articles on game design such as the controversial “Playing To Win” series (an excellent read for even non-gamers).


45.) Dread Central [Horror Movies]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 1,216) [Focus on Facebook with 16k+)

Main income source: Shop, advertisements

A nice spin on the generic “Movie Review” blog, a site that knows how to ‘niche down’, focusing exclusively on Horror content.


46.) Reality Tea [Reality Television Stars]

Approx. Subscribers: Unknown (Received an error, Facebook page at 9k+)

Main income source: Advertisements


47.) Startup Quote [Images + Quotes]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 1,303) [Tumblr blog, focus on “followers” over RSS reader]

Main income source: Advertisements

Fantastic use of good design work to build a popular blog around original design content (not just posting “finds” from others).


48.) ZenHabits [Minimalism + Personal Development]

Approx. Subscribers: 240,000+

Main income source: Book sales

If ever I should add a personal development blog (many of which I think are garbage), it would be the grandaddy of them all, ZenHabits.


49.) GoinsWriter [Writing]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader feed: 587) [Focus on email list over RSS]

Main income source: Book sales, advertisements

Email forms, riveting (and sometimes controversial) content, a focus on writing for the “modern” reader, this site does a lot of things right.

There’s also a lot of personality here, proving that building a brand around yourself can be a fantastic USP.


Wait, Could You Do This For Your Site?


One important thing to remember is that these examples aren’t far fetched lofts that are unreachable by normal bloggers.

All of these sites (big and small) were started by someone or a small group of folks, and there’s no stopping you from doing the same if you focus on your topic and your strategy.

So, could you break down your own site in this way?


50.) This Song Is Sick [Hip-Hop & Dance Music]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 2,359) [Likely much, much higher]

Main income source: Advertisements, ticket sales, merchandise, sponsored events


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An easy way to set one up is to go into your WordPress Admin and click Pages, followed by Add New, now add a page to thank your new subscribers.

Now you will see a preview of what your opt-in box will look like, click on the text to change it and style it. Once you have done all the edits, click Save. Now click the link saying Get HTML, you either have the choice to get Javascript Snippet code or Raw HTML Version.

I personally use the RAW HTML so my designer can custom it to fit in with my website, if you won’t be customizing it then just take the Javascript version.

Now go to your blog and login to your WordPress Admin, on the left side click Appearance and then Widgets. Drag the widget called Text to the right side next to your other active widgets and where it says Title, put the text you want to be seen above your opt-in box, for example “eCourse Sign Up”.

Now in the other box paste in the code Aweber gave you and click Save, it will now of been added to you blog. You can see an example of this in action by looking at the top of my sidebar where I offer the opportunity to subscribe via email.


Autoresponder Series


The next you want to do straight away is set up your first Autoresponse Email for when people sign up.

To set up your first autoresponse, go back to Aweber and put your cursor over Broadcast and a drop down box will appear, click Follow Up. Now click Add New Follow Up Message, you will now be able to set up your first autoresponse email, it’s all quite self explanatory, you can choose to customize it in a few ways such as use code like {!name_fix} to input the name of the person on your list who will be receiving it.

A good thing to do on your first email if it’s not a eCourse is to just simply introduce yourself and mention all your important pages on your website.

The most profitable follow up series I ever wrote came only 10 minutes after I completed the most amazing email marketing crash course we’ve ever come across – The McIntyre Method.

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Making Money from Your Email List

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Once they buy they sign up, even if they do or don’t buy the product they will then go to a thank you page. This is where a lot of people go wrong, your thank you page is probably the most important page because they have already taken action and are interested right now!

This is where I make sure they know to confirm their email address but also I let them know again to buy a domain and hosting. On this page I always cut out the navigation which is on the main site so they have to scroll through the page first to see what I have to say before there is a link to go back to the main site.


Get Visitors Traffic Leads & Make those sales…$$

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Other simplest way to generate more traffic to a blog is through Facebook. Why? Because once you build a loyal Facebook following, you can continually market your blog posts to those fans.

That means each of your blog posts will get more social shares, comments, and linkbacks.


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You hatch a plan to gather contacts online or purchase email lists for a small price. Buying or harvesting emails is also an extremely ineffective way to promote your services.

Email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing method, and it is a very effective way to advertise your products and build a strong, ongoing relationship with your customers. It’s quick, it’s easy and with automation you can personally target campaigns to each customer.


Build an Email List from the Ground Up

The only way to gather emails for customers who will actually be engaged with your products and services is to ask for permission. Create a signup form and place it on your website, social media pages and at the point of sale at your physical location. Tell customers the benefits of signing up, such as receiving exclusive promotions that are not available unless they subscribe. Read more about getting customers to opt in to your emails here.

Targeted email marketing is a great way to foster interest! You may even be wondering how to get free email lists. Then you will be able to reach new customers with your messages and you won’t have to start from scratch. The only problem is that it is against the law to buy email lists and to send to contacts without their permission.

Think about your own inbox. When you receive an email from someone you don’t know, and the email is trying to sell you something, how do you feel? Irritated, angry, bored… You are very unlikely to respond to the email, and you certainly will not make a purchase from the company who sent the intrusive email.


Email Marketing Rules

You now have all the information you need to set up and start earning from your mailing list. I thought I would finish by offering a few rules I run my list by to make sure I make the most out of  my list and get the best results.

Rule 1: DON’T SPAM!

Rule 2: Try not to share your list, often for new product launches they will get you to send pre launch emails to get them to opt-in for a FREE report, this is a bad idea because then they basically get a copy of your list although it’s a great way to convert more sales.

OK, not everyone will agree with that one and there are times when I will share the list, but the above point is well worth remembering — at least some of the time 

Rule 3: Be personal, your a human being (I hope) so come across like one and not a spam bot.

Rule 4: Be consistent in what you offer your readers, if you are offering great blogging tips then don’t just “wack” up a post about blogging just because you have to, make sure everything to provide has true value.

Rule 5: Be consistent in how often you email your readers – I get some readers who actually email me saying “Hey Mike, I haven’t heard from you in a while, when is your next update?”. I try to update them Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Rule 6: It’s not all about the money, don’t promote something just because you want to make money but because your readers actually need it – and you would personally buy it!

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John McIntyre – The McIntyre Method for writing autoresponders Free Download

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His Podcast: Email Marketing Podcast on iTunes


To Our Success.


Keyword Research | Tools & Guides

Keyword Research – Tools & Guides, Pick The Right Keywords, Reach Your Targets, & Make Some Money!

Picking the right keyword by following “Keyword Research-Tools & Guides” is an art and placing them in the right spots is a science. Don’t fret as it’s quite easy to get started but it will take some time before you get good. However, if you spend some time learning the resources above you too can become a keyword strategist. Go for the profitable long tail keywords and you find lots of opportunity. Moral of the story: No webpage, article, infographic, video, or image should be posted without some serious keyword research.


There is a strong correlation between the search types and keyword types, as the narrower the search term is, the higher the likelihood that it is transactional.

There are three types of keyword terms:


Head: Head terms are words that have represent broad topics like banking, horses, and Dell, and have massive amounts of search volume.

Middle: Middle terms have some clarifier that narrow down the search and have substantially less volume. E.g., affordable banking, race horses, and Dell notebooks.

Long-tail: Long-tail search terms are refined to a small niche and have relatively small search volumes. However, this traffic is very refined and targeted. For example, affordable banking for families, race horses in Saratoga, and what are the fastest Dell computers?

Once you pick the right word you are going to ensure that the keyword phrase appears at least once in several places, including:


In keyword research, you must place your relevant keyword especially in Page Title, Meta Description & Page URL. The keywords you choose should be strategically placed throughout a webpage, but not be over-optimized. It’s important to have the keyword phrase in your article, Pick keywords that are being searched for, relevant to your product or service, and likely to bring traffic that will convert into a sale or some other action.

The value in keyword research and on-page optimization: Picking the right keywords and placing them in the right place helps you rank higher in Google search. There have been many studies on Google user behavior and statistics show that 35% of Google searchers click on the very first search result and only a paltry 5% make it off the first page! So if you want to stand a chance of being found, you want to be on that first page in the top 3 spots. Otherwise you may only see a few clicks a year (if that).

Free Keyword Tools


There is a wide array of free keyword tools on the market. My favorite keyword tool is the SEO Book keyword tool – it is fast and free, powered by Wordtracker, and allows you to quickly export your keyword data.

Extremely useful free keyword research tools are as follows:

Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner

Is the most popular keyword tool

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google Search Based Keyword Tool

Google Insights

Make sure you open an account with Google and login when using the Google Adwords Tool or Google Search Based Keyword Tool.


Here are some Guides/tutorials that can get you on your way:

  1. No venture in SEO activity should start without consulting SEOMoz’s Guide to SEOChapter 5 covers keyword research.
  2. Search Engine Land also has a good intro into keyword researchwith some useful resources.
  3. Find “golden” keywords and avoid mistakes with this lengthy primerfrom Cloud Living Journey.
  4. While it has a strong plug for its own product Scribe, Copyblogger has a decent 3 step primer on keyword research.
  5. Here is another plug heavy keyword research primerfrom WordStream.
  6. Check this 10 minute video on keyword researchfrom Affiliorama.
  7. Looking to update keywords on existing content? Check out this 4 step guide from Search Engine People.
  8. Avoid common keyword research mistakeswith some help from SEOMoz.
  9. Find out about alternative resources for keyword researchin this article from NorthCutt.
  10. Save some time with 7 keyword research shortcutsfrom Marketing Pilgrim.
  11. There are alot of paid tools in keyword research but this video presents the easy and free way to do keyword research.
  12. If you aren’t sure where to start, Instakeywords will give you free keyword suggestions for any term you type in.
  13. Wondering how it all fits together on the page? Check out this cool SEO infographic cheat sheetfrom UpCity.

Once you are ready to get into action here are some of the tools of the trade to help you carry out your Keyword Research:

  1. Keyword research always starts with the Google Keyword Tool.
  2. Google has many other tools that can help you find great keywords. Google Trendscan provide up and coming keyword opportunities. Google Correlate helps you find and compare search patterns. To generate ideas perhaps one of the best free tools is Google Suggest. SEOChat has a primer on utilizing this search functionality.
  3. While Google is the elephant in the room Microsoftalso has keyword research tools.
  4. Get more free keyword suggestions with Übersuggest.
  5. Mergewordsand the SEOBook Keyword List Generator are two tools that can help create new combinations of keyword phrases quickly.
  6. There are many good paid tools worthy of consideration such as WordtrackerSEOMoz,
  7. If you have some technical chops SEOMoz has a great tutorial that can help you automate your keyword researchusing the Google API key and Google Docs.
  8. One of the most crucial steps in keyword research is analyzing the keyword value. has a great guide SEO for Excel guidethat can walk you through analyzing your data.

For those who are looking for one place that ties all of this important information together in one nice package, you will be happy to know there are some courses thats cover the basics of keyword research. However, most of these are part of larger SEO and content marketing tutorials but by now it should be clear that these subjects are intricately tied. The best part is that all of the courses we have chosen are 100% free! (Secured sign up is required for all sites.)

  1. Udemy has a 21 lecture 5.5 hour keyword research coursefrom Web Internet Marketing.
  2. SEOMoz also has its own 1 hour mini SEOcourse on Udemy.
  3. SEOBook has a free SEO course. Those who are not interested in the full tutorial can skip straight to the keyword research module.
  4. The American Marketing Association (AMA) has its own free course called, “SEO: What Every Marketer Should Know.”
  5. Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing University has a whole module on SEO including three three webinars on SEO.
  6. Clickminded’s SEO 101is also a resource that is worth checking out.


Here are some additional cool keyword tools:



Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner

Is the most popular keyword tool

Is backed by Google’s large search share

However, it can be flaky because…


Google doesn’t like to share the stats with precision, as their primary aim is to show PPC marketers the keywords & have them test their value. In fact, Google will show more data if you are logged into an AdWords account.

You can get a free $75 AdWords coupon here (or here or here or here) … many options linked, as some of their coupon offers expire over time & we update this page periodically. The Google Partners Program also offers coupons to consultants managing AdWords accounts.

Google often changes the interface and features, pulling back data and making the results broader and less relevant over time.

It can take a good bit of effort to collect data on different match types (broad vs phrase vs exact).

When you use their keyword tool ensure that you have it set to your target country market & you are using exact match to view the search volume for that exact keyword.

Microsoft’s Ad Intelligence


A free plug-in for Microsoft Excel

They have a smaller market-share than Google, but tend to be far more accurate with the search volume numbers they do share. My wife went to PPC Summit a while back & while there a Microsoft representitive stated that the data Ad Intelligence shows is the exact same data that Microsoft sees internally.


This plugin requires a Bing Ads account to pull data from Microsoft, but here are free coupons for setting up your account

Are you from the United States? Use this $50 coupon.

Are you from Canada? Use this $50 coupon.

Are you from the UK? Use this £50 vouchers.

Are you from Germany? Use this €50 coupon.

Are you from France? Use this €50 coupon.

Are you from Italy? Use this €50 coupon.

Are you from Spain? Use this €50 coupon.

Are you from Australia? Use this $40 coupon.

Are you from New Zealand? Use this $40 coupon.

Are you from India? Use this ₨1000 coupon.

Are you from Brazil? Use this R$60 coupon.


If you have any questions about any of these keyword tools and are a subscriber please ask in our keyword tools forum.


Gather More Keyword Ideas


Anything people would likely search for to want to buy your services is a potential keyword.

You can look at emails from customers or customer questions as potential keywords.

If you have been publishing a site for a while and have analytics data you can use the analytics data to find keywords.

You can analyze competing sites looking for keywords.

There are literally hundreds of ways to come up with keyword ideas.


Group Similar Keywords


After you gets a list of keywords start grouping related keywords together…

You should be able to target related phrases like ‘Chicago dentist’ and ‘dentist in Chicago’ using a single page.

Chicago cosmetic dental work is a different concept than ‘Chicago dentist’ is, so you should create a separate page targeting that term and why prospects would want to buy that service.

You can use Microsoft Excel, Open Office, or Google Docs to start aligning keywords and related modifiers with your URLs. We have an example spreadsheet in our member’s area here


Use Competitive Research Tools


Competitive research tools can help you find a baseline for what to do & where to enter a market. Before spending a dime on SEO (or even buying a domain name for a project), it is always worth putting in the time to get a quick lay of the land & learn from your existing competitors.

Seeing which keywords are most valuable can help you figure out which areas to invest the most in.

Seeing where existing competitors are strong can help you find strategies worth emulating. While researching their performance, it may help you find new pockets of opportunities & keyword themes which didn’t show up in your initial keyword research.

Seeing where competitors are weak can help you build a strategy to differentiate your approach.

Enter a competing URL in the above search box & you will quickly see where your competitors are succeeding, where they are failing & get insights on how to beat them. SEMrush offers:

granular data across the global Bing & Google databases, along with over 2-dozen regional localized country-specific Google databases (Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States)

Search volume & ad bid price estimates by keyword (which, when combined, function as an estimate of keyword value) for over 120,000,000 words

Keyword data by site or by page across 74,000,000 domain names

The ability to look up related keywords

The ability to directly compare domains against one another to see relative strength

The ability to compare organic search results versus paid search ads to leverage data from one source into the other channel

The ability to look up sites which have a similar ranking footprint as an existing competitor to uncover new areas & opportunities

Historical performance data, which can be helpful in determining if the site has had manual penalties or algorithmic ranking filters, applied against it

A broad array of new features like tracking video ads, display ads, PLAs, backlinks, etc.

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Source     Source

Niche Affiliate Marketing Website Tips

We’re focusing and Purposes of this post, How to build & make a successful niche affiliate marketing website tips– An affiliate product site targets an ultra-specific topic and promotes only a single product.  This is different from an authority site because you’re not talking about a catalog of solutions.  Basically you have a one and done mentality.

Search for as many niche website ideas then Keyword research for your niche then Come up with 5-10 keywords best key terms/products to try and rank for that people might search for when looking for your product. Do  keyword research to find  Higher price, lower volume niche website ideas/ gets 6500-10k searches per month.
How to Get Started
Find a group of people looking for information on a very specific topic.  Check out my guide The Affiliate Research Formula for more details.
Do keyword research.  Go to the Google Keyword Tool to find “exact match” phrases related to this audience.  Only target phrases that get 2,000 exact searches or better.  Plus find 5 to 10 related phrases to this topic
Locate an affiliate product that solves this problem.  Use sites like Commission JunctionClickbank, and Share a Sale to find quality offers.
Build a small niche website.  Start with five pages of content using the keywords you found in step 2.  (You’ll want to add more if your site starts getting traffic and sales.)
Include an in-depth review page.  The focal point of your affiliate site will be the review page.  This is where you go over the product and give people a reason why they should buy it.   Reference this page in every blog post.
That’s just a brief overview of how to build an affiliate product site.   They’re really not that hard to put together.  Just create a few pages of good content and then subtly steer visitors to more information about this affiliate product.
Do’s… Keyword Suggestions & SERP’s Analysis
I’ll then run those through the Google Keyword Tool or SEO Moz to see how much traffic they each get. In this case, “Nikon D7200 Review” gets 6500-10k searches per month.
Follow this process in order to get your hosting, domain and basic site up and running. Install these extra things you’ll want to make sure you have:
Install Yoast SEO for WordPress and do on site SEO for all posts and pages. Also review “The Bootstrapper’s Guide to SEO Link Building” Search engine traffic is going to play a big role in the success of your site.  This is the best SEO plugin out there, and makes it extremely easy to see if your pages are optimized – even if you have no experience with SEO.
Sumo Me – I’m increasingly convinced in the importance of an email list for all websites and blogs. When it comes to growing your list, there is NO better product for the price than Sumo Me. Oh, and they have a free version too.
Google XML Sitemap – You want to make it as easy as possible for the search engine spiders to find and categorize your site.
I might search for niche products review, site to be find for my selected niche product list for keyword suggestions & SERP Analysis for knowing maximum search & minimum competition
Search for Long Tail Keywords related to primary Keyword (Niche based keyword to find the exact product for review)
Personally review every single product.  Give your honest opinions, compare them to one another, and do your best to allow the user to have a solid choice about what’s best for them by the time they’re all done.
Get a list idea of 50-100 possible niches you’ll be in good shape.
·         Tennis ball machines
·         Islay scotch
·         DSLR cameras
·         golf balls
·         tripods
·         travel credit cards
·         video editing software
·         travel backpacks
·         headphones
Fix keyword search criteria- Higher price, lower volume niche website ideas/ gets 6500-10k searches per month.  Write 100 articles on the topic? Write 5 articles reviewing 5 of the most popular items in your niche. Writing 100 unique articles hire a deal breaker. Note: If you have some money to invest, you can hire this out as long as you’re diligent about the quality.
Let’s say it’s DSLR cameras, in particular let’s use the Nikon D7200 as our example. I might search for: Nikon D7200 review, Nikon D7200 sale, adorama coupon code (a site that sells the camera), Nikon D7200 vs. D610.


Set for your Website:
·         Higher price, lower volume niche website ideas
·         affiliate programs with good commissions?
·         write 100 articles on the topic?
·         Write 5 articles reviewing 5 of the most popular items in your niche
 How to Find Affiliate programs with good commissions?
Sign up for affiliate programs relating to your new site and content.
Create a list of friends and colleagues to email and tell about your new site
Setup social media for the site: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
Start contacting previously listed blogs and websites offering guest posts or story ideas (here’s how to do it) 
Create a high quality pdf or email series to collect email addresses. Add to site.<